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Psychology's Replication Battle

awol Re:replication = good (172 comments)

No the asshat is not saying that if you cannot get the same results it's not science (in fact the exact opposite), but rather that if you cannot demonstrate that the experiment itself is replicable then it is not science. The contention in the article that in social sciences this lack of replication of experiment may just be a reality up with which we must put IS the reason why whatever you want to call it, it is not science.

about 3 months ago

Psychology's Replication Battle

awol Who writes this crap (172 comments)

"Those who oppose funding for behavioral science make a fundamental mistake: They assume that valuable science is limited to the "hard sciences." Social science can be just as valuable, but it's difficult to demonstrate that an experiment is valuable when you can't even demonstrate that it's replicable."

No, those of us that oppose the funding of this crap recognise that if you cannot replicate your "study" then it is not an experiment. If what you are doing cannot be proved (one way or the other) by experiment then IT IS NOT SCIENCE. I don't really care what it gets called and some of it may even be valuable for some values of valuable however the amount of dross that is produce by social researchers that try and call themselves scientists is truly extraordinary and a plague on our world.

about 3 months ago

Linux Needs Resource Management For Complex Workloads

awol Re:complex application example (161 comments)

Absolutely. Soooo doomed. You cannot guarantee that the UDP packets even get across the wire to your NIC what difference does it matter whether you software gets them all out of the NIC

about 3 months ago

I suffer from jet lag ...

awol Re:East - Sleep, West - Awake (163 comments)

In addition to sleep, meals are quite important. I highly recommend taking your meals at destination times as long as possible before the flight, likewise when you land eat when the locals eat not when you are just hungry it will help to align your sleep as well. Ignore the plane food unless you can get it at a decent time (they only feed you to keep you in your seat !!!).

I have found that with this strategy (and the sleep one mentioned above). I can limit jet lag to feeling a little extra tired about late afternoon for a day or two.

about 4 months ago

Swedish Fare Dodgers Organize Against Transportation Authorities

awol Re:Forget barriers - just a punative penalty fare (389 comments)

Look at the cost of collecting fares and the percentage of the cost of the service that fares actually provide. When taken in conjunction with the fact that the poorest people often have the highest cost of transport (live furthest away) there is a very strong argument that you should just forget about collecting fares at all and make the service a free for all. Just pay for it out of consolidated revenue or another "distributive" tax.

about 5 months ago

Australia Declares Homeopathy Nonsense, Urges Doctors to Inform Patients

awol Re:Not going to work... (408 comments)

Not a bad doctor. Go and ask an anaesthetist how anaesthetic works. They don't know. The action is still an area of intensive research and my moderately well informed understanding is that there is no accepted model for "how" they work.

I find it completely plausible that the same can be true for other medications whilst still having great efficacy.

about 6 months ago

Fifteen Years After Autism Panic, a Plague of Measles Erupts

awol Re:Should be charged with child abuse (668 comments)

I completely agree. However, we have some complete nutters now declaring an anti-vaccination position as a religious practice and thus getting exemptions to these requirements on the basis of religious freedom / anti discrimination. WTF!!!!!

about a year ago

Fighting TSA Harassment of Disabled Travelers

awol Re:My answer (525 comments)

regarding your experience with immigration controls, my theory is that the more strict the immigration check point the easier it is to exist in that country illegally. For example, Switzerland, you can't rent a video without the right government papers; and at these checkpoints, they look at your passport and if it looks like it might be one, they let you in. Whereas in the uk or usa, once you're in you could live there forever, so very suspicious checkpoints there. as for the guns and body armor, well that's the Americans for you :-)

about a year and a half ago

Adobe To Australians: Fly To US For Cheaper Software

awol Re:Bit** please (255 comments)

Whilst I accept that the car thing is true. One needs to be careful about just how "the same" these cars actually are. I discovered that there are often some very subtle difference between exactly the same model of car in two different markets. Not just equipment levels, but engineered elements as well. The one example that sticks in my mind was a Mazda 2 or Corolla or something where there was an entire cross member at the rear of the chassis (to the extent that there is even a chassis in these cars) that was just not included in the cars exported into some market. this had implications for their "safety rating" and the cost of repair for 0kph accidents where the cross member would protect the rest of the chassis from requiring repair in such impacts. So the line price of the car was 5% less but a tiny bingle was many times more expensive to repair. Likewise airbags etc are very rapidly dropped out of cars to hit a target price in a given market

about a year and a half ago

Why Everyone Hates the IT Department

awol Re:The funding model for I.T. is completely wrong (960 comments)

Yeah, this is a great idea because we all know how a company mandated monopoly supplier has such a great track record of providing cost effective services!!!

The real reason I Hated our IT people was that when I asked for something to help me meet my clients needs. I would be told "can't be done". Half a day of my own research later and I would posit a solution that was acceptable. That's not my fucking job it's theirs. And then they charge me criminal amounts of money for their "services". Morons!

more than 2 years ago

EC Tests Show Windows Vista Is Above Average — At Blocking Content

awol Re:Whitelisting, not blacklisting damnit... (101 comments)

My kids are heading towards this age and I feel this area is very complex.

I don't want my kids to be afraid to surf anywhere, but by the same token, I want to know where they are going, but then again I can imagine that there are things they might want to research that they don't want me to know about. So my regime at the moment is... everything will be logged through the access proxy installed at our home. Except for periods of time where they can go and look at anything they want, but during these times, they must be supervised by an adult that we trust, of which we know enough that are sufficiently broad minded that I know there is nothing they couldn't go surfing for if they wanted to.

In particular I am thinking sites about sexuality, drugs, medical issues or other controversial topics that theor parents could never understand.... :-)

If this goes well, they will be allowed to surf unsupervised and unlogged as they get older.

Some problems do not require technical solutions, or rather do not require gatekeepers but perhaps better chaperones.

more than 3 years ago

PS3 Root Key Found

awol Re:Same private key? (380 comments)

How long must we sulfur these outrageous puns. Someone should put a radon these people until they argon. It is becoming more than I can barium and seems like some kind of silicon.

more than 3 years ago

'No Refusal' DUI Checkpoints Coming To Florida?

awol It all depends on the law (1219 comments)

Here the offence for driving whilst influenced by alcohol has been revised to be "Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol" which in the jurisdiction is 0.05 for normal drivers, 0.0 for provisionally licenced drivers (recently licenced ones) and variously for other categories of drivers like Taxis and Trucks.

As a result the offence is not a subjective one about onces capacities to drive but rather just the amount of alcohol in your blood.

As a consequence, the application of "Random Breath Tests" or RBT is a fundamental part of driving. The police require no warrant to randomly sample the driving populace for testing their breath for the presence of alcohol. A result in excess of the PCA means a test at a more accurate machine and subsequently a blood test if a driver refuses the breath test.

As a driver, my privacy is not invaded, I am not "targeted by the state" but rather a part of the duties attached to my _licence_ to operate a motor vehicle is the requirement to drive with less than the PCA in my blood. End of story.

You USA folk need to get clear on the distinction between rights and duties, one cannot have one without the other.

more than 3 years ago

Who Will Win Control of the Web?

awol Re:The Gov't (206 comments)

A random breath test (as we call it where I'm from) is a completely acceptable price to pay when travelling on a limited public resource (the roads) with a bunch of asshats that continue to drive drunk putting me in danger.

more than 3 years ago

The Sensible Body Scan Alternative

awol Re:Be careful what you wish for (354 comments)

Or more straightforward, let all the passengers vet the other passengers on their flight. Maybe a reality TV type approach where each passenger is voted on or off the plane by all the other passengers.

It's only half a joke.

more than 3 years ago

Windows Phone 7 Lacks Copy-and-Paste

awol Re:iPhone didn't have cut-and-paste either.. (319 comments)

My cynical side says that it's because neither want you to be able to "extract" content from the things you use your phone for and rather than design the feature thoroughly to encompass uncopyable elements they just went for the zero case.

To be fair, man problems in software come down to the zero, one or many case in terms of design and in the case of copy and paste, I can imagine that the full implementation of what they want copy to be is very complicated. Simpler just to make it always impossible to copy rather than to decide when it is right and wrong.

It's this kind of thing that just shits me about digital restricitons.

more than 4 years ago

The Men Who Stare At Airline Passengers, Coming To the UK

awol Re:If only. (468 comments)

Have all the other passengers on the plane vet each passenger. All the passengers get into the departure lounge, each gets a handset/chair with a red/green button as each passenger is called, all other passengers are entitled to vote red or green. If you get a majority of red you ain't on the plane. Sorry.

more than 4 years ago

World Cup Forecasting Challenge For Quants

awol Re:What's the x-bar (111 comments)

Naah, the correct punishment is for the offender to be offered the oppurtunity to repent their acting or else the offending team is actually allowed to hurt them as much as they are acting. I reckon diving would be out of the game in a minute. Particularly if teams started picking a "specialty" player who was say 2 metres tall and 125kg with a side line in debt collecting.

more than 4 years ago

An Early Look At Civilization V

awol Re:3D In Strategy Games (286 comments)

Try the "Total War" series. Turn based game where you can choose to play thebattles in a 3d world. Most excellent fun. It is something that a turn based game can get from a 3d zooming structure.

more than 4 years ago

MIT Offers Picture-Centric Programming To the Masses With Sikuli

awol Associative Arrays indexed by a Freakin' Image (154 comments)

I have to say I am impressed. I have had a play with some of the demos and I like what I see. Whilst I agree that there are limitations this project seems fantastic.

Having tried and failed to use "win runner" in the past due to the complexity of the GUI application I was testing, this scripting would get past the problems we were having.

I can envisage sending canned scripts to my folks for doing maintenance on their own machine, even just some diagnostics that I find hard to do over the phone.

I have a couple of itches of my own that I reckon I could scratch with this, for example I have a macbook that I sometimes attach to an external display. Sometimes the external is on the left of my laptop, sometimes the right, sometimes directly above it would be cool to have a script that allowed me to just click an icon to arrange the displays appropriately. Sikuli is close. I am about to go off and see if that will work.

I mean they have associative arrays indexed by a freaking picture. That is simply, well, paradigm shifting. I am less concerned about the actual efficacy of Sikuli than I am about the ability to hook applications together through their GUI. I am thinking about something like "GUI pipes" which is something I have been thinking about for some time. Mark III of this stuff could be amazing.

I honestly think this project is potentially awesome, in the olden days, before the net was quite so pervasive we used to talk about using the RussTerm, which was basically getting our guy on the ground in a foreigh country (Russell) to type stuff on the machine he was looking at whilst we talked him through it over the phone, mostly because we could not automate the stuff we wanted to do. This would address many of the use cases for which similar requirements might exist today. That's just one idea that occurs off the top of my head.

Many posters have noted that much of this functionality exists already in tools like; AutoIt, AutoHotKey, some numpty even mentioned sendkeys in VB. But these people have missed the point, until now its all been very "Goto X,Y -> Click" not "find(Thing).click()". Even things like WinRunner or RationalTest seem, in my experience to be far to rigid to be useful. I can see how I would have used this tool to do much good work for our software back when I was demoing, devloping and testing stuff.

That it is wrapped in a nice scripting language as well just makes it even better.

I'm off to see how good it actually is....

more than 3 years ago


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