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Are There Any Real Inventors Left?

awptic Re:I have an invention... (417 comments)

i mean to say better...

blast dust downward and you'll get dust to kick up like throwing sand at sand. then have it caught in your typhoon and blast some backwards to move forward too.

about 2 years ago

Are There Any Real Inventors Left?

awptic I have an invention... (417 comments)

A moon dust rover :)

how about using the dust on the moon as rocket fuel? imagine this... blast dust downward underneath the rover, and kick up more dust. use the dust you kick-up as more rocket fuel.

about 2 years ago

China's Nuclear Rover Will Sample the Moon

awptic What I thought about... (1 comments)

Using moon dust as a propellent... no, I'm serious.
blast moon dust downward at moondust, and kick more moondust up than it takes to do that.
if that works out anyways...

blast it down and backwards to move.

that'd probably take nuclear power, but how cool that it moon hover's

about 2 years ago

Including webcams, phones, etc, I own X cameras:

awptic Ideas for a camera (248 comments)

1. Take pictures of things to buy at a store, and show someone at home to help decide what to buy.
2. Take a picture of brochures, restaurant menus, etc. that you can't keep.
3. Take a picture of what needs renovation, fixing, etc. and use it to help explain what you need at a store.
4. Take pictures of lots of things to buy you saw at let the person pick what they want out of the pictures.
5. Take a picture of fish you got in a tank and go to the aquarium store and use it to help buy the right food.
6. Take pictures of advertisement on a subway to remember the URL.
7. Take pictures of food at a restaurant and show someone if they would like eating there.
8. Take a picture of a girl you know a guy friend might like.
0. Take a video of the problem happening i.e. a broken hot water heater, in case it's hard to make it happen again to show the problem.
10. Take pictures inside a house when looking for a house to buy, if your spouse doesn't come with you.

more than 2 years ago

In case of a blackout, batteries etc. will give me ...

awptic or good light (328 comments)

how about LED flaslight longevity?

more than 3 years ago

Summer of Code Student Application Deadline Looms

awptic there is a god (33 comments)

doesn't the feeling of being alive, self awareness, have an oddity of being explained when people think it comes from a brain? Atoms and electrons are seperate entities joined by forces that together in a brain make for chemical circuitry that would have to have a particular way of combining the elements of what the brain makes of senses like taste, smell, touch, taste, feel, and thought though processing of information together in any way that can conform to a single point of interpration for the sake of how we feel alive. If it were anything it would have to be either many atoms and electrons seperated but in conforming design of being nearby would make for the gathering of the information processed for senses to take a form factor that can be said to be them together making you feel alive. How odd if atoms and electrons are always seperate for this to ever happen anyways, because it can't be an imaginary princle of a working machine for example, the logic is too spread, it has to come together somehow, because there's nothing that can be made of it's way towards processing in the chemical brain that would make sense to the feeling of being alive, and senses are conforming to a complex information processing route for the sake of inperpretation. So... anything in the brain you think that can make you feel alive, or is it all over? if it was all over then wouldn't there be no sense in any chemical machine operation that makes in a general sense the feeling of being alive and sense interpretation, or even routing of processed information towards one centering where atoms and electrons are disjoined anyways? well, except for nucelar forces. Self awareness must be a singleton because you feel alive at once, with all senses feeling together interpreted. That's the problem with a brain making for self awareness I believe, the feeling of being alive.

A single feeling of being alive, the togetherness of all senses, already prepared for interpretation. This must happen, and not in a brain... atoms and electrons are seperated, there's nowhere for this information to go where you can say there's any conforming nature to the idea of how they come together where they mash together and are 'felt' somehow for the sake of being alive.

so maybe the feeling of being alive is from the joining forces between atoms and electrons somehow taking on a shape where chemcially processed information take on a pattern?

What if it were possible for every atom to actually be a computer? and the nuclear forces bonding atoms could actually exchange information, they would network together wouldn't they? it's not far fetched to think atoms can actually be a natural computer when you think that space is something other than empty, and atoms were some kind of entrapment.

magnetism and gravity together make no sense, nuclear forces make no sense, they are just there somehow. What if the fabric of space was actually something where a natural vibration always occurs? and the idea of gravity instead of being space bending was a draw through a vibrational pattern such as what could be modulated by an atom or many spinning together, and electrons were coming together by a waveform in the vibration for the sake of travel in space? this makes sense when you think AM radio for example has a sound carrier with a frequency. And every known force may be a seperate dialect of a waveform for example.

Relativity makes sense still when the strength or tightness of the waveform traveling through the vibrational backing of space makes for atoms to spin faster or slower, and for an atoms traveled ride through the vibration to go faster or slower.

So here's how I think the universe works:

space is receptive and carrying of a passive waveform. Magnetism takes on the shape of a particular type of waveform as does gravity.

Atoms are a mobile entrapment for a vibration that resonates inside.

a computer naturally evoles in every atom by having an internal resonance of this vibration trapped and able to evolve information awareness and processsing by being responsive to another vibration like a vibration that continuously turns on itself inside the atom trapped. It would evolve or be destroyed by the leak of nuclear force, gravity, and magnetic vibration coming from outside the atom inward unless it were sophisticated enough to be defeating of it's defeat. Like rebuilding broken parts in response to partial destruction. I think it has to leak though.

Then couldn't the nuclear forces be a carrier for information if the computer emissive and responsive to waveform vibration wanted to communicate with other atoms, to bond a network with a nature of working together.

A unit of this vibrational energy could be reserved for being receptive to an encounter by surrounding units of energy with processsed information prepated to make a unit of energy feel alive. maybe they all do but one in the atom is reserved for the sake of feeling alive and the others are not receptive to modulated information that can make then feel alive, but are instead components in the overall working of the computer.

so, for example, every atom may be a soul. with a computer trapped in it, taking to other atom computers.

there's quite a few examples of where this makes sense:

water frozen is at a lower temperature, or for example a lesser waveform density that may allow for weaker bonding of molecules where otherwise there's an overcoming vibrational waveform splitting them.

light going through heat takes on a very strong waveform dialation, such as one waveform carrying through a vibrational space interfering with another.

magnetism can be a waveform in a vibration passing through another, for gravity and magnetism to make sense together.

voltage is known to be the number of electrons passing, where amperage is the strenght they have at passing through a circuit. this makes sense when electrons have a number in a waveform vibration as well as a waveform strenght. This makes high voltate low amperate to have a large field effect for electromagnetism because they lose carriage in the wire they travel, where high amperate keeps them together for travel.

it makes sense for a waveform in vibrational space to have a polarity making for atoms to spin together in one direction, where there culmulative effect makes for an overall waveform vibration. The sun may give rise to a predominate effect of waveform in vibrational space having a polarity.

more than 7 years ago


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