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How Mobile Apps Are Reinventing the Worst of the Software Industry

azalin Re:But this time it's different. (333 comments)

Just remember, the trick is to cash in and leave in time.

about 2 months ago

Blizzard To Sell Level 90 WoW Characters For $60

azalin Re:Arg Pandas (253 comments)

Actually "Manure" is an even closer translation. Though "Rubbish" is also correct, depending on context.

about 2 months ago

How Edward Snowden's Actions Have Impacted Defense Contractors

azalin Re:We ALL need to leave. (180 comments)

There used to be a time when shlashdots source was available... Or am I mixing something up?

about 2 months ago

With HTTPS Everywhere, Is Firefox Now the Most Secure Mobile Browser?

azalin Re:What the frak? (279 comments)

For the first time I see the death of /. coming around the bend.

You must be new here.

Amen to that

about 2 months ago

My favorite brand of snake oil is ...

azalin Re:"Cleansing" diets (291 comments)

Until people find out about the very high levels of Dihydrogenmonoxid in your diet supplement...

about 6 months ago

My favorite brand of snake oil is ...

azalin Re:Fiat currency (291 comments)

Well, could you at least get out of their way? Kill the prescription laws so the poor might be able to get the drugs they need even if they can't afford a doctor? Kill medical licensing in hopes they can find a helpful layman rather than nothing at all? How about remove restrictions on importing drugs from civilized countries where they are more affordable?

Either I missed the *sarcasm* tags or you have absolutely no clue how people work.

about 6 months ago

Consumer Device Hacking Concerns Getting Lost In Translation

azalin Re:Hey, Look what I can do! (100 comments)

I have to agree to that. I large companies it is rather hard to find someone to listen to you AND in a position to actually change something. Even if the company knows about the problem, they will probably either ignore it, or find the cheapest way to make it disappear. Probably a new software module in the 2016 model.
If the information gets public though, they can't deny knowledge of the problem and become liable. I do believe companies should get a warning and some time to find a proper solution, not for them, but for those affected by their products, but that warning should include a deadline.
Oh and I consider it completely irresponsible, stupid and dangerous to go after the hackers and charge them with computer crimes.

about 8 months ago

If a Network Is Broken, Break It More

azalin Re:Repeat (nearly) ad infinitum (124 comments)

Well once the stable state is reached, there is no more need for any additional breaking.

about 9 months ago

If a Network Is Broken, Break It More

azalin Re:broke (124 comments)

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it IS broke.... don't fix it.

Actually it's more like "If it IS broken, break it more"

about 9 months ago

U.S. Independence Day is a ...

azalin Re:There is no freedom in US (or almost anywhere). (330 comments)

If he played his cards right, he could have turned the courtroom into a trial of these National Security laws.

Do you really think the trial would have been public? The whole thing is about "national security" and releasing classified information and I seriously doubt his ability to turn the trial it into a public forum.

about 9 months ago

To replace Google Reader, I favor ...

azalin Re:Slashdot (166 comments)

At least Powersauce doesn't post duplicate stories all the time.

about 10 months ago

I am fairly prepared for a storm outage of ...

azalin Re:Missing options (398 comments)

Where's the "I'm a practicing cannibal" option?

I think that is covered be "living of the land"

about a year ago

I am fairly prepared for a storm outage of ...

azalin Re:Depends on how hot it is (398 comments)

That's why you should write the names of your enemies on paper instead of storing them in a database (to many to remember all of them). Also destructing the evidence is easier /thermal, digestion).

about a year ago

No Porn From Public WiFi Hotspots In the UK Proposed

azalin Re:Hot old men at http://www.gov.uk/ (390 comments)

Who decides what is porn? Block it all !!!!

That should work pretty well, after all if you'd remove all content that is offensive to someone, we're down to a few technical documentations and even more boring stuff.
The whole world is offensive, learn to deal with it.

about a year ago

No Porn From Public WiFi Hotspots In the UK Proposed

azalin Re:But what sort of porn? (390 comments)

a beautiful naked lady.

We are still talking about the UK, are we?

about a year ago

No Porn From Public WiFi Hotspots In the UK Proposed

azalin Re:Guess he has never heard of VPN and proxies (390 comments)

Well it happened to me a couple of times and it was rather annoying at that time. Not because I saw nude people, but because all the porn drowned out the stuff I was really searching for. The topic in question had a linguistic overlap though: Images from the James Bond movie Golden Eye, the tank driving scenes. In retrospect I have to admit that "bond golden eye pictures" was not a perfect start, but even with lots of additional terms and exclusion rules it was rather difficult to find what I was seeking in that huge steaming pile of nakedness and crap.
I didn't follow the naughty links though, so I don't know if it still counts.

about a year ago


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