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Project Orion to Bring U.S. Back to the Moon

b7j0c Re:How about just the Economy of it? (399 comments)

In many cases that is true, and why? Because there is no more efficient way to do it. The obvoius industrial need that you are overlooking is called "the competitive edge". If you can produce something cheaper than your rival, you beat him on price and prolong the success of your company. If

gee whiz you're right, now all you need to do is find investors who will front you the trillion dollar startup cost so you can start making CPUs cheaper than we can today in china. seriously, the ROI (if any) would be so far out that no private investor would ever bother with this. even the private companies in the space field today are talking about cheaper satellite launches, no one is talking about space factories.

Solar energy on the moon is a completely different creature. You can get GOBS of power from it because there is no obstructive atmosphere

this is a function of the efficiency of your panels, not the availability of solar energy - 8 exajoules of it hit the earth every day.

blah, the rest of your post indicates that you should finish high school before debating serious science.

more than 7 years ago


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