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Forget University — Use the Web For Education, Says Gates

bacon volcano Online Learning (393 comments)

I admit, I attended a brick and mortar school, but there are simply some things that you learn online that aren't covered in college:

- Cats have horrible spelling and grammar skills
- There are hot and lonely singles in my area that I wasn't even aware of
- My great grandfather was a wealthy Nigerian businessman
- Acai berries cure everything
- Baby Pandas sneeze, and yes, it's amazing
- People that I thought had few friends, actually have many, many hundreds (per Facebook)
- Clock spiders are the scariest ones

more than 4 years ago

The Laser Turns 50

bacon volcano Oblig. Shark Comment (74 comments)

I wonder if the original creators knew how their invention would revolutionize shark-based diabolical traps.

more than 4 years ago

Scientists Turn T-Shirts Into Body Armor

bacon volcano Re:+5 T-Shirt of Nerding (213 comments)

And it's super-elastic, so no Dex penalty!

more than 4 years ago

# of wireless APs (w/ SSID shown) in range now:

bacon volcano Re:34 - Way more than I thought (394 comments)

That's hilarious.

I'm sure that is the same building. I doubt we know each other though.

more than 4 years ago

# of wireless APs (w/ SSID shown) in range now:

bacon volcano 34 - Way more than I thought (394 comments)

Using my desktop's antenna I can see 34, only 1 of which is unprotected. Plus I suspect there are more that aren't broadcasting the SSID. On my laptop I'm only seeing around 15.

Some of the best names are "*Infected*", "TonyShaloub", "Morning Calm", and "Room 1230 Ask 4 Password". I guess the resident in 1230 is trying to meet people. Maybe I'll go ask for the password.

more than 4 years ago

Study Finds Gamers Prefer Control, Competence Over Violence

bacon volcano Re:And who's going to buy the pansy version? (219 comments)

Holy crap, is Chainsaw Arena Football 2009 out already?? I totally missed it!

In all seriousness though, my favorite sports games were the old "Mutant League" series for the Sega Genesis. There was something very fulfilling about having the option for your team to kill the referee

more than 5 years ago

UC Berkeley Lab Examines Cloud Computing Obstacles

bacon volcano Re:Only a few considerations (58 comments)

I certainly agree with you when it comes to small and midsize companies.

However, where I really see a potential advantage to cloud computing is very large companies that operate multiple data centers for their own business use. If these companies were able to start using cloud computing for their internal needs, I could see a huge potential for hardware, software, and energy savings. I have seen large companies run tons of servers, all far under their capacity out of a reluctance to run multiple applications on a single box. Virtualization helps with this a lot, yes, but operating with all of the company's computing load balanced across an entire data center would certainly improve the overall utilization of resources.

I think the larger companies would certainly have more trouble getting their infrastructure to a point where this idea would be feasible though.

more than 5 years ago

Open Source Victories of 2008

bacon volcano In all seriousness... (378 comments)

It wouldn't surprise me to see the current economic climate steer more business and home users to open-source alternatives to the software they currently use.

Nevermind, I forgot about bit torrent there for a second...

about 6 years ago

NASA Mars Rovers Hit 5-Year Anniversary

bacon volcano Great show on the subject (147 comments)

There is a great show on this subject that aired on the National Geographic channel. I highly recommend it to anyone that hasn't been paying much attention to the rovers for the last five years.

about 6 years ago

Vietnam Imposes New Blogging Restrictions

bacon volcano What!?!? (206 comments)

I found this part of the article to be scariest:

The regulations, written by the Ministry of Information and Communications, encourage bloggers to use "clean, healthy Vietnamese language."

So no more Vietnamese 1337 5P34K? Now nobody will know who is the most 1337!

more than 6 years ago

Print News Fading, Still Source of Much News

bacon volcano It's simple... (140 comments)

People don't like to get newspaper ink on their hands. The internet has just been a very elaborate solution to that problem.

more than 6 years ago


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