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The Average Slashdot Reader Answers

badbrains unixpunx and the average slashdot reader (284 comments)

While I don't think that Clinton's musical tastes are typical of Slashdot users, I do know that there is a growing group of us out there. I think to say that Clinton is a typical Slashdot user is probably quite inaccurate.

I would also like to say that as a visibly "extreme" punk rocker the geek community can look at me just as scournfully as the rest of the world. I was the co-founder of a LUG, and always felt that some people did not come back because of me. I have also visited other LUGs and experienced some odd looks... "you don't belong here".

I think most "geeks" are accepting of anyone, but there is definately an element of "geeks don't look like you" in the community.

If you are interested in punk and unix, check out http://www.unixpunx.org
and #unixpunx on irc.unixpunx.org or efnet.

about 14 years ago


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