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Programming Jobs Abroad For a US Citizen?

bakreule Go to England on a working visa (836 comments)

England, and certain other English speaking countries offer working visas for qualified people. Qualifications include being younger than a certain age (35 I think) and having a college degree. These give you the right to live and work for a year or two. During this time you can apply for a more permanent working visa should you choose.

If you want to go into Europe proper, it's a little harder. I got into France in 2001, but it was during the tech-bubble, and my French company was desperate for programmers. The most difficult part is finding a company that is willing to give you a contract. It's an absolute requirement for starting the paperwork, and it's a lot of hassle for the company, as gov'ts make it difficult to hire foreigners, protectionism being as it is. Once you have the contract, things get easier, as the authorities are lenient with tech people.

The easiest way to get a contract is to start talking to any friends in Europe to see if they know anyone who's hiring.

Good luck!

more than 6 years ago



U.S. open-source group opens chapter in Europe

bakreule bakreule writes  |  more than 6 years ago

bakreule writes "It seems like more and more open source projects are starting up in Europe, which is the reason the Open Solutions Alliance has opened a bureau there. According to the article :

"The Open Solutions Alliance, a consortium working on interoperability of open-source software, has set up a European chapter due to the high number of community-developed software projects that have sprung up in the region.""

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