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Can the ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Be Believed?

baldass_newbie Re:Fuck Obamacare (723 comments)

And yet we spend twice as much on entitlements as on defense.

about two weeks ago

Ancient Shrimp-Like Creature Has Oldest Known Circulatory System

baldass_newbie Re:spurious reasoning (35 comments)

'Its brain required abundant oxygen, so it presumably did a fair amount of thinking.'

humans brains require abundant oxygen but most do not do a fair amount of thinking...

For example, anthropomorphizing ancient sea critters.

about two weeks ago


baldass_newbie Re:News? (11 comments)

I am a lot of things, but Morrissey ambiguous is not one of them.

about two weeks ago


baldass_newbie Re:News? (11 comments)

Not to you.
Lucky bastard.

Caught me on a Tuesday.

about two weeks ago


baldass_newbie Meh (11 comments)

[comment redacted]

about two weeks ago


baldass_newbie Re:Agreed (11 comments)

I bet my story is better.

about two weeks ago

DARPA Wants Computers That Fuse With Higher Human Brain Function

baldass_newbie Simple (109 comments)

Broadcast routines through The View - then you'll get millions of brains connected.
Oh wait, higher brain functions. I guess that demographic won't work then.

about 8 months ago

Why Weather Control Conspiracy Theories Are Scientifically Ludicrous

baldass_newbie Re:The sad thing about conspiracy theories (251 comments)

The sad thing about conspiracy theories and the internet age is that no matter how far out or whackjob the theory may be, you can find a dozen videos documenting "proof" of the theory and entire forums full of people who believe in the lunacy and who circle-jerk each other in a frenzy of panic.

Because there were no whack jobs and conspiracy nuts before the 'internet age'?
Son, sit right down and let me tell you about Lyndon LaRouche.

about 8 months ago

Why Weather Control Conspiracy Theories Are Scientifically Ludicrous

baldass_newbie As a paid up member of the Illuminati (251 comments)

I have to state unequivocally that the author is correct - there is nothing to worry about.

Ewige Blumenkraft

about 8 months ago

Atheist Blogger Sentenced To 3 Years in Prison For Insulting Islam

baldass_newbie Re:I think you missd a word (412 comments)

I think that its a bit simplistic to exclude it. Some events do actually have multiple causes. The real world is complex, and rarely aligns with a fox news soundbite.

And it never aligns with President Obama's talking points but that doesn't change the fact that the protests had nothing to do with the video. In fact, it wasn't even the pretext for the gathering.

about a year ago

Why Do So Many Liberals "Like" Mitt Romney On Facebook?

baldass_newbie FP (376 comments)

This first post brought to you by Obama for President.

about a year and a half ago

Why the Middle East Is a Good Place For Women Tech Entrepreneurs

baldass_newbie Soooo.... (229 comments)

How many of them still had their clitoris?

about 2 years ago

Using Graph Theory To Predict NCAA Tournament Outcomes

baldass_newbie Re:Call me when it works for stocks. (91 comments)

See AAPL's PE vs growth rate for example.

You mean how low their PE is? By rights their stock should be up around $600/share.

more than 2 years ago

Amateur UAV Pilot Exposes Texas River of Blood

baldass_newbie Re:Hmmm (388 comments)

Bet you a nickel the police would need a warrant before such surveillance.
In fact, I kind of hope they do, public benefit notwithstanding.

more than 2 years ago

Localizing Language In the Brain

baldass_newbie Re:The latest shot fired in a long battle (79 comments)

Mankind existed for hundred of thousands of years with no language. Written language did not start to appear until some 2500 years ago (or up to 6000 depending on what you feel qualifies.)
Julian Jaynes does a nice job correlating this to the rise of consciousness.
Stay away from that hack Chomsky.

more than 2 years ago

It's Not a New Ballmer Microsoft Needs; It's a New Gates

baldass_newbie Re:No, MS jsut needs a new industry leader to foll (211 comments)

I don't think that Apple or Google are the companies to follow.

Apple has a bigger market cap than Microsoft and has just released two wildly successful products in the last 5 years: the iPhone and iPad.

They have also created a new, thriving developer ecosystem, substantially change how folks can get applications, music, movies and share those things with others.

Google, likewise, has a portfolio of innovation mostly related to web technologies but branching into computers and mobile devices.

Microsoft has created...the Kinect. Oh, and updated their Windows operating system. If they don't realize the future is in hardware and getting people connected, they better. And they could start by emulating Apple and Google.

more than 2 years ago

It's Not a New Ballmer Microsoft Needs; It's a New Gates

baldass_newbie Re:It's time for MS to Split (211 comments)

Ironically, the best thing for Microsoft would be what could have been the result of its anti-trust problems, a company split. It's doing too much

I agree they're going in too many different directions but what they need to do is not necessarily split, but have a unified vision.

Right now they have Zune, Windows Mobile 7, Symbian and SideKick mobile platforms all in their portfolio. You would think they would try to create a best of breed combined mobile platform. But no, they're not. They missed the boat big time on ARM development.

With Apple developing tetherless setup and updating of iPads, Microsoft's control over the low end computing market (which, like it or not, is their bread and butter) is now in serious jeopardy. And instead of trying to work with hardware manufacturers to build something new and exciting, they're instead focusing their efforts at penalizing hardware manufacturers who work with competing firms.

Whatever innovation edge Microsoft has had is evaporating faster than a snowball in the Sahara. It is nigh on amazing the Kinect actually got created and while it could be a vehicle to more innovative products, I have a feeling that too will be another Microsoft had it first but botched it.

It's a pity that an organization with the resources Microsoft has cannot get the strategy to implementation going but that's what bloated middle management getting hackled by accounting will do to you.

If they can't get OWA to look pretty, how do they think they're going to be meaningful to users in any real way?

more than 2 years ago



baldass_newbie baldass_newbie writes  |  more than 7 years ago

baldass_newbie (136609) writes "Apparently, there were higher quality tapes of the lunar landing than previously realized, however the tapes are missing. Wired is running the story One Giant Screwup for Mankind which details that the rebroadcast feed from Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station was limited in its rebroadcast quality. Recently, however, some film resurfaced which was much better than originally realized. Searching NASA archives for the missing tapes has been difficult, at best. From the article:
These guys had transmitted data across 240,000 miles of space before the invention of the microprocessor. A little government bureaucracy wasn't going to stop them.
Some interesting info about the broadcast format and tapes used as well as the dearth of machines to play them with."


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