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International Climate Panel Cites Near Certainty On Warming

balthan Re:Yup, we're boned (510 comments)

What mitigation can an individual realisticly do? Sure, you can become a prepper and move to an inland farm and stockpile supplies and seeds, but how to you fend off millions of displaced, starving people if shit really hits the fan?

about a year ago

International Climate Panel Cites Near Certainty On Warming

balthan Re:Yup, we're boned (510 comments)

Unfortunately, you can't know what the weather patterns will be. With chaning sea and air currents, the area could conceivably end up quite arid.

about a year ago

PC Gaming 'a Generation Ahead' of Consoles, Says Crytek Boss

balthan Re:talking hardware here, not current games (412 comments)

I feel the same way playing Fallout 3. The interface is crap for the PC. Why can't I type 'm' to bring up the map?

more than 3 years ago

Ubisoft's Authentication Servers Go Down

balthan Re:DRM means not copyrighted (634 comments)

The public, the people, via government allowed a limited time for the content creator to exclusively profit from their work before it enters the public domain, and that is the concept of "copyright."

What is this "limited" you speak of? A cartoon made 82 years ago, by a guy who's been dead 44 years now, still has another 13 years of protection before it gets another extension.

more than 4 years ago

Why Movies Are Not Exactly Like Music

balthan Re:The most important sentence in the article: (378 comments)

From imdb:

SPOILER: When Verbal Kint falls to the ground during the interrogation by Kujan, Verbal clearly says "I did, I did kill Keaton." Kujan is yelling at the time and does not hear the slip up, which Verbal quickly covers up by saying "I did see Keaton get shot."

more than 4 years ago

Supreme Court Declines Case Over Techs' Right To Search Your PC

balthan Re:well well well (485 comments)

I dont work at CC

Not many do these days...

more than 5 years ago

The Age of Steam

balthan Re:Steam pricing is the weak point (159 comments)

Steam will need more clout before this changes. Publishers right now don't want to risk pissing off brick & mortar retailers by offering cheaper software online. This probably won't change until online distribution of games is more popular than B&M and publishers can risk losing the shelf space.

more than 5 years ago

An Early Look at the NASA MMO

balthan Re:A game? (208 comments)

Only a very minute part of your tax is spent on this sort of light entertainment

By this agency, on this project. When you start adding up the hundreds of projects from dozens of agencies, it doesn't seem so minute. And when you factor in our short-term trillion dollar deficit and the long-term budgetary crisis that will happen in the next couple decades, maybe a space MMO isn't such a great use of taxpayer dollars right now.

more than 5 years ago

An Early Look at the NASA MMO

balthan Re:A game? (208 comments)

your government are spending fractions of pennies

Besides, what's the big deal about trillion dollar deficit anyway?

more than 5 years ago

NVIDIA GTX 295 Brings the Pain and Performance

balthan Re:This is all so 1998 (238 comments)

so you buy a $500 video card and there are exactly ZERO games that take full advantage of it.

Clearly, you've never played Crysis.

more than 5 years ago

Players Furious Over Buggy GTA IV PC Release

balthan Re:I'm slightly astonished (384 comments)

It's the DRM. Many of the crashing problems seem to be Securom crashing, which causes the game client to exit to desktop imediately.

Most of the problems are being caused by the dual online accounts required. The Rockstar Social Club servers initially couldn't handle the volume, which was causing the game to crash on startup. And people were having problems getting Games for Windows live installed right with its dependencies (such as .NET Framework 3.5). My guess is something isn't quite right with the GTA4 installer.

It also needs you to upgrade to the latest Games For Windows release, which doesn't support Vista64 at the moment. So that's all the hardcore gamers with 4GB+ of ram out of the picture.

False. I have Vista64 and 8GB of RAM and am able to run GTA4 and GfW just fine.

more than 5 years ago


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