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Judge Shoots Down "Bitcoin Isn't Money" Argument In Silk Road Trial

barfy It is more akin to property, not to money... (135 comments)

"Money's" history has largely been one of property. It was gold, it was silver, it was in general immutable, you could warp it, stamp it, it was inherently worth whatever it was. The mark of the coin, provided sovereign trust that the "money" was the quantity and purity that you would expect.

This moved largely to a representation of something of value. Which would work so long as the banker or sovereign would create the right quantity of representation. This resulted in bubbles and bank runs when it wasn't done right. But it was essentiality tied to this immutable stuff. A gold standard. This has historically always failed...

Today money is the creation of debt. The commodity becomes the work that is created in society, and that debt is paid in money. Which then is used to create economy. This separates money from property, and it becomes more responsible for simply economy, the swirl of debt. The big key is that bankers and politicians are kept separate. The bankers attempt to keep it right as that is where the long term value is for them, and if they get it wrong, if it falls apart, the bankers have essentially nothing, and nothing is happening. The politicians through the power of central power get to impose a very special attribute to money. It can, and has to be accepted, for all debts public and private. This is a very important distinction that separates modern money from property based money. The value store in property based money is intrinsic. The value store in modern money becomes a balance of supply to work or debt. One of the big problems of this is when pooling becomes supra-economic and becomes a source of political power. This was severely limited before, it was extremely difficult for an individual to become this rich. It is much easier in this system. As it happens the economically powerful persuade for themselves to pool more of the wealth so that they have more power. Interestingly enough, this helps prevent inflation, and maybe actually keep the economy running, but it skews political power. This was supposed to be solved by confiscatory means of the government which then simply destroys the money as a fulfillment of self debt. But, this is precisely what the eco-political class works to overcome.

Bitcoin, is more akin to commodity. It has no special governmental blessing, protection, or edict. It can't be forced to be used for paying of debt. However, the value of it isn't intrinsic, for it isn't a thing. It is attributes of a thing. It is a tulip bulb. This allows for specialized movement and tracking, but it really isn't money. However, if wealth is created in the process, then it looks like money for a wealth tracking agency of a government, and it looks like wealth when converted back into money, no matter how many steps. If the process of conversion from money, into assets or economy, and then back into money for the purpose of obscuring the source and path of the original money, THAT is money laundering. And if the scheme tends to have that as an inherent purpose, the scheme itself can be declared illegal. This has happened a lot with insurance, banking, strip clubs, car washes. You see a ton of it sensationalized in the Sopranos. A very important place where this has been enforced, but received a lot of different views, though clear in the charging and investigation papers, was online poker. The money laundering claim doesn't require bit coin to be money. And if the entire scheme seems to be largely leverageable for laundering, and little other purpose it can be shut down for that reason. If the scheme is largely used to defraud regular unsuspecting public in can be shut down, not just for theft, but the scheme itself. Barry Madoff, Fulltilt, AB/UB are current examples. Bitcoin and crypto currency of sorts may very well find that same fate.

about three weeks ago

Evidence of a Correction To the Speed of Light

barfy Better Red Shift Explanation? (347 comments)

Does the extreme distances of very far galaxies red shift and rapid expansion, better explained by vacuum polarization and a slow down of light over extreme distances? So that what we are not seeing is some sort of doppler shift, but instead of something akin to friction over very long distances using this process that both delays the light, and shifts the frequency to red? And if so, does this change the expansion of the universe answer?

about a month ago

Wikipedia Mining Algorithm Reveals the Most Influential People In History

barfy Subjectively, (231 comments)

I am going to give little credence to any objective list that puts Madonna (The Singer) on the top 5 of any such list. I just can't imagine that they aren't counting links to Madonna (The mother of Christ) and associating them to the singer.

about 2 months ago

Microsoft Doesn't Have Plans For a Dedicated Handheld Gaming Device

barfy It happens sort of automatically at some point... (84 comments)

It is just a matter of time that the device world catches up with the Xbox. The underlying development tools will eventually allow game deployment on other windows hardware. I also think this will be true for casual gaming to the Xbox, and a universal platform for all sorts of other goodies to come.

about 3 months ago

Mazda Says Its Upcoming Gas-Powered Cars Will Emit Less CO2 Than Electric Cars

barfy Re:Hydrogen (330 comments)

Currently there is not enough platinum in the world to move any significant auto infrastructure to hydrogen fuel cells.

about 4 months ago

Creationists Demand Equal Airtime With 'Cosmos'

barfy The real question is step 1... (667 comments)

From the Cosmos show, the key ingredient of all life is the DNA factory in the cell. Where the DNA is stripped and duplicated and new cells are created. This is true for all life, and the process of accidental mistakes that result in desirable traits become part of the life tree because the life is more sustainable or competes well compared to previous versions, ultimately over an extremely long time, 100's of millions of generations results in the totality of life on earth.

The unanswered question, is how does this DNA duplication factory happen by accident? Not to mention the accidental creation of DNA in the first place. I believe that these are unanswered and unduplicated in any experiment or theory (one theory are that it isn't accidental everywhere, but somehow happened accidentally once, and redistributed in the universe by some form, an alien invasion), (Other theories are that is a divine spark), (Others is that the universe in a perverse form of chemistry and physics demands that life spontaneously appears wherever the conditions are ripe). It's not a question of the eye, or the complexity of the brain. But life itself.

The next question becomes why small ever more complex that life is, how does this accidental creation of life itself, does the basic operating system, which is I suppose essentially chemistry, how does this chemical thing that happened, how in the world of I suppose anything, is rich enough in the get-go to ultimately support the ability to create all life and all life functions. (I think that this question may indeed be easier than the step 1 questions). Why is the first accidental step to life a single cell microbe, and not say a full grown human being. Why is accident 1 not more complex? We share 50% of our DNA with Bananas. We both have the same DNA factory inside our cells.

about 4 months ago

Back To the Moon — In Four Years

barfy Space elevators on the moon... (292 comments)

It would seem that space elevators would be much easier to construct on the moon for a variety of reasons, and dramatically lower the cost of getting stuff/people to and from the moon. Even if all we do is go around and scoop up asteroids it would be a worthwhile mining task...

about 4 months ago

Why Is US Broadband So Slow?

barfy Re:How can the situation be improved? (513 comments)

food has a huge government input. The Farm bill is one of the largest pieces of legislation financially. A large reason food is cheap, is that the government provides incentive to supply food at a slight overage and maintains returns to the farmers by artificially inflating markets. I was with you until the last sentence.

about 5 months ago

Digital Taste Interface

barfy Re:Diabetics (47 comments)

There is good reason to believe that sweet testing things cause insulin production, especially because certain items, especially sugars start making it into your blood stream prior to ingestion. This is the believed source of the diet coke makes you fat syndrome. It causes insulin response because of sweetness, gating existing blood sugar into cells for storage. Lowering blood sugar which needs to be replaced making you eat, eat sooner, eat more often, eat energy dense foods. If they are ONLY testing blood sugar response on diabetics, you may find that it DOESN'T affect blood sugar, because they are diabetic. Where this makes a world of difference is in pre-diabetics. Those that already have too much stored in their body, but have either yet to max out, or that the insulin production in their body hasn't already been damaged.

about 8 months ago

Explosions at the Boston Marathon

barfy Suspected Action by NSA, Police? (1105 comments)

Ok... Pure speculation, but what I would do if I was designing an anti-terrorist plan.

Imagine you have immediate access to all cell phone activity in the country. There are reported reasons to believe that this is true...

ASAP prepaid cellphone lockout in the area, and possibly nationwide or just rich target areas.

Almost immediately thereafter cellphone number of the triggers and what phone called them. (This can be done by simply looking at calls that weren't answered at the right time and right location),

Tracking of location of calling phone, to within a cell tower.

Time tracking of triggered phones and calling phone, within a relatively short period of time. Proximity (time/location) to any other preferably pre-paid phones, this will give an indication to additional devices.

Transmit to authorities continual location of calling phone.

Full time tracking of triggered phones. To give location of origin of bomb making, number of devices, time of plot, testing of devices.

Take down of bomb making site.

Additional features I am sure.

All within hours, max. I am sure that this would have been scripted for almost immediate action. Who knows what the constitutional implications are.

about a year ago

Apple Has a New Porn Problem

barfy Yes cuz safari... (136 comments)

won't load with specially formatted pages and videos for the iPhone. This is a stupid story...

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do I De-Dupe a System With 4.2 Million Files?

barfy Why??? (440 comments)

Ok, first, why do you need to do this? Space is pretty darn cheap, and this seems like a tremendous waste of time and energy to save tens of dollars. But more importantly, I find I need TONS less space now that I just depend on the Internet to keep all of my porn and to stream it.

about 2 years ago

Making Saltwater Drinkable With Graphene

barfy Re:trifecta (303 comments)

Only if it improved battery life by 10x...

about 2 years ago

Microsoft Announces 'Surface' Tablet

barfy Please Please Please... (712 comments)

I have wanted a convertible (which this is close to), that allowed typing when appropriate, but the interface was sensitive to the fact I am touching the screen or using a stylus. The previous windows versions just didn't work because everything was upper left centric. Which means if your right handed you simply obscured the screen. And interaction with the pen didn't let you interact with the document. PLEASE or PLEASE have fixed this. I am currently apple centric, but I am not a fanboy, I live where the implementation best matches what I want. I am totally willing for windows to have this correct. I am encouraged, so far if value was number one on my list, they are getting much closer, and it will be important. But if they can just tear down a few walls in usability and design...

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft To Sell Its Own Windows RT Tablet

barfy This is reference hardware for... (288 comments)

Smart Glass. This is a bit different than a phone. Just like they make Keyboards, Mice and Joysticks. This is primarily for the smart glass living room marketplace, and they are going to explore ideas that are best for that space and application, as well as all the other cool stuff you can do with a tablet.

more than 2 years ago

Which Fading Smartphone Company Is More Valuable To Microsoft, RIM Or Nokia?

barfy Neither... (222 comments)

They are not trying to be Apple, but more like Google. They are not attempting to make a play like Xbox, but rather a massive infrastructure play. RIM provided an interesting value proposition at the time. They would send somebody to install a thing in your server room that let the mail work on the phone. This was HUGE. Microsoft is attempting to not require RIM by making their mail servers aware that they are talking to a phone. And that they will be first class with Hotmail, and possible with Yahoo. And Gmail may well limp and work as well.

I think it will come down to the Windows environment and the ITunes environment. This race will become much closer over time. Apple found a huge wedge with iPod, in establishing the iTunes environment on top of a compelling UI and continual Internet Access and compelling and good enough environment to develop for. There was simply nothing else like it.

Android is simply too lasses faire and requires too much learning for your non-geek and simply doesn't "work" yet.

Windows phone definitely appears to match the compelling features of the Apple environment and will become easily a major player in the market place. Personally, they are very close. I love the 900, but I am going to live off contract for awhile while I get the last few drops of functionality out my 4. What happens next, I don't know. But I definitely do not think that Microsoft needs to spend resources buying a handset manufacturer.

more than 2 years ago

What Does a Software Tester's Job Constitute?

barfy Seriously, this... (228 comments)

Create and propagate information that helps people to create and ship the software...

Everything else is details on this. I was the senior software tester for multiple projects. I got paid more than most everyone else, because I owned the above. I helped and did everything, and spent as little time as possible, NOT doing anything else.

However, most people spent tons and tons of time NOT doing the above. The created very little new and useful information, and propagated very little. The company would make up for this by hiring LOTS of people, to try and create more information. Lots of time, people were given my stuff, in an attempt to expand on it.

Personally, I spent a very small fraction of my time on regression testing. A little more on verification. But most of my time creating and propagating information.

I would spend time creating models and predictions, and watching carefully what would happen. I would look at errors, user expectations, standards, behaviors and functionality. And barf stuff out as quickly as possible. And some percentage of time was coming up with larger and better explanations.

I was never done, and I never could work enough to find them all, and I was never satisfied. There was always rich veins of information to be uncovered and passed on.

At some point it shipped anyways...

Sometimes I was there for the next version, sometimes I did other things.

My personal satisfaction, was knowing that I had a substantial impact on what shipped. And that it was better for me being there.

more than 2 years ago


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