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Microsoft Reportedly Working On Its Own Smartphone

base2op Re:MS killed the Nokia star (215 comments)

What's funny to me is that Elop went all-in on the Windows Phone strategy because he didn't want Nokia to be just another Android device maker. Now they're just another Windows Phone maker.

about 2 years ago

30 Years of Star Wars Technology

base2op Re:Han trolled first (146 comments)

30 years, sigh. How many parsecs is that?

A parsec is a unit of distance not time.

more than 5 years ago

The Economist on Open Source in Government

base2op Redundant? No one actually reads the article... (331 comments)

City officials said the decision was a matter of principle: the municipality wanted to control its technological destiny. It did not wish to place the functioning of government in the hands of a commercial vendor with proprietary standards which is accountable to shareholders rather than to citizens.

Bitchslapped by Muenchen!

more than 11 years ago


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