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360 Achievements More Popular Than Microsoft Imagined

batmn42 Re:My awesome idea (117 comments)

It would work great for consumers-- if you play more, you get more games to play.

But it would be a terrible idea for the business. "Spent" achievement points don't show up on a company's profit reports.

Right now, Microsoft is winning on both sides of the achievements equation-- it costs very little for them to keep the Achievements system up and running, since they've already built in a tracking system, and it obviously (as they say in the article) drives both sales and rentals.

Turning Achievement points into some kind of currency wouldn't do anything but cost them money. Sure, it would give you free games, but none of the major videogame companies are in the business of giving away free games.

more than 7 years ago



Blizzard legal targets private WoW servers

batmn42 batmn42 writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Mike Schramm writes "This is interesting — Blizzard has been pretty hands off with the issue of private WoW servers, but they laid the smackdown today. WoW Insider has more on the subject, including links to a few takedown notices. The issue hasn't been big enough for Blizzard to worry about, but apparently with the onset of Wrath, it's gotten bigger and bigger, and with the legal department victorious in the glider case, looks like they've got a new set of targets."
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