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Ask Slashdot: Which Google Project Didn't Deserve To Die?

beacher Google Desktop (383 comments)

http://googledesktop.blogspot.com/ - I know you can still find it and install, but still, I wish that it was still living on......

"As of September 14 (2011), Google Desktop will no longer be available for download, and existing installations will not be updated to include new features or fixes.

Thanks again to all of our users. It’s been a fun journey.

Posted by the Google Desktop Team"

about 2 years ago

Interesting Computer Science Jobs?

beacher Net Nanny / Firewall Link checker (352 comments)

I always thought that the people who got to add urls to the kiddie / work filters would have an interesting job.

It's been said before. There are things you just can't un-see. How much would you pay someone to surf the nastiest content on the net? Would you really hire people who enjoy it?


about 6 years ago

How To Cut In Line and Not Get Caught

beacher Re:Instant Cut Priveleges (256 comments)

I used to be a cop ( Officer of the year for a Metro Atlanta law enforcement agency during the Olympics) and a Marine Corps Staff Sergeant.

Yes I am a dick thankyouverymuch. What's your point?

more than 6 years ago

How To Cut In Line and Not Get Caught

beacher Re:Instant Cut Priveleges (256 comments)

When I was a kid at Six Flags I used to yell MOM! at the top of my lungs until I got towards the front of the line. Worked like a champ. I've changed it to calling out my kids names and asking if someone has seen my 8 year old, about yea high, etc etc... Sometimes I get called on it but it's usually worth the risk.

more than 6 years ago

Russian Police Know Who Wrote Gpcode Virus

beacher Re:ee+BfO3iVLaBGTTcTioI6Ax4 (201 comments)

B e s u r e t o d r i n k y o u r O v a l t i n e.

Ovaltine? A crummy commercial? Son of a bitch!

more than 5 years ago

State of Kentucky Seizes Control of 141 Domain Names

beacher Re:Chicken (505 comments)

And the secret to their state jelly! It's kind of bland but the tube makes it so easy to spread on the bread!

more than 6 years ago


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