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Earth In the Midst of Sixth Mass Extinction: the 'Anthropocene Defaunation'

beamin But what IS the point they're making? (342 comments)

Who says that the authors are trying to make a point, versus simply drawing conclusions based on observations? The derision in this thread and dismissal of the (ludicrous!) idea that any change in modern society's behaviors may be a good idea strike me as a defensive lashing-out by people who don't take climate change seriously and won't modify their behavior, humanity be damned.

about 2 months ago

Google Reader: One Year Later

beamin Feedly (132 comments)

Still using RSS.

about 2 months ago

SEC Chair On HFT: 'The Markets Are Not Rigged'

beamin Of course not (303 comments)

Nothing to see here, people. Move along. And could you put that Social Security Trust Fund money here before you go?

about 5 months ago

Whirlpool Ditches IBM Collaboration Software, Moves To Google Apps

beamin Re:Lotus suite sucks (101 comments)

The other repliers to parent need to fall into line. Everybody hates Notes! No exceptions allowed!

I worked with and supported Notes for 10 years at IBM, and really liked the product. There were some frustrations, but I was very positive about it on the whole.

Now that I work for a small municipal agency, I miss Notes' flexibility and app development capabilities a great deal. But there's no way we can afford it for so few seats.

about a year ago

Central New York Nuclear Plants Struggle To Avoid Financial Meltdown

beamin Re:That popping sound (270 comments)

Until, of course, you have a situation like Fukushima.

Decentralized renewables are cheapest and safest, when all risks and external costs are factored in.

about a year ago

Several Western Govts. Ban Lenovo Equipment From Sensitive Networks

beamin Re:Nothing new (410 comments)

Costs are higher, but Americans are being employed and paid with tax money. Sounds like a better approach than shipping it directly to someone else's economy.

about a year ago

ACLU Study Says Police Cameras Create Database of Our Movements

beamin Local coordination not terribly likely (154 comments)

I manage IT for a small city whose police department has two patrol vehicles equipped with LPRs. Officers download an updated hotlist of expired and stolen plates daily to the PCs in those cars and have the LPR software running while they patrol and answer calls. Our official policy is to let data expire from the PCs after 40 days. While the software has the optional capability to centrally gather reads and archive them, we've never bothered to implement it. The only inquiry we've had regarding plate reads in the last three years was from the NYCLU, wanting to know our data handling policies.

That's not to say that there isn't a very creepy Orwellian aspect to the proliferation of this technology. With enough zealots in the right places, this stuff is odious.

about a year ago

The Free State Project, One Decade Later

beamin Re:"Liberty-Minded"? (701 comments)

The more that people educate themselves, the less likely they'd be to swallow the bullshit that the FSP is serving.

about a year ago

New York Passes Landmark Gun Law

beamin Re:Guess what? (1591 comments)

What do you think is "the underlying problem"?

about a year and a half ago

NASA Releases Orbital Photos of Beijing's Air Pollution

beamin Re:The US is no better (143 comments)

US environmental conditions are much better, especially since we decided to offshore our toxic manufacturing needs to China.

about a year and a half ago

2013 H-1B Visa Supply Nearly Exhausted

beamin Re:Things aren't as they seem (428 comments)

I guess that it matters whether you're interested in the well-being of society, or of a business.

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft's Office 365 For Government Heralds New Google Fight

beamin Re:At least it won't happen here (112 comments)

You can bet it won't be to a country whose cops are working for Rupert Murdoch.

more than 2 years ago

IT Positions Some of the Toughest Jobs To Fill In US

beamin Basic economics (886 comments)

They just need to up their offer. Go invisible hand!

more than 2 years ago

Hillary Clinton Takes Overseas

beamin Re:Social Security..... (250 comments)

The only way that Social Security will stop being available is when people stop paying into it. As far as the money borrowed out of the SS Trust Fund being paid back from general fund revenues... well, that's the heist that they're trying to pull off with this "deficit reduction" kabuki theater.

more than 2 years ago

Hillary Clinton Takes Overseas

beamin Ya, rly (250 comments)

The figures you mention are, as you said, for EACH FISCAL YEAR. There are many more than 20,500 (or even 65,000) H1-B visa holders in the US. I'm sure that you're a precious snowflake, but you're kidding yourself if you think that no one in a nation of 300 million could do the work you're doing.

more than 2 years ago

Hillary Clinton Takes Overseas

beamin Opting out of FICA (250 comments)

Yeah, who wouldn't want to subject all of their retirement savings to the booms and busts of a corrupt private market?

more than 2 years ago


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