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Blizzard Wins Major Lawsuit Against Bot Developers

beaver1024 Re:Violation of the EULA/TOU - Derivative work (838 comments)

No one should be able to sell a program whose sole purpose is breach of contract, or infringement!

Which law prevents this? The program seller is not in a contract with Blizzard, hence there is no contract to breach. The program seller is not the one using the program to violate the contract so he can't be accused of interfering with the contractual relationship. The user of WoW is the one that is breach of contract.

more than 6 years ago



Apple can't stand toilet humour

beaver1024 beaver1024 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

beaver1024 (645317) writes "I doubt if Apple lawyers even contemplated the irony as they slapped a small Australian company producing camping equipment with a lawsuit for trademark violations. Sea to Summit makes a product that assists in the disposal of human excrement calling it iPood. Apparently Apple thinks that "For obvious reasons, Apple's reputation for clean design and high-tech electronics will suffer should it be associated with latrines and the like through Sea to Summit's use of iPood.". If only Sea to Summit had the resources to fight this in court. Alas, we are witnessing yet another sign of the corrupted nature of IP laws in Australia and internationally."
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Holding your data to ransom

beaver1024 beaver1024 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

beaver1024 (645317) writes "Previously on Slashdot 2Clix software brought legal action against the owners of Whirlpool for injurious falsehood after a heated discussion on Whirlpool's message boards resulted in many dissatisfied customers expressing their disgust at the 2Clix's products and service. 2Clix has since gone into administration.
Unfortunately for their customers, this is not the end of the story. They now cannot access their historical accounting data without paying huge sums of money because only 2Clix accounting software can read the data.
In this era of of rampant DRM and proprietary data formats in the name of fighting piracy many businesses are overlooking the fact that it is not pirates that are being hurt by these mechanisms but legal use of the software. As a business can you afford to trust your data proprietary formats?"

First steps in transporter technology?

beaver1024 beaver1024 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

beaver1024 (645317) writes "Previous advancement in transporter technology made use of quantum entanglements to induce a copy of the state of the source particles so that information could be teleported from one location to another. Now by cooling atoms to near absolute zero, Australian scientists have been able to transport actual atoms from one location to another, albeit via optic fibers.

Whilst this requires a physical link to transport matter how long will it before a creation of a stable wormhole, although small, be sufficient enough for true teleportation to occur? The manipulation of atoms in this manner leads one to wonder whether Star Trek like matter replication technology will emerge from this advancement?"


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