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PBS Web Sites and Databases Hacked

beaverfever Internet Taliban (387 comments)

The Internet Taliban strike again. Anything they don't like, any opinions they don't like, they physically attack. Are they so dim that they can't see their 'fight for internet freedom' is based on bringing to the internet the threat of attack and the imposing of fear on dissenters? Do they believe their actions are any different than religious fundamentalists in Afghanistan burning down schools?

Here's a tip for the hackers/crackers: even if your beliefs and opinions are hypothetically 100% correct, if you use threats to impose your opinion, you will lose, because no sensible person will want to be associated with you.

more than 3 years ago

Canadian Coins Not Nano-Tech Espionage Devices

beaverfever Re:Canada vs. US (412 comments)

"Apart from an overly-grand sense of importance in the two Great Wars"
That is a fairly large part of it. Beyond that, nostalgia and trivia are embraced as history and culture. Live outside Canada for a while, then meet Canadians just off the plane and it will be apparent. Off the top of my head: Summit Series; Arrow; Naismith; Shuster; Pearson; cried from the rooftops, but most people don't understand the caterwauling.

more than 7 years ago


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