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Listening To the Big Bang – In High Fidelity

bedouin Re:But... (85 comments)

The world ends. Reversing the waveform as I type this to ensure that happens soon.

1 year,13 days

OUYA Console Starts Shipping To Kickstarter Backers

bedouin Re:The potential is there... (110 comments)

Sure if you don't mind a big noisy box sitting on the floor that still needs a mouse and keyboard, and the associated loading times and security updates that go along with it . . .

1 year,14 days

Meet the Gamers Keeping Retro Consoles Alive

bedouin Re:Not surprising (79 comments)

I do it with Bluetooth every day, so I'm imagining someone's got USB figured out . . .

1 year,24 days

The Pirate Bay's Oldest Torrent Is Revolution OS

bedouin Re:Oldest torrent on TPB isn't porn? (130 comments)

I'm tempted to download just the torrent file and see if I can find a friend's page from '97 or so, then leech that part of it.

about a year ago

WindowsAndroid Lets You Run Android 4.0 Natively On Your PC

bedouin Yo dawg (190 comments)

I heard you like shitty operating systems that rip off Apple's ideas, so we . . .

about a year ago

Should Microsoft Switch To WebKit?

bedouin Re:Arguments of convenience (244 comments)

What is all this Firefox incompatibility about? The first time I've ever heard anyone complain is in this thread. Firefox is my main browser on my MacBook and I can't remember ever encountering problems. Chrome is not even installed.

about a year ago

Should Microsoft Switch To WebKit?

bedouin Re:It's a silly proposition (244 comments)

Google could release AIDS and people would try it, then bitch when Google discontinues it even though there's other shitty web-based VDs out there.

about a year ago

Chinese Smartphone Invasion Begins

bedouin Re:I own a ZTE v875 (181 comments)

Particles of dust inside the LCD and opening it up periodically is an experience most people do not want to endure, alongside an outdated OS and fragile connections. You got what you paid for, which is fine for you but not many others who want a phone that 'just works.'

about a year ago

Chinese Smartphone Invasion Begins

bedouin Re:Well Huawei need a better consumer brand name (181 comments)

Those names roll off the tongue easily enough though. Except for Hyundai, the other brands have pretty obvious pronunciations. Huawei is a strange construction for an English speaker, comprised of four vowel sounds in a three syllable word, with two of them being consecutive.

about a year ago

Chinese Smartphone Invasion Begins

bedouin Re:The big names were a no-show... (181 comments)

In Samsung's case, a big name company was even supplying their hardware designs -- albeit unwillingly.

about a year ago

Chinese Smartphone Invasion Begins

bedouin Re:And they will not establish a foothold. (181 comments)

My ISP gave me a ZTE 3G modem. The 3G router I plugged it into would randomly report that the modem was unplugged, sometimes after a couple days; sometimes after five minutes. After trying every firmware release I could with the router I gave up, unlocked a friend's unused modem from another manufacture, and have been fine ever since.

about a year ago

Catch Up Via Video With World of Commodore 2012

bedouin Re:Debug Re:I will attend... (51 comments)

Sigh. Graphics were so much easier to program on the Apple ][.

about a year ago

Rusty Foster Isn't Dead

bedouin Re:Shitfest of Kuro5hin (162 comments)

I mean, Slashdot is a shadow of its former self and, other than that, there's nothing -- unless you accept Reddit, which has basically become the 1990s AOL hub of internet forums. Blech.

I actually like Slashdot in its current state: the community is not absurdly large, nor is it stagnant. Most of the comments are fairly intelligent, something I quickly realized when Digg became a phenomenon and was able to contrast both user bases: well structured paragraphs and sentences, versus one line quips. I read many articles that may not be pertinent to me, just because the comments here often help me understand the subject better. There's teens here, but there's also real old schoolers here. It's well balanced and has survived more than a decade; I'm fairly confident that Slashdot will still be thriving in five years while the Reddit users move onto the next fad.

I go to Reddit or The Verge to laugh at trolls or do some trolling myself. I have more respect for Slashdot for some reason.

about a year ago

Supercomputer Repossessed By State, May Be Sold In Pieces

bedouin Re:Oh, boy! (123 comments)

Yeah, it's against Sashdot etiquette but: LOL.

about a year ago

Scientology On Trial In Belgium

bedouin Re:Here it comes... (540 comments)

Pat Robertson and the entire religious right say hi. Zionist Jews also send their greetings.

about a year ago

Does 2012 Mark the End of the Netbook?

bedouin Re:Nah (336 comments)

I've never even seen one, or read someone on a forum or site like this even talk about owning a Chromebook.

about a year ago

Death Valley Dethrones Impostor As Hottest Place On Earth

bedouin Re:What if... (175 comments)

Sometimes it takes moving overseas for an American to truly realize how dumb the country's rejection of the metric system was. Then again, that's true for more than just measurements.

about a year ago



Can Egypt's telecom giants be sued in the US?S

bedouin bedouin writes  |  more than 2 years ago

bedouin writes "In April, the Egyptian Centre for Housing Rights filed a lawsuit on behalf of other plaintiffs against the three telecommunications companies (and a number of current and former Egyptian officials) seeking compensation for the damages they suffered due to the shutdown of communications. The case is ongoing. An interesting question is whether any of these companies could also be sued in US courts."
Link to Original Source


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