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Why Apple Replaced iOS Maps

beejhuff Re:Google map data, not app, supplier on iOS pre-6 (561 comments)

This is incorrect and refuted in TFA.

Apple did not request turn-by-turn in their original licensing agreement. When they realized they wanted to add it to their iOS app, they went back to Google and Google offered to add turn-by-turn but required additional branding in the app as part of the deal.

Apple refused.

Agree or disagree with whether or not it was a good decision, but it was APPLE's decision to refuse the terms. Google did not refuse to allow turn by turn - Apple just didn't get that it was important when they did original negotiations.

Posted from iPad, in case you thought I was a hater.

more than 2 years ago

Chattanooga's Municipal Network Doubles Down On Fiber Speeds

beejhuff Lafayette, Louisiana has 1 GB across entire county (165 comments)

Of course, we call it a 'parish' but there's no need to split hairs. I'm incredibly proud of my community and local government. They saw an opportunity decades ago when fiber was cheap and ran a lot of it wherever they had rights of way for electrical...turns out it was a brilliant strategy as we have just become self-sufficient - that's right, there's enough customers purchasing Internet, TV, Voice through the new fiber to be self-sustaining at this point. I've got the 50 / 50 mbps plan at home, and it's unbeleivably fast. Even better, whenever you connect directly to someone else on the local fiber ring, you get m,ax 100 / 100 mbps speeds. Which is nice since my office uses it as well as my home....X sessions and rdp back and forth from office to house are about as fast as I can ask for... Of course, we just rolled out 1 GBPS for all homes and businesses in the parish, which gives everyone even more bandwidth. It's one of the reasons my wife and I moved back to Lafayette from Austin. I really beleive these kinds of investments are what are going to differentiate communities who want to attract the best and brightest to build and grow the businesses of the future. Our available consumer plans can be seen here - http://lusfiber.com/index.php/internet/pricing-guide

more than 2 years ago

USPTO Grants Google a Patent On MapReduce

beejhuff Re:A quick idea for patent reform (191 comments)

This argument:

"The whole "software is math" argument is old and debunked. Anything which requires creativity and careful analysis, and the investment therein, is a potentially valuable addition to human knowledge. In exchange for investing in such a thing, there should be the potential to protect your investment from copycats without resorting to keeping it a secret."

seems to support using Copyrights instead of Patents. Knowledge shouldn't be patented, right? Perhaps copyrighted (if published), but not patented.

I'm not sure that "software is math" is really debunked anyways, but honestly, I never found that argument that compelling in the first place. I've always like "software is speech" - it is a literal series of 1's and 0's representing language, right? Just because both humans and machines can interpret that language doesn't make it any less a language. And NO language is patentable - expressions created within that language are COPYRIGHTABLE, but ought not be patented. It seems to me that we can still encourage creativity and innovation without allowing people who truly don't grok what software even is (voodoo magix?!?!?) to completely mis-classify what software actually is.

I know not everyone will agree with me, but for those of us that actually spend all day / night writing in programming languages, how do you view this interpretation?

about 5 years ago

Best Mouse For Programming?

beejhuff Re:Wireless? You've already ruled me out (569 comments)

I know I may get blasted by the MS haters that lurk here, but I have to say the MS / Razer Habu I picked up at the local Fry's on sale (1/2 price!) has served me well. It's "technically" a gaming mouse (or that's how they market it, anyway), but I've found it works really well at high resolutions on my dual displays in both Windows XP & Ubuntu. I had to do a little bit of configuration in Ubuntu to map all of my keys, but it has 6 programmable keys, great resolution (1600 DPI) and the programmable keys are in positions (IMHO) that really are useful to me whether I'm fraggin zombies in Left 4 Dead or banging out code in Eclipse / VS.

The one thing that DID bum me out was that the firmware update utility only runs on Windows (or at least it did when I bought it a year or so ago), but I mean, this is a MS product, so I kind of figured that. Once I updated the FW, though, Ubuntu detected it fine, so I'm not complaining too loudly.

It's a wired mouse (I'd hate to think how heavy it would be with enough batteries to get that high of a laser DPI), but it does have a really nice long cord and is pretty ergonomic. YMMV, but that's my 2 cents.

more than 5 years ago

NASA Shows Off Mock-Up of Mars-Capable Spacecraft

beejhuff Re:How many years have they been working on this? (247 comments)

I (for once) RTFA, and from what I gathered, they've developed this module and updated launcher to provide an effective round trip mechanism for Moon expeditions, where they will practice the operations that will be required when a full scale Mars mission is executed (sometime around between 2020-2030). I think the important point is that NASA is realizing that the shuttle is not an effective mission system for the next generation of Moon missions, which are a pre-req for any future Mars missions.

To me, this actually sounds like a sober assessment - and one that is long overdue.

more than 5 years ago

JavaScript: The Good Parts

beejhuff Re:that example is old then (162 comments)

This may not be the end of the world, right? If your create your links as javascript function calls, then there are no standard link click actions on a global level that you have to cancel - just the javascript function call, which you can always catch, and modify the original destination if needed.

Not certain this will work for your particular application, of course, and there may be other drawbacks to using function calls instead of normal href links (Google and other search engines may not crawl your pages properly is one I think of off hand) but it's an option.

I'm also not defending Safari here :) I'm just noting that if your goal is supporting all browsers, that will inevitably limit your design options in some way. Maybe there's another algorithmic track you can pursue that will satisfy your cross browser compatibility requirement?

more than 6 years ago



Mobile Code Talk Google Hangout on Salesforce Platform for Mobile Services

beejhuff beejhuff writes  |  about 2 years ago

beejhuff (186291) writes "DeveloperForce.com hosts Mobile Code Talk Google Hangout on Salesforce Platform for Mobile Services with Sandeep Bhanot, Dave Carroll, and more.

A few days ago, I wrote about Salesforce.com's latest announcement regarding their new Open Source Salesforce Platform for Mobile Services, Mobile Packs, and more. Only two days later the team that put together most of the resources referenced in that post got together online for a Google Hangout and recorded it for YouTube."

Link to Original Source

Salesforce updates Mobile Developer Toolkit offerings

beejhuff beejhuff writes  |  about 2 years ago

beejhuff (186291) writes "...with Salesforce Platform for Mobile Services. It was only last month that I wrote about Salesforce.com & AT&T releasing a new Mobile SDK, the AT&T Toolkit for Salesforce Platform, but nonetheless Salesforce.com is at it again: this time releasing a serious upgrade to the mobile development toolkits available to software developers wishing to create applications that access the Salesforce.com platform."
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