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Serious Security Flaw in MSIE 5.01, 5.5

beelzebubu Re:Inaccurate (444 comments)

In your dreams.

A friend of mine has been able to see some of the source code of M$' products (somertimes, M$ provides small bits of source code to students). According to him, the amount of reused OO-code is nada (z-e-r-o).

Probably only the GUI-toolkit (buttons, boxes, etc), but is that what we really care about for a good OS?

And for anyone yawning about us bashing IE/M$ when new bugs are discovered - far more bugs have been discovered for IE than for, for example, mozilla. Also, outlook is far more buggy than evolution. Although evolution and mozilla are not even final (non-beta) yet! coincidence? I don't think so...

more than 13 years ago


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