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LinkedIn Busted In Wage Theft Investigation

beer_maker I know, anecdotes != data, but here's mine ... (108 comments)

Perhaps you are correct about the value of YOUR union, but in my own experience with two somewhat-non-technical unions (IATS&E, and another national one I won't name) I was treated as a disposable non-entity whose only purpose was the payment of dues, my verbal or written input was not solicited nor heard, and I never even SAW my union "representative" at the jobsite(s). Ever. NOT EVEN ONCE. I'm not bitter about it (much.) To this day I avoid all "Union Shops" because of those two jobs ...

about 6 months ago

Critics Reassess Starship Troopers As a Misunderstood Masterpiece

beer_maker Another good read off the list ... (726 comments)

Supplying War, by van Creveld. Never thought much about logistics before reading it. Finest kind!

about a year ago

Home wireless security level?

beer_maker Re:hidden SSID? MAC filter? Really? (438 comments)

I see your 5 year old advice and raise you the following from only 2 years ago: Turn Off SSID Broadcasting To Hide Your SSID . Time marches on, eh what?!

about a year and a half ago

NSA Recruitment Drive Goes Horribly Wrong

beer_maker What a smarmy p!$$artist of a "journalist" ... (530 comments)

What's your next scoop, attending a recruiting session for ADM and calling their recruiters for the practices of the CEO? Some bottom-level NSA workers get a chance to go to a major university and talk to people they were told wanted to hear about working for the NSA and they get ambushed by you and those toadying up to you. And wasn't it Oh-So-Very-Classy of you, jumping into a session by LYING ABOUT YOUR INTENT so you could call them out for the activities of their bosses. When the recruiters answer your question by pointing out that the Administration (President Obama and his folks, you may recall) sets the agenda for targeting of intelligence collection you played silly word games, ignoring the multi-colored truth for your own black-and-white world view. You are a fine example of the navel-gazing hypocrisy of what-passes-for J-school these days.

TL,DR: You think everybody should be like you, and you are wrong. Grow up, why doncha!

about a year and a half ago

New Study Fails To Show That Violent Video Games Diminish Prosocial Behavior

beer_maker Re:Can we face the fact, People are Social Creatur (113 comments)

That's funny, people say that "surely these violent behaviors you watch MUST have a negative effect" yet every study finds no evidence for the claim. And now the corresponding viewing of "good | prosocial" behaviors ALSO shows no effect. Maybe we all are actually able to differentiate between inputs and choose to or not to model them.

Or to put it another way, "I do not think that behavior does what you think it does ..."

about a year and a half ago

I paid attention to news of the Marathon bomb ...

beer_maker Spoken like a lawyer (317 comments)

I agree that in a court of law that everyone is assumed to be innocent until proven guilty but IRL the person shot and killed evading the cops is looking pretty guilty already, and I expect the trial of his brother is going to produce more evidence than we have seen already. I am willing to wait and see how that shakes out, are you willing to admit the possibility that the dreaded authorities might have caught the right guys?

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Finding an IT Job Without a Computer-Oriented Undergraduate Degree?

beer_maker Agree - got to Grad School with what you have (504 comments)

Anecdotal but true: My wife went to UW-Madison and got her Masters in CS, and of her classmates only 30% reported having an IT undergrad degree. My favorite was the girl with the Forestry degree, who learned in the first 4 years she liked being inside more than she liked being out in the woods ...

more than 2 years ago

WRT to the next major election where I live:

beer_maker If you can't vote FOR a candidate ... (390 comments)

vote against! This may be the best election ever for NoneOfTheAbove. Since both sides are pretty much interchangeable, don't vote for any of them - write in NOTA and vote out the incumbents.

more than 3 years ago

B&N Releases Nook Tablet To Rival Amazon Fire

beer_maker What chokepoint? (183 comments)

Content is content ... get it where ever you want, the Nook is just a device for displaying it. Here's my anecdata: I get most of my videos off the web, converting them to the appropriate format with Handbrake directly onto an SD card which I then stick into the Nook. I get ebooks from a number of sites, reformat them (if necessary) via Calibre, and copy them over the same way. The device never has to connect to B&N or any particular network.

more than 3 years ago

Re: the U.S. 2012 election campaign, I am:

beer_maker Re:It's like watching a train wreck. (462 comments)

Since those top 10% are paying 69.94% of the taxes AND funding business through their capital outlays I'm thinking they ARE paying their share ... unless you think the "poor" are creating and funding new businesses somehow. FWIW, as a desktop support tech I don't make it into those ranks on my own income, but add the wife's income and we do ... and I sure-as-hell don't consider us rich in any significant way. We happen to live in the SF bay area where salaries are high but the cost-of-living keeps our discretionary income at about the same dollar level (and not percentage, either) as when we lived & worked in a MidWest "flyover state".

more than 3 years ago

The Petition to Classify Wikipedia a "World Wonder"

beer_maker Not sure this is a good idea for users ... (311 comments)

If this drive succeeds, don't the maintainers have to lock down the site, preventing any changes? That's how all the other "World Heritage Sites"(tm) are treated, as pretties to be seen and admired. (OTOH, the thought of a final end to the WikiEditWars makes me all warm & happy inside.)

more than 2 years ago

Pakistan Lifts Ban After Facebook Deletes Offending Page

beer_maker Re:This isn't about free speech at all. (677 comments)

BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Wrong answer, sunshine!

The complaint is that people are DRAWING MUHAMMAD at all - they say it's idolatry to depict him. Showing him with a panda rather than involved in gay porn is still idolatry.

Thanks for playing, tho ...

more than 4 years ago

Dune Remake Could Mean 3D Sandworms

beer_maker Woohoo - foreign language pedant points! (589 comments)

On the off chance your sig wasn't just meant to be funny: JUCHE is pronounced "joo-chay" with a slight emphasis on the first syllable, and is most-often translated as "self-reliance". It is used almost exclusively by the DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea AKA North Korea) in reference to the nation - I cannot recall reading an instance where it was used by an individual to refer to himself or his actions on his own behalf.

It goes well beyond the concept of 'dependability' and has a big "In Your Face!" component - it's more along the lines of "screw you guys, we'll do this ourselves, we don't need any of you".

Just my [$0.02US | 23 won], of course ...

more than 4 years ago

Why Counter-Terrorism Is In Shambles

beer_maker Re:Spying on US Citizens & the FISA (370 comments)

No, the FISA requires they get a warrant within 72 hours if they want to keep the intercepted data - it does nothing to prevent gathering it in advance of getting a warrant.
There ARE Directives which govern the activities & practices of SIGINT organizations (see James Bamford's books Body Of Secrets or The Puzzle Palace for details about USSIDs) but those also limit what you can keep and not what you can gather.

about 5 years ago

Whatever Happened To Second Life?

beer_maker I mostly agree, but not about CNN ... (209 comments)

Part of it all I think is the problem CNN has. They don't have enough news to fill 24 hours and I think the web as a whole might not actually have enough content to fill it all.

It's funny, but I can spend all day reading different news sites, covering different countries or disciplines (science/finance/funny_pictures_of_cats today) and yet CNN can't seem to produce more than about 43 minutes of bad summaries of (mostly 1st-) world events. There's NEWS aplenty, but they don't seem to care about sharing the majority of it.

about 5 years ago

When it comes to the Swine Flu, I am ...

beer_maker Deliberately causing panic = The Media (604 comments)

It's not that the speed of transmission is much faster this time, since one of the scariest things about the 'Spanish Flu' was just how quickly it spread. The difference between than and now is that we will SEE it faster, in living color, on our babbleboxes ... look how the media is ALREADY in hyper-freakout(tm)mode. That's gonna be the panic-driver, like it was the economic-depression-driver, the get-Blago-out-of-office-driver (STILL hasn't had his day in court), etc, etc, etc.

more than 5 years ago

US Military Issuing iPod Touches To Soldiers

beer_maker COTS =Cheaper !=Better (323 comments)

I have now been out longer than I was in (the Marines) but I can tell you that using COTS (Common Off The Shelf, or regular consumer-grade) gear is an idea whose time has come many times already. And yes, REI makes some nice stuff that may be better at one facet of the requirements but that nice stuff fails completely at satisfying other requirements.
For example, I have purchased several warm coats over the years, but none came with pockets big enough to carry a grenade much less an MRE, while every coat I was ever issued could do so. I wore the same "Field Jacket" for 10+ years and through numerous deployments, which included crawling under vehicles, carrying & installing & recovering (!) barbed wire a zillion times, etc, and the worst damage it suffered was a torn pocket. I wore my new REI jacket skiing and by the time I got home a seam had split and feathers were poking out through the very fabric.
As to recharging the Touch, as somebody who humped hundreds of pounds of spare batteries over the years, I say YAY! Today's military forces HAVE computers and power outlets, so finding a place to recharge isn't going to be the problem it might have been for Col. Hogan or Rambo.

more than 5 years ago


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