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Dyn.com Ends Free Dynamic DNS

bemymonkey Re:You cancel service? (240 comments)

Meh, it was the same for me. I just switched to one of the many other free services that're just as good... I don't understand why Dyn think that they're going to be able to charge money for what everyone else offers for free :S

about two weeks ago

Should Microsoft Be Required To Extend Support For Windows XP?

bemymonkey Re:Microsoft still provide support for Windows XP (645 comments)

But why wouldn't Microsoft release security updates for XP if they're going to developing them anyway? Hell, I know some people who'd probably be willing to pay $100 a year (privately) to not have to go through the motions of upgrading to Win7.

about two weeks ago

VLC Finally Launches App For Windows 8

bemymonkey Re:Apps (170 comments)

While I agree with you in theory, this is not the case - mainly because Win8 "apps" suck. The only really usable app is (ironically) Internet Explorer... for non-work stuff (I use my Win8 tablet for things like note-taking with the digitizer and OneNote), I'd take Android any day. The apps are just better through and through :(

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: What Games Are You Playing?

bemymonkey Re:Darksiders II, Skyrim and CS 1.6 (yes even in 2 (669 comments)

Have they finally implemented a matchmaking system for 1.6? I've finally gotten back into CS since they released competitive matchmaking for *gasp* CSGO, and I've been having a blast. 1.6 with matchmaking would be even better...

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Options For Ongoing Education?

bemymonkey Re:Don't go to school for languages... (149 comments)

All that Fourier transform stuff is more of an EE thing... I just took the exam (theory of signals, I think it would be called in English) here in Germany and it was freakin brutal.

Getting a small taste of the subject in an elective would have been preferable ;)

about 2 months ago

GPUs Dropping Dead In 2011 MacBook Pro Models

bemymonkey Re:Warranty Shouldn't Matter (359 comments)

Why do you people keep buying laptops with tiny cooling systems and dedicated graphics cards with dozens of Watts of TDP? I stopped buying those damned things years ago and haven't had to replace a machine since then.

Reliable onboard Intel graphics > Hot-headed dedicated graphics

Graphically intensive work (and gaming) should be done on desktops.

about 3 months ago

4K Is For Programmers

bemymonkey Re:Why not just multiple monitors. (520 comments)

Power consumption is an issue on many graphics cards. If you use a dedicated mid to highend card, there's a big chance that its power consumption jumps dramatically when you connect more than one monitor...

about 3 months ago

4K Is For Programmers

bemymonkey Re:where do I sign? (520 comments)

My low end ATI card from about a year ago will do so just fine. It's not that big of an issue...

about 3 months ago

62% of 16 To 24-Year-Olds Prefer Printed Books Over eBooks

bemymonkey Re:Anecdote, data, and all that, but... (331 comments)

A good backlit screen, set to the proper brightness and contrast levels, should not be visibly "backlit"! If it is, your screen is too bright and you will strain your eyes.

This is the main issue right here with using backlit devices for reading - most people (including many here on Slashdot) have no idea how to use them properly.

In a normally lit room, my monitors and other LCDs look like a piece of printed paper (provided they're displaying black text on a white background, of course), because that's the way I like it. No eyestrain whatsoever :)

about 5 months ago

Microsoft May Finally Put Windows RT Out To Pasture

bemymonkey Re:Branding matters, both for consumers and for (293 comments)

So... you've never used a laptop? Subnotebook? Ultrabook? *Gasp* Netbook? Pretty mobile in my book. Of course Windows is mobile.

And for certain use cases, full-blown Windows on a tablet is actually pretty good. OneNote, PDF Annotator... a Windows based tablet with an active digitizer is pretty much the perfect delivery vehicle for these applications.

about 5 months ago

Microsoft May Finally Put Windows RT Out To Pasture

bemymonkey Re:Shooting Itself in the Foot (293 comments)

To be fair though, WinRT more than deserves to be killed off. Why go for ARM "Windows" when the Atom based Win8 tablets are just as fast, have the same stellar battery life and offer a superset of WinRT's functionality? If you don't like desktop apps, just don't use them...

about 5 months ago

Driver Arrested In Ohio For Secret Car Compartment Full of Nothing

bemymonkey Re:Not the only state with this law (670 comments)

"Then again, we have another law that lets women go topless on hot days."

You neglected to mention where you live, and whether the girls are hot to go with the days... :)

about 5 months ago

Only 25% of Yahoo Staff "Eat Their Own Dog Food"

bemymonkey Re:Wagging the dog. (292 comments)

" Calendering and scheduling is in transition as it is disappearing as a PC or notebook program and shifting to being a smartphone only program, for obvious reasons. "

Is this why smartphone calendar apps still can't set repeat patterns more complex than X weekdays every week? Take Google Calendar, for instance - the Android version only allows about a quarter of the repeat patterns available in the online version.

Yes, the smartphone is increasingly important for calendar use, but any time you're entering a whole bunch of data at once, you're not going to want to do it on your smartphone...

about 5 months ago

Google Nexus Gets Wireless Charger

bemymonkey Re:The distinction is minor (223 comments)

Do you use your phone before going to sleep? Connecting it to a loose charger cable on the nightstand in the semi-dark while I'm half asleep from the eBook I was just reading on the phone is pretty much a nightmare. I can't wait to get a phone that supports Qi charging...

about 5 months ago

Not All USB Power Is Created Equal

bemymonkey Re:Don't really see the market (240 comments)

Your Nexus 7 has runaway background processes. Otherwise there's no way it draws more than 500mA in standby - it would be empty after just a few hours. Check your battery stats to find the culprit...

My girlfriend's Nexus 7 charges just fine off of good old 500mA USB2.0 ports when it's in standby...

about 5 months ago

CyanogenMod Windows-Based Installer Released, With Supporting Android App

bemymonkey Re:why be douchey about the latest shiny? (74 comments)

Not sure if they've ever managed to get nightlies running on the new Nexus two weeks after its release, but they've always pretty much dropped everything to flock to the newest device as soon as it was available.

about 5 months ago

GIMP, Citing Ad Policies, Moves to FTP Rather Than SourceForge Downloads

bemymonkey Re:who cares (336 comments)

Who the fuck still prints? :D

about 5 months ago

Intel Open-Sources Broadwell GPU Driver & Indicates Major Silicon Changes

bemymonkey Re:Meh (103 comments)

I wouldn't be surprised if compositing on 4K@60FPS works just fine already, provided the machine has display outputs that support the resolution and refresh rate. 2560x1600 via DisplayPort, for instance, was already available on Core2Duo laptops with 4500MHD graphics (that's... 4 generations before Haswell)...

Looks like even Ivy Bridge's HD4000 supports 4K: http://ultrabooknews.com/2012/10/31/new-intel-hd-3000-and-hd-4000-drivers-support-for-windows-8-4k-ultra-hd-opengl-4-0-and-more/

about 5 months ago

Surface Pro 2 Gets Significant Battery Boost

bemymonkey Re:Anybody else seeing horrible stylus performance (157 comments)

Corner drift is perfectly fine and normal - I was referring to the center of the display. Guess the display unit they gave me was off then... No matter though, damned thing's too heavy for me anyway - I'd kill to have that display in my Samsung 500T though (or at least that resolution). No need for active cooling or an i5, but higher screen resolution than 1366x768 without sacrificing the 10+ hour battery life would be a dream come true...

about 5 months ago

Surface Pro 2 Gets Significant Battery Boost

bemymonkey Anybody else seeing horrible stylus performance? (157 comments)

I was able to try out a Surface Pro 2 for a few hours yesterday, and I was unable to get the digitizer anywhere near as accurate as my X Series Thinkpad convertible tablet or my Samsung 500T (Atom based Win8.1 tablet with a WACOM digitizer) - even after multiple calibrations, the SP2 was always at least 0.5 cm off, compared to 0.1 mm on the other devices.

Was the unit broken or is this a widespread issue? The first Surface Pro was supposed to have much better digitizer accuracy than the X series tablets, so I'm a bit confused...

about 5 months ago


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