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SCO Group Files For Chapter 7

bender183 Re:good riddance (190 comments)

ha! good riddance is _exactly_ what I said when I read the headline of this story. I guess they ran out of money to pay lawyers. What a shame.

more than 2 years ago

Anonymous Releases Restricted NATO Document

bender183 Anonymous = bs (187 comments)

Ok seriously.....they aren't releasing all the documents because it would be irresponsible? Do those words sounds like the words of a suicide hacker to you? Or the words of a badly trained actor pretending to be a suicide hacker? Only a suicide hacker would go after the US government. I have read the laws pertaining to internet hacking for the US (Or as much as I could since it was written in some strange form of english called legaleeze) And the laws are so extreme that you could go to jail for even pinging a US government server. Does anyone else see the rather large gaps in logic here?

more than 3 years ago

Anonymous Hack One Gigabyte of Data From NATO

bender183 problem/reaction/solution (304 comments)

i dont buy for a second anonymous is legit at all, this is a CIA front creating problems to garner a reaction from the public so legislation can be passed to further restrict internet usage. I can smell scams like this @ this point in my life from a mile away. And I know alot of people who share my opinion. You cant fool all the people all the time you fucks. As an american citizen the constitution gives us the right to revolution in the case which the government becomes corrupt. Never forget that, and question everything.

more than 3 years ago

SEC Blames Computer Algorithm For 'Flash Crash'

bender183 Re:So... (218 comments)

because people like you and I havent cared enough to fix it yet.

more than 4 years ago

NSA Chief Wants Internet Partitioned For Government, 'Critical' Industries

bender183 the reality (258 comments)

The NSA wants to create the worlds largest honeypot.

more than 4 years ago

USPTO Lets Amazon Patent the "Social Networking System"

bender183 lolwut (265 comments)

What exactly does this mean for the social networking giants like facebook? Are they going to have to pay royalty fees to amazon now every time someone writes on ur wall? This is a really bizarre patent issuance.

more than 4 years ago

Oracle Drops Sun's Commitment To Accessibility

bender183 oracle = evil? who knew (220 comments)

Come on, srsly. You had to know oracle was going to pull something like this. They don't care about people, they care about $$$. That's the bottom line. Period.

more than 4 years ago

How Best Buy Tried To Whip The Geek Squad Into Shape

bender183 sad, but not surprising (476 comments)

The story told by the geek squad supervisor is a sad an unfortunate one. However, (im sure you could see that "but" coming ;) what do you expect from a company who holds interviews for potential employees through a human voice translator? I know this because a couple of years ago while i was in college (circa 2003) I needed a job and someone told me best buy was hiring, while apprehensive, I went for it anyway. It turns out the interview was conducted over the phone via a human like operator, and if you pressed a wrong key you would fail the interview. I was told this ahead of time and of course I still did it, and it cost me getting the job. How could of made that mistake even though I was told ahead of time? No idea, maybe it was fate intervening. I'm a nix admin now 4 years out of college, not making bank, but doing ok, and I gotta say I'm happy that i pressed the wrong key that day. I'm glad i never worked for the technology sector's wallmart. It also makes you wonder how many future managers or talented employees they have lost due to someone getting a case of fat fingers during those "phone interviews". My advice to this poor supervisor; absorb the harsh lesson laid upon you. You didn't do anything wrong, but dude, its best buy, just avoid them in any way you can in the future, they don't deserve anyone's business or career.

There were three Geek Squad members fired from my store including myself. The first two were fired for burning a non-copyrighted CD for another employee on a non company issued blank CD-R. I admitted in my interrogation that I was aware of this, and that I stopped these events after that occurrence. I was fired for being aware of this non copyrighted CD being copied. To quote, I did not provide the proper example of leadership. Keep in my mind I removed over 100 illegal tools and pirated discs upon my arrival as supervisor, as well as some remnants of an internal porn scandal

more than 7 years ago


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