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AMD Athlon XP 2000+ Review 6 Weeks Before Release

benevolent_spork 99 Morally Bankrupt Sand Bunnies On the Wall ... (175 comments)

99 Towel Heads Up On The Wall ...
99 Sheep fucking twits,
You shoot one down,
You kick it around,
98 Rag Heads left on the Wall.

98 Cumlicking Chickenshits on the Wall,
98 Camel sucking penis stuffers,
You shoot one down,
You kick it around,
97 slimy turds left on the wall.

97 Raghead Swine on the wall,
97 Shit Encrusted pukes,
You shoot one down,
You kick it around,
96 flea harbors left on the wall.

96 Moronic idol polishers on the wall,
96 pink skirted sphincter tasters,
You shoot one down,
You kick it around,
95 pillow biters left on the wall.

95 pustuled penis suckers on the wall,
95 festering maggots,
You shoot one down,
You kick it around,
94 brainwashed puddle scum left on the wall.

more than 12 years ago


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