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Do Non-Technical Managers Add Value?

benmk Abstraction layer (249 comments)

A non-technical manager can add value by serving as an abstraction layer that encapsulates non-technical stuff (such as budgeting, marketing, and political tackling) and interfaces between technical and non-technical groups. This requires leaving the technical stuff to the right people, which may lead to a technical guru as second-in-command. The biggest challenge to a non-technical manager is long-term planning! After all, how can you see ahead when you cannot fully understand the current picture? The manager of a technical unit must have technical knowledge at least on overview level of enterprise architecture...

about 3 months ago

Home wireless security level?

benmk Riding on the neighbors (438 comments)

It's no fun when the neighbors don't provide free wireless. Where is the goodness in people? If you are using WPA/WPA2, you better off hiding the SSID too, otherwise you are just showing off.

about 8 months ago

The Rising Power of Developers

benmk Re:Pat on the back (122 comments)

So, no need to watch the news at 11 anymore. Well then, just do some coding...

about 8 months ago

The Rising Power of Developers

benmk Behind the throne (122 comments)

"and others recently got together in San Francisco". So, others are still behind the throne, like always... Isn't it nice to play puppet master? Ninja in the shadows? Plus, a good developer's name just come out if he (maybe she!?) screwed up big time (definitely she!!).

about 8 months ago

How Did You Learn How To Program?

benmk From Pascal... (623 comments)

College: Turbo Pascal -> Java -> C/C++ -> Python , Haskell, FP, LISP, Prolog -> Objective-C -> C# -> ... Work: JavaScript, PHP, SQL -> ... -> SAP ABAP

about a year ago

Salt Linked To Autoimmune Diseases

benmk Just average everything!?! (308 comments)

The rule of thumb is to simply avoid lack or excess of any thing! Maybe an ideal life is based on average...

about a year ago


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