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Tesla's Elon Musk Talks With Google About Self-Driving Cars

bergeron76 Camera's have more problems than Lidar (199 comments)

While cameras may be more cost effective than Lidar, they have problems that lidar doesn't. For example, what does the camera sensor do when it's under direct sunlight and can't make sense of what it's seeing? What about rain / fog? I have a feeling google is has the right idea here.

about a year and a half ago

Source Code of Several Atari 7800 Games Released

bergeron76 Great news! (153 comments)

This is great news! I've almost finished building my MAME cabinet. I wonder how this will allow the Roms of those games to be released freely.

Kudos to Atari license holders for releasing this.

more than 5 years ago

Hallowe'en means to me primarily ...

bergeron76 Re:Handing out Candy to Trick or Treaters (658 comments)

I'm handing out condoms (interspersed with candy).

The little shits are getting preggers at like 12 these days. Maybe if they find a condom in their bag, mommy and daddy will have to have a little talk about safe sex.

(I'm just kidding?)

more than 6 years ago

Why are oil prices dropping?

bergeron76 Re:Speculation FTW (588 comments)

If they are on welfare, how do they afford a 50" plasma TV and an XBox?

That's not a sustainable scam and it won't last.

If they are on welfare, they are likely renting those items. If so, their creditors will come knocking. If they don't pay up ASAP, the creditors will put a lien on their house, garnish their wages (if they have any) and seize their bank account.

They may be burning "bright" today, but if they aren't doing it legitimately, it won't last long.

In America, they'll pay the piper.

The beauty of America is that hard work is rewarded. The scoundrels, liars and thieves are always caught.

I'm more worried about the unregulated Republican Thieves in DC than about your neighbor that is [briefly] cheating the system.

more than 6 years ago

With regard to the U.S. financial crisis, I'm mostly ...

bergeron76 Re:Missing option (729 comments)

In 2005, George Bush and John McCain supporter Rick Davis began a campaign to "Promote Homeownership for Every American".

It was called the "Housing Bubble" and it happened under Republicans. You may have heard about it back then, but these days, it's known as toxic-paper. Poor loans that are backed by sketchy properties.

You reek of a typical Republican: You're blaming Democratic Clinton for this Republican BushCo mess.

"but, but, but, It's Clinton's fault."


more than 6 years ago


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