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Elon Musk: We Must Put a Million People On Mars To Safeguard Humanity

biek Politics (549 comments)

If you thought international politics was fun, wait until we get a whole new planet in the mix.

about three weeks ago

NSA Collects 200 Million Text Messages Per Day

biek Re:Yes. (287 comments)

'sides, everyone knows the NSA uses Mongo.

Send a candygram and they're done for.

about 9 months ago

Using Nanotechnology To Build Thinner, Stronger Condoms

biek Re:Summary (253 comments)

Condom nanotubes

about 9 months ago

Unintended Consequences: How NSA Revelations May Lead To Even More Surveillance

biek Re:Does it matter (207 comments)

This is no time to haarp about conspiracy theories

about 10 months ago

Unintended Consequences: How NSA Revelations May Lead To Even More Surveillance

biek Re:Maybe Usless (207 comments)

The isolated psycopath or sociopath may be the ultimate threat to national security.

They're not, though. While capable of doing horrible things they are a local threat at best. Nothing they do will have national effects beyond "This thing happened so I, a politician, will sign this legislation that saves my face"

about 10 months ago

NSA Head Asks How To Spy Without Collecting Metadata

biek Re:How about warrants with probable cause? (509 comments)

The NSA's job is to spy on the rest of the world, but leave the US citizens alone. This guy seems unable to accept that one little limit in their charter.

I was under the impression they actually were playing by these rules, but exploiting the loophole of "Hey, THOSE countries are the ones doing the collection of data on US citizens. It just so happened we also had interesting information on their population so we decided to trade."

about 10 months ago

Obama Praises NSA But Promises To Rein It In

biek Re:Next time.. (306 comments)

The fact we haven't had another major terrorist attack in over a decade is notable.

Not really, they didn't happen that frequently to begin with.

about 10 months ago

NSA Planned To Discredit Radicals Based On Web-Browsing Habits

biek Re:For Fsck's Sake RTFA (415 comments)

I don't think the the NSA has enough disk space (or interest) to collect the porn of the average American.

No, just the metadata about every session.

about a year ago

"451" Error Will Tell Users When Governments Are Blocking Websites

biek Re:This may work........ (255 comments)

404a - Page does not exist. This error never happened.

about a year ago

Surveillance Story Turns Into a Warning About Employer Monitoring

biek Re:Devices which have only one purpose (382 comments)

Its not like one would run around the woods with a pressure cooker bomb to hunt deer or a car bomb as a party favorite.

Someone doesn't know any rednecks

about a year ago

Wrong Fuel Chokes Presidential Limo

biek Re:Um... (612 comments)

Okay, you get funny points, but in case anyone takes you seriously, automatic transmissions pretty much became the norm in the U.S. in the 1950s and from your list only eating and sleeping were available in the car.

Don't forget drinking!

about a year ago

Would You Put a Tracking Device On Your Child?

biek Re:What? (610 comments)

Only a truely evil human being would bring a child into this world as it is today.

~Said pretty much anyone at any point in history

about 2 years ago

White House Pulls Down TSA Petition

biek Re:Two can play at this game (638 comments)

How could it possibly get WORSE?!? We're at the bottom now with reference to the leadership of this country.

You know you're spoiled when you're saying this in America. We still have a looooooong way to go before we hit rock bottom.

more than 2 years ago

Verizon Claims Net Neutrality Violates Their Free Speech Rights

biek Re:You're a company (430 comments)

If you follow Romney's logic, you don't even need to pull the jail card. Think about this scenario:

Oh my God, all those groceries I bought and ate were PEOPLE D:

more than 2 years ago


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