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Cutting Steel With Flaming Bacon Weapons

big tex Re:also known as (73 comments)

Entirely correct.

However, since it's a lance, not a torch, he's substituting the magnesium rods for bacon.

more than 5 years ago

Ratio of IT Department Workers To Overall Employees?

big tex Re:That's a lot o' IT (385 comments)

That's near the ratio our company has.
We're a construction company, bridges, highways, tunnels, that stuff.
about 6,000 staff (engineers, superintendents, support services) and 16,000 craft (men with hammers).
There's about 15 regional IT guys, and about 15 in the home office, since everything is run centrally.
That's 1:300 on the engineering and support services, but 1:730 on the whole.
25:15000 (1:600) doesn't seem bad on the whole.

more than 5 years ago


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