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Helping IT Save Money ... and Jobs?

bigmoosie No more upgrades. (606 comments)

Slow down your hardware/software upgrade cycle. Hire some interns, you don't need to pay them. And make lots of images. If a manager has a problem with his machine, re-image. It will be his responsibility to do a backup of his data. If not, he's not doing his job. Reduce the speed of your pipe. If you have a T-3, goto a T-1, that will reduduce your budget a ton. Use an add blocking proxy such as proximitron(spelling). Use mozilla Firefox. 95% of the web sites I visit work perfectly under Firefox. There are some exceptions, notably microsoft. The more adds and popups you can prevent from being sent down your line the better. All those images that come in popups, those are bandwith being wasted.


more than 9 years ago


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