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New Solution For Your Transistor BBQ

bigtallguy i wonder (191 comments)

when will they start using humans hair in the hopes that it will better our computers?

more than 10 years ago


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Video Games

bigtallguy bigtallguy writes  |  more than 10 years ago I don't know what is going on with people today, but once again the newspapers are writing about how video games are responsible for the downfall of our world, the corruption of today's youth and everything from bad teeth to ingrown toenails. It is odd because people once again miss the fact that people who go on violent rampages don't all play violent games, they can be teachers, doctors, and mailmen. They run the gambit from old to young, big to small, focusing on one part of our ever expanding society is short sited. People have to start looking into themselves to see the flaws, not blame other people. The people who are gamers that snap are being influenced not just in video games but in every part of our society from movies to news broadcasts, from the school yard bully to the war in Iraq. There is so much input in our every increasing population at is the smallest incident half way across the world we hear about in ten minutes, this input is more damaging to some people and influences them more than others. Its wrong to point a finger at one part of a whole and say it's your fault, that is like saying the one cell in a tumor is the cause. We need to explain to our kids that what they are playing is not real life, teach them were to draw the line, talk to them and show them that it is not proper behavior, when we see a problem deal with it then, not wait and see if it gets better.

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