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Cuban v. EFF lawyer on YouTube, DMCA

bigwavejas Message to Cuban: Learn from history (107 comments)

The same damn thing happened when people started sharing music over the internet... you can't stop technology, but you can adapt like many successful companies have. Now stop bitching and crying about it and find a solution!

more than 7 years ago


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bigwavejas bigwavejas writes  |  more than 9 years ago The Register today ran an article titled, "'China has f*cked us' - Bill Gates" "Microsoft's internal politics - the slipping roadmaps, the meetings about meetings about meetings, and the lack of even a coherent medium-term strategy - are more than just a tech industry soap opera. They're a source of amusement for the Chinese Government, a departing Microsoft exec has alleged." We've got a real-life comedy going on here between Google and Microsoft. One of the memorable quotes from the article reads, "According to another Google defector, Ballmer had broke a chair and vowed to "fucking kill Google".

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