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Is Germany Raising a Generation of Illiterates?

billyswong Lucky that it's immune to Chinese (431 comments)

Hong Kong has its own language education problems but Chinese learning won't be infected by this sort of silly stuff - Chinese writings are mostly pronunciation-neutral.

about a week ago

How Cochlear Implants Are Being Blamed For Killing Deaf Culture

billyswong Cochlear implants don't work for everyone (509 comments)

Not everyone's issue can be saved by cochlear implants. So deaf culture won't go extinct that easily.

On the other hand, cochlear implants are not perfect. People wearing it don't hear human-speaking as well as normal people. This is a more pressing issue - deaves are stuck in a bad expectations.

about two weeks ago

Daylight Saving Time ...

billyswong Re:Time to lose Daylight Savings Time (310 comments)

Men, change your schedule, change your office hour, change whatever you like, but don't change the clock okay?

Since Daylight Saving Time is decided by the government, the government can also change its office hour twice a year instead. Then other corporations will follow suit and things will work out in a way much much better.

about a month ago

Report: Space Elevators Are Feasible

billyswong Rockets won't be loved at (374 comments)

How else are you to land and/or launch from a new planet/moon? We still need rockets. Unless stargate

about 2 months ago

EA Caves: SimCity Offline Mode Coming

billyswong Re:Ya that is near as big a problem (198 comments)

You don't know what's path finding, period. We are talking about the route a car is taking or planning to take. It should be calculated only once per road-change/serious-traffic-jam for each driver.

about 3 months ago

Physicist Peter Higgs: No University Would Employ Me Today

billyswong Re:citation quotient (308 comments)

1. Supposingly peer review should block such kind of "trivial paper".

2. The formula can be adjusted to (a+1)/(b+1) or something similar. Then the initial score will be (0+1)/(3+1)=1/4, while the traded score will be 11/14

Or maybe even harsher, weigh others' cites against how many citations are there. if a paper cites me, but also cite 49 other papers, then that cite only gives me 1/50 score.

about 4 months ago

Physicist Peter Higgs: No University Would Employ Me Today

billyswong citation quotient (308 comments)

How about this:

A paper cites others. Others cite the paper.The number of a paper being cited will be divided by the number of cites in the paper. The quotient will be what counts.

Now no points in cite trading.

about 4 months ago

How To Turn Your Pile of Code Into an Open Source Project

billyswong Approachable download for the way! (176 comments)

Create a proper tarball (.tar.gz) that is easily downloadable by anyone.

Finally someone mentioned that. Git repositories asks users install extra software before even trying your code. Hate it a lot.

about 7 months ago

If I could augment my senses (w/ implant or similar) ...

billyswong Re:Breaking it down... (456 comments)

But the poll is talking of "wider range of sound". It has nothing to do with the usual sense of "better hearing".

1 year,30 days

If I could augment my senses (w/ implant or similar) ...

billyswong Re:A wider color spectrum... (456 comments)

People can fall asleep under Sun, with sunlight shining through the eyelids. So your worry is not an issue

1 year,30 days

Gnome Founder Miguel de Icaza Moves To Mac

billyswong Incompatibilities across ver. of the same distro (815 comments)

So true. Seeing Gnome and Ubuntu sink is very depressing. If you want to break compatibilities for the sake of change, fork it. Don't mess up the original.

about a year ago

Smartphone Screen Real Estate: How Big Is Big Enough?

billyswong Re:Fit in my pocket (320 comments)

So true.

about a year ago

Smartphone Screen Real Estate: How Big Is Big Enough?

billyswong Phone is for talking (320 comments)

The number ONE question should have been:

Can you comfortably phone someone or receive phone call without resorting to earplug?

about a year ago

Open Source ExFAT File System Reaches 1.0 Status

billyswong Re:The wrong way around (151 comments)

How about when you are not admin? Installing software, especially drivers, are not always appropriate or even possible.

about a year ago

Intel Demos Optical Data Transfer For Servers

billyswong Re:but (71 comments)

Pushing bits in a more packing way is of course important, but latency matters too. Optical circuits are more responsive.

about a year ago

Astronauts Could Get Lazier As Mars Mission Progresses

billyswong Nothing to do in the middle of trip? (145 comments)

Give them meaningful works that could only be done on space. Else boredom kills.

about a year ago

What 'Negative Temperature' Really Means

billyswong Re:Uhhhh (204 comments)

You don't expect non-Physicists know what is "Maxwell–Boltzmann distribution", do you?

about a year ago

USMA: Going the Extra Kilometer For Metrication

billyswong Temperature (909 comments)

Personally I found degree F annoying. Change that first!

For length and weight measurement, at least I can multiply it a fixed ratio to convert, which is within the capacity of mental calculation/estimation when done often. However, degree F conversion to degree C is a nightmare. 32F for water melting point? 212F for water boiling point? This is crazy! In all other places on Earth, we have 0C for water melting point and 100C for water boiling point. Simple :)

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Android Apps For Kids Under 12 Months?

billyswong No Electronic Gadgets for below 3 (311 comments)

There should be nothing, nothing with screen given to children below 3 years old. They are harmful to one's attention span and concentration ability. If you let any baby/toddlers access them, you've just brain damaged the children.

about a year ago


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