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FreeBSD Throws the Clang/LLVM Switch: Future Releases Use LLVM

blackcat++ GNU's not Unix (360 comments)

It looks like GNU really isn't Unix anymore...

about 2 years ago

OS X Notifier App Growl Goes Closed Source

blackcat++ Re:I'm the Project Lead for Growl (270 comments)

3) This guy was banned for only a month because he was responding in a very hostile way. He was told he would be unbanned at that point. However, he seems just like an angry individual in general, and I hope he gets counseling or something in order to help with anger management issues. He was not banned because he forked Growl, I think that's kind of neat actually and the point of being open source. He was being a poisonous person, and was removed as such. I will not discuss this any further, but wanted to address this here.

I'm sure you have no desire to discuss it any further, since it would shed a very unfavorable light on you. Still, I'd like you to point me to one (only one) angry/hostile post by this user. Because to me you seem to be the angry one, see

about 3 years ago

Kernel Modules that Lie About Their Licenses

blackcat++ Re:But why? (587 comments)

LinuxAnt have responded.

more than 10 years ago


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