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Profanity-Laced Academic Paper Exposes Scam Journal

blackest_k Re: Predatory? (134 comments)

London Borough of Haringey ?


might be of interest to you, Obviously I don't know about the case you bring up I can believe that the children and parents were shown to be related by DNA although it doesn't mean that automatically disqualifies the child sex trafficking charge.

You might think that there should be some existing evidence to backup the presumed intent. If the parents were not criminally charged and convicted then it would make the councils grounds for their actions very shakey.

You seem convinced that the case was groundless and I wish you luck in persuing the matter, maybe there is some chance of involving the investigation of Harringey social services in your case. Its going to be tough for them to be fair especially after the death of a 17 month old child where they didn't do enough after which there must have been an attitude change and a desire to not make any more mistakes.

good luck with it, I hope it ends well.

On the positive side those children in care should be safe and fostered and adopted into happy homes, it is there well being that matters above all else.

3 days ago

Profanity-Laced Academic Paper Exposes Scam Journal

blackest_k Re: Predatory? (134 comments)

It is a fair point that generally kids are taken in to care due to unfit parents, but that is not the purpose of the paper is it?

The UK signed the Convention in 1964. Signatories have the following duty, without exception, under Article 37 (b) of the Vienna Convention of Consular Relations 1963: Article 37 (b):
âoeIf the relevant information is available to the competent authorities of the receiving State, such authorities shall have the duty:

  to inform the competent consular post without delay of any case where the appointment of a guardian or trustee appears to be in the interests of a minor or other person lacking full capacity who is a national of the sending State.â

Thats pretty clear, if you take a kid into care you are obligated to inform the consol for that childs country that you are doing so. The Consol may or may not intervine but they should be informed.

while you do get circumstances where parents are unfit, there are also cases where familys have been made homeless after losing jobs and having no recourse to public funds have ended up on the streets and the kids have been taken in to care.

Consul assistance could be quite essential to the outcome of such cases even if it is limited to informing family back home or enabling assistance from ex pats within communities in the UK. From providing some sort of housing maybe even the use of a spare room or help returning home. It depends on the case and the nationality and circumstances as to what can be done.

While some consuls will not lift a finger to help while others will but without being informed they can do nothing
at all and the UK has obligations under the Vienna Convention of Consular Relations 1963.

Going by the numbers of children affected this report should be noted and acted upon.


4 days ago

Longtime Debian Developer Tollef Fog Heen Resigns From Systemd Maintainer Team

blackest_k Re:Not resigning from Debian (550 comments)

If anything even close to a majority opposing systemd existed then maintaining sysv absolutely is viable.

it was said by the very same dev that just resigned

The vote ends with systemd being the winner, after bdale's casting vote as the CTTE chair.

how is that not close to a majority when the chair (and main proponent of systemD) was forced to use his casting vote to get a ruling in systemd 's favour? From where i'm sat that looks like forced through .

perhaps someone will explain how it wasn't forced through on a single vote(r)

about two weeks ago

Days After Shooting, Canada Proposes New Restrictions On and Offline

blackest_k Re:Formatting. (308 comments)

Surprisingly good, thou its worth bearing in mind he is using the same techniques as the people who he says are telling us how to think but to push back in th opposite direction.

He does come out with some really stupid stuff like don't vote as a revolt against the system, which really means be apathetic and just be a sheep. It doesn't matter how many protests you participate in, the only way to change things is to change the people who are doing the things you don't like.

Politics is largely sterile partys have a rock solid majority on most of them. In the UK the lowest majority was held by 92 votes, just 93 people getting of their backsides and voting would have been enough to change that seat. Of the 50 most marginal seats less than 200,000 people could change the government of the day by voting in the right seats around half have less than a 2000 vote majority.
Of course without PR its a case of voting for the lesser evil however when your vote is crucial there is a slim chance of change. No chance at all if you don't vote.

about a month ago

If You're Connected, Apple Collects Your Data

blackest_k Re:Doesn't look like much (313 comments)

As long as Apple is not then storing that randomMailHost.com is associated with a particular user - then there's no issue at all.

As a NSA agent for example. it wouldnt be useful to check with apple all the internet searches person of interest has conducted and while it might be disapointing that apple does not have his email on file and contacts they do at least know his email account with another provider and may be able to give login credentials for that service even if its outside of us juristiction.

sounds paranoid until you consider what edward snowden has said already.

about a month ago

In UK, Internet Trolls Could Face Two Years In Jail

blackest_k well how would you like it if... (489 comments)

no reread it

Grayling cited the case of Chloe Madeley, the daughter of television presenters Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, who was trolled after she defended her motherâ(TM)s remarks about the convicted rapist Ched Evans.

Finnigan said Evans, who was released from prison last week after serving half of a five-year sentence for raping a 19-year-old woman, should be allowed to resume his career as a footballer because his rape had not been violent and he had not caused âoeany bodily harmâ. Chloe Madeley faced rape threats on social media after she defended her motherâ(TM)s remarks.

So basically her mother said it wasn't a bad rape as rapes go
So Chloe supported her mother (supporting the convicted rapist)
so then some "troll" says so would you like it if you were raped, nonviolently and without bodily harm? in reply to her tweets.

Obviously in 142 charactors or less, it becomes necessary to reduce the tweet to the bare minimum.

So we have the strange situation of an actual rapist serving 2 and a half years in prison for rape and a troll suggesting Chloe put herself in the victims shoes for a minute possibly serving 2 years for a hypothetical rape! I guess chloe and her mother will be all in favour of the troll returning to his former employment too.

At the heart of this is a real woman who was raped, she is the genuine victim. Not the minor celebs who wish to gossip about her rape over morning coffee on daytime tv, such as chloe's mother.

about a month ago

If You're Connected, Apple Collects Your Data

blackest_k Re:If you want results from the web (313 comments)

um no.
you didn't read the link the string was sent to duck duck go and also sent to apple there is no need for the search string to go to both.

if the user was using apple to search then of course the search string should go to apple but if its sent to google then it shouldn't go to apple as well.

about a month ago

If You're Connected, Apple Collects Your Data

blackest_k no, its not good thou (313 comments)

Seems Apples picking up searches from safari, even when told not too.
microsoft decided to log all your key strokes. Both experiences are negative but the later situation seems worse although niether are acceptable why should safari be sending "where to bury the body" back to apple, perhaps they have been "asked" for this information.

about a month ago

The Correct Response To Photo Hack Victim-Blamers

blackest_k double standards (622 comments)

it's a strange society we live in, we generally have no objections to looking at nudity but then we are embarassed to be photographed nude ourselves. we seem to have this world wide morality police saying its a terrible thing to be seen naked. The naked selfie makers seem to be comfortable with being seen naked at least by a limited audience but lose their confidence when the audience is not as restricted as intended.

From googling i see one of the people who's images got published to the world is the blue woman in X-men. Judging by the publicity shots from x-men i have a reasonable imagination as to how she would look naked. To be fair we can probably take a fair guess at what anyone looks like naked we don't need nude photographs.

Society evolves slowly in victorian times barely any nudity was acceptable, yet for many years women have been sunbathing topless on beaches in the south of france. The USA i guess has its morality police set at somewhere inbetween. I guess it'll take a few more years before society is relaxed enough to be accepting of most nudity.

As for the blue one she looks great now ,in 30 years she will not be looking so great and after 60 well we all age don't we. I can sympathise with these people as most people do not have nude images of themselves publically available would it help if we all had naked selfies on the net, after all it might break down a few more hangups both our own and other peoples.

about a month and a half ago

NVIDIA Presents Plans To Support Mir and Wayland On Linux

blackest_k Re:Hopefully the Steambox will Help (80 comments)

Got some old tulip cards which don't have drivers for current versions of linux, but there is no driver for windows 7 either. They are only 10/100 anyway. Some of the old systems have the integrated nic fail and a card keeps them useful a little while longer. PSU failure is the main issue as the fans fail and then cook themselves.

about a month and a half ago

Adobe Spies On Users' eBook Libraries

blackest_k Re:Outrage burnout (150 comments)

Go on do it pick a pdf that has anything more complicated than a single column of text and try to convert it to epub. Try and make sentences flow correctly try a few lists for fun and any table you like. after wasting half a day or more trying to wrestle it into submission. find an interesting web page and convert it into epub don't spend more than 15 minutes with it. Compare and contrast with the still some what messed up pdf version.

Once you have done this you will hate pdf because its really not that portable it really is designed as an end format Epub is just so much nicer.

about a month and a half ago

Adobe Spies On Users' eBook Libraries

blackest_k Re:Outrage burnout (150 comments)

Pdf is a terrible format for anything really, let alone ebooks its an end format not easily converted into something else. each line of text on the page is a line it doesn't have a concept of a paragraph. It only seems to know the order that text was added to it. e.g if you had 4 bullet points added as 1,2,3,4 and later edited to read 1,4, 2, 3.
translating to another format becomes 1,2,3,4 again.

Having more than 1 column of text converting becomes a block of text where the first line of column 1 is followed by the first line of column 2 followed by the second column of column 1. in other words an unreadable mess. Sloping text is even worse as it will be read at 90 degrees and so the highest word on the page becomes the first word and again a jumbled mess.

epub on the otherhand uses xml which is pretty close if not identical to html and so can be reflowed to fit the screen fairly naturally, it also supports css, it knows the difference between bolded text and a chapter heading the main difference between reading in a web browser is that an epub will be laid out as a screen full of information at a time instead of scrolling down. Because of the h tags a page can be broken easily into sections and a heading can be placed at the top of the next page. you don't get a heading at the bottom of a screen and the body of the section on the next page.

One nice feature is that converting a html web page to an epub becomes incredibly easy. You can save a web page complete and then load it into sigil and most of the work is done for you or you can bring it in to libre office save as an odt and then save as html and then bring it into sigil. The reason for doing this is to localise the hrefs for images. Otherwise the images would be linked to the website they came from rather than local to the page. Now instead of having a pdf designed for A4 paper you have a document which is easy to read be it on a phone or tablet or computer monitor, good luck trying to read a pdf on a phone on a bus or train or on your lunch break.

Another great thing is the ability to display svg graphics. Students will be able to relate to this you are in a lecture and you write like crazy making notes but they are paper notes, which you have to collate into ring binders you could type but then you need to sketch a diagram or a graph. and then annotate it.

There is a cool little program called write (cross platform windows linux osx) it lets you write on a graphics tablet and creates webpages of your notes. with svg files or top files you can convert handwriting to text with some success or just leave them as svg. The thing is they are ripe for bringing into an epub and instead of carrying a ton of notes around you can have a small collection of epubs for each class that you carry around instead.

The thing is you generally can write faster than you can type, it takes a little practice to get used to writing with a tablet stylus instead of a pen but once you have it you don't need paper any more.

There are some pdf's you can copy and paste from and recover a working document but it is more complicated than you would like. XML is much nicer to work with. Once you have figured out a workflow you will find its a lot better to use epub rather than print to pdf.

Sigil 0.8.0 was released last week, it's major change is it now supports python plugins which have great potential for extending the functionality of the program. The main development is done on osx with ports to other operating systems. There is a slight snag as apple doesn't let source be compiled for older versions of osx which means official builds are targeted for osx 10.8.x upwards, I made a 10.7.x build which is available through the sigil forum on mobileread.com as are versions for xp debian ubuntu and other platforms.

about a month and a half ago

Apple Faces Large Penalties In EU Tax Probe

blackest_k Re:Finally (120 comments)

Apple has a factory in Cork employing around 4000 people, they are currently in the process of expanding it.

about 2 months ago

U2 and Apple Collaborate On 'Non-Piratable, Interactive Format For Music'

blackest_k Re:confused (358 comments)

so if you watermark with a frequency high enough not to be audible, that might be acceptable in terms of audio quality? Although I guess you can resample at a lower frequency to remove it.

about 2 months ago

Drought Inspires a Boom In Pseudoscience, From Rain Machines To 'Water Witches'

blackest_k Re: A fool and their money (266 comments)

once you get below the level of the water table you find water.
similar story just outside blarney apart from no douser involved just a big drill that went down until water was found. Ireland has no shortage of water. Outside the cities septic tanks are usual and wells are fairly common place. With water charges coming in for domestic water, there may be a little boom in well digging.

about 3 months ago

Amazon's eBook Math

blackest_k Re:Disengenous (306 comments)

cheaper books , good for me, but i also like going out to book stores to find something interesting.
in the long term, the book stores go out of business now its harder to find interesting books.

long term the prices will tend to rise as competition has been eliminated to a large extent.

Amazon is winning too much, it seems as if kindle is becoming synonomous with ebook reader. Thats not a good thing, no additional storage, no pdf support , no library support. Trouble is they do sell ebooks cheaper. I've jist picked up a sony their store has gone and the kobo book store app says i'm not living in a supported region. It runs a locked version of android, which could support the kindle app.
Which might be better for sony and me.

about 4 months ago

The Psychology of Phishing

blackest_k People should look where they are going (128 comments)

The one that seems to catch people out is the link which they click on in a mail in gmail.
that takes them to gmail.google.com.myphishingsite.info/sessionexpired
which presents them with a message like session expired please login to your gmail account and the top line already has their email address all they need do is enter their password.

Most people don't question why would that happen a few seconds after clicking on the link
quite possibly because Google and facebook don't take you straight to a link they log it first by an intermediate page and then redirect you to the destination (i see it all the time on my slow connection).
The page looks authentic and they tend not to look at the address bar and see the bolded address myphishingsite.info.
often its a site like fgjfjhki23d.info a random jumble of characters just like the ones a site like google and facebook use all the time. People are used to seeing this sort of thing
e.g http://it.slashdot.org/comment... of this address (taken from the address on this page) only it.slashdot.org make any sense to most people and thier eyes glaze over beyond the initial it.slashdot.org

Thats a problem without any training in website design then its pretty hard to tell the real from the fake.
Thing is once an email account has been harvested it immediately sends out a 100 emails to the address book of that user and the same thing happens again.

Most people think they had thier email hacked not realising they gave away thier password.
kind of hard to stop people for falling for this sort of thing. The emails are even clever enough to redirect to an alternative page once the fake webmail page has been brought up once.

People here would say its because people are stupid, but most people just don't have enough knowledge or interest in this area to know when something is fake or genuine.

It is probably impossible to fix especially when the sites we use everyday use random looking charactor sequences as part of the url.

about 4 months ago

Germany Scores First: Ends Verizon Contract Over NSA Concerns

blackest_k Re:Zimmerman telegram? (206 comments)

The map on that page is quite interesting, the red line shows how far north Mexico used to reach.
If those borders still stood The USA wouldn't have much of an illegal immigrant problem but Mexico sure would.


about 5 months ago



Does Google need to weed its walled garden?

blackest_k blackest_k writes  |  about a year and a half ago

blackest_k (761565) writes "Google has a major problem called Airpush and they seem to be ignoring it, its been around for two years already.

Airpush is an ad framework api which an increasing number of applications seem to be using. The first you know of your infestation is when a Star pops up in your notification tray. Clicking on this Star takes you to an advert of dubious quality which can be anything from a 12 euro a month subscription taken from your phone bill for one ringtone to win a gift voucher from a local chain.

These ads arrive fairly regularly each morning on your notification bar. So what you may ask? just uninstall the app thats generating these notifications, but it is not that easy as the offending app is not revealed.

With 163 installed apps on my system, I was struggling to find the culprit. I tried deleting running apps but still missed. Luckily as my net was slow one morning i caught sight of a url api.adpush and googling that I found

a small free tool which identifies — Airpush — LeadBolt — Appenda — IAC — Moolah Media It doesn't block the ads but it does let you uninstall the source.

it found two apps on my tablet with the airpush framework.

Problem solved, for now. With updates to installed apps comes the possibility of this framework being part of the update Seems there have been cases of Apps that have updated and suddenly started with this behaviour. These apps are in the Play Store and there are many more like them.

Googles PlayStore is essentially a trusted repository, but by allowing these apps into the Playstore Google is betraying the trust of its users, developers and hardware manufacturers.

I don't have a problem with Ad supported apps. If the Ad becomes an issue I can buy the paid version or uninstall it. With the Adpush framework you have to look quite a bit harder.

The 10 innocent apps I deleted trying to remove this over the last month, now have lost revenue from their civilized ads. Many users are out of pocket and some may be unaware that there is a leech attached to their phone bill. If Android is untrustworthy then people will choose an alternative costing the hardware manufacturers too. If this applies to Android is it also the case with Chrome?

Google needs to nip this in the bud, without trust the Playstore is useless. You might as well use third party app stores with pirated content because the walled garden is no longer safe.
It is time for Google to start weeding out these unacceptable applications.


Gary Friedrich, created Ghostrider, now he has to pay Disney for doing that

blackest_k blackest_k writes  |  more than 2 years ago

blackest_k (761565) writes "Basically, Friedrich created the character of Ghost Rider for Marvel in the '70s. It's not a matter of dispute, it's just a fact. Marvel owns the rights to the character and has ever since Friedrich signed his creation over to them three decades ago. However, before the first Ghost Rider film was released, Friedrich sued all involved under the belief that while Marvel undoubtedly owned the comic rights, he owned the film rights and should be involved both creatively and financially. He lost that lawsuit. That's not where things ended, though.

Friedrich has since made no further claims to the ownership of the character, he has, however, attempted to rightfully claim authorship of him in his private life. He's attended comics conventions and the likes as a paid guest, using his status as the creator of an iconic comic (and now film) character as his main source of income now that he's 68 years old. However, Marvel is still demanding in a court of law that Friedrich pay them the approximately $17,000 he's earned in retirement by acknowledging he's the creator of Ghost Rider.

Yes, you read that correctly. Marvel, a company that was recently purchased by Disney for $4 billion, is demanding that the person who created one of its most iconic and enduring characters — a person who is now 68 years old and is more or less broke after years of legal struggle — pay them his remaining $17,000 for having the gall to make money off of his history with the character.

The guy is 68 now and to pursue him for even being able to say 'yes I did that' stinks to high heaven
If any one wants to donate to help gary they can do so at this link http://www.steveniles.com/gary.html"

Link to Original Source

Porn at the university of hawaii

blackest_k blackest_k writes  |  more than 2 years ago

blackest_k (761565) writes "When xxx domains went online many organisations bought domain names to avoid porn sites appearing using their name. One that didn't is the University of Hawaii which is now calling for tougher laws. Should there be tougher laws to outlaw this or was the xxx domain range created with the intention that people would be forced to buy xxx domains or face the consequences?"
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Samsung says you've been framed

blackest_k blackest_k writes  |  more than 4 years ago

blackest_k (761565) writes "They certainly seem to be having a laugh

Samsung in April released a digital photo frame with a fairly unique feature "
In addition to running photo slide shows in a variety of formats, the SPF-87H can be linked to a computer and serve as a secondary mini-monitor. With its Power Saving feature, the photo frame runs on minimal power through its USB cable. "

Sounds good and useful , thinking dual head netbook maybe?
Unfortunately Samsung have messed up big time the supporting software has gone awol. www.displaylink.com has no drivers for these devices and Samsung has only released drivers for XP sp2 and Vista. Forget about does it run with Linux in response to a query on their website for windows 7 drivers. They suggest

We suggest you to use the Photo frame on Vista Operating system till further update is released for the Photo
frame. "

It Seems like Microsoft caught Samsung napping with the surprise release of windows 7.

For people interested in this technology, there are companies which get it.
which doesn't work as a photo frame but is a working usb monitor with a touch screen and drivers for Windows Linux and OSX

Lilliput computing have a USB Monitor released as well and are working on a touch screen version due to go in production in about a month.

The Displaylink hardware continues to improve http://www.displaylink.com/displaylink_hardware.html with higher resolutions being supported

It's a crying shame Samsung have messed up what could have been the best selling digital frame / mini monitor this christmas."

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psycho-acoustic simulation

blackest_k blackest_k writes  |  about 5 years ago

blackest_k (761565) writes "A federal judge on Thursday ordered a Santa Cruz company to immediately quit selling Beatles and other music on its online site, setting aside a preposterous argument that it had copyrights on songs via a process called “psycho-acoustic simulation.”

A Los Angeles federal judge set aside arguments from Hank Risan, owner of BlueBeat and other companies named as defendants in the lawsuit EMI filed on Tuesday. His novel defense to allegations he was unlawfully selling the entire stereo Beatles catalog without permission was that he — and not EMI or the Beatles’ Apple Corp — owns these sound recordings, because he re-recorded new versions of the songs using what he termed “psycho-acoustic simulation.”

Risan faces perhaps millions of dollars in damages under the Copyright Act. And copyright attorneys said his defense was laughable and carries no weight. If successful, however, it would have turned copyright on its head, leaving musical rightsholders defenseless against wanton infringement.

“They’re hosed. ” said Scott Mackenzie, a Dallas copyright attorney
The sites still up and streaming for free, http://www.bluebeat.com/ and seems to be open to listeners everywhere even on Linux. How long can it last?"

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ARM-based netbook's just $73

blackest_k blackest_k writes  |  more than 5 years ago

blackest_k (761565) writes "The Chinese manufacturer SungWorld has released a sleek-looking netbook that runs Windows CE 5.0 on a Via-manufactured ARM SoC (system on chip). With a 7-inch 800 x 480 pixel display and a weight of 1.54 pounds, the device will sell for just $73, according to the Shanzhaiben.com website.

but can it run Linux?"

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Hotmail Service Broken for Tethered Users

blackest_k blackest_k writes  |  more than 5 years ago

blackest_k (761565) writes "Microsoft has been making changes to Hotmail and not all of them are good. There are a small but determined group of individuals who use a tethered mobile phone to connect to the Internet, perhaps your away from home or havent got the option of fixed broadband, perhaps you have an Iphone or one of the many Smartphones that run windows mobile no matter which Microsoft has decided that your device isn't capable of displaying a standard web page and now automatically redirects all requests from 3g phone connections to http://mobile.msn.com/en-us/default.aspx no matter how many times you enter www.hotmail.com.

It wouldn't be so bad if Microsoft would even acknowledge the issue, http://windowslivehelp.com/community/p/48389/198405.aspx#198405 shows that my original thread posted in the hotmail community forums has been moved, to perhaps hide the issue, searching round there appears to be a number of people with this problem such as iPhone users now unable to access hotmail.com with safari for example, sad thing is i've used my hotmail account since dialup days using a 14.4k modem while a download speed of 0.371Mb isn't exactly fast these days its still faster than the old modems which had no issue connecting.

All thats really required is a simple user option to choose which hotmail interface to use. All the microsoft drones will say are things like "I've moved your post here in Non Hotmail Questions Forum.

If you are having issue accessing your account in your mobile phone, I have to refer you to Microsoft Mobile Support Team. To contact them, please visit the link below:


Totally ignoring the fact its not a problem accessing from a mobile phone but a problem accessing hotmail when the connection is made via a mobile phone.
To add to the issue Hotmail can only be forwarded to another Hotmail account, thus ensuring no simple way of transfering your mail to Gmail for instance, where you get the interface you want and not the one Microsoft wants you to have.

Apparently this change was made within the last three weeks or so perhaps if Hotmail gets enough complaints from disgruntled users they might see sense and give the users of the Hotmail service a choice. I hoped using a non ISP email account I had escaped sending all my contacts a new email address every time i changed provider. Hotmail has decided to bring the bad old days back. This issue doesn't effect HSPDA Usb Dongle users just ones using cell phones to connect."

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My first commercial Website venture.

blackest_k blackest_k writes  |  more than 6 years ago what this is all about Phelans Guest House. and phelans restaurant

are my first offerings for a commercial website. I've designed these sites using a fluid three column layout and have set some useable minimums for column widths.

The real difficulty with getting a project like this going is you need exposure and pagerank and thats not easy in this day and age

so one of the things i read is that having Phelans Guest House. and phelans restaurant linked from big sites such as slashdot increases page ranking and thus reduces the cost of advertising with google.

Omg you are actually reading this entry , ok then let me tell you about phelans guesthouse and restaurant.

my sister-in-law reopened phelans after it had been closed for two years so its a new startup with no customer base.

I was asked to make her a website to attract visitors from all over the world and to be honest it is a beautiful guesthouse nicely decorated family friendly sat in the county about two minutes from blarney.

The Ensuite Rooms are clean and the power showers are brilliant, the cooked irish breakfast I got each day was excellent and value for money.

The Restaurant has a good irish menu with items such as bantry mussels lambshank steak and other traditional dishes the sea food is fresh and delicious. Its an ideal place for a romantic meal for two, something about the irish countryside brings a special flavour to dining at phelans

blarney itself is a village famous for one thing the blarney stone and this has a long history Phelans Guest House blarney stone. and phelans restaurant blarney stone

I thought I might bring a little more to the site by including local history and movies movies about ireland

maybe there is more i can do?

I hope you find time to visit the site and leave a message about your thoughts on it if you wish to help make this a successful long term project I would appreciate any links to the sites phelans restaurant blarney stone adding on any site I like google but I think gaming such as pool and darts and systems should result in quality improvements and lower advertising costs

I love the place and i really want it to be successful thanks for your help -john


blackest_k blackest_k writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Can you read this?

Olny srmat poelpe can.

cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

amazing isn't it It was posted by an annonymous coward but i like it:)


blackest_k blackest_k writes  |  more than 8 years ago I occassionally help out at an internetcafe in lincoln they have a website at Sun Cafe for some reason google doesnt know about the site and so it is invisable hopefully google will spider my journal entry and find links to the suncafe yes i know i am link whoring but come on one link :) probably Sun Cafe is invisable as it is totally written in flash don't blame me I never wrote it.


not my ip address

blackest_k blackest_k writes  |  more than 9 years ago

I know slashdot has its share of trolls and there is a high percentage of noise but why can't slashdot do something a little less moronic tham ip banning, I guess on the plus side it will ban morons...

I find myself in a block of banned ip addresses it isn't my ip address but one of my isps proxys that got banned unfortunately any port 80 traffic goes through that proxy by default. 8080 port traffic doesn't or at least slashdot doesn't see that it does probably it goes 8080 proxy 80 proxy my ip still but slashdot is only looking at the proxy for its ban.

so why do /. do it this way?
i guess + side i am not a moron and have the knowledge to side step the ban
- side there are a lot of trolls who obviously side step too.

thing is it is possible to correctly identify my ip address and not my proxy
and sooner or later the 8080 proxy i use now will get banned.

to be fair there is a troll problem and something needs to be done but there are a few steps which could be taken.
ban certain ips for annonymous coward usage
majority of trolls post a/c
ban on karma in combination with ip
expire the bans say 6 months max
ban specific ips not proxys

maybe specific ips would be harsh just because my nieghbor is a troll should i be banned when my isp rejiggles my ip address.

but surely if nothing else put a 6 month expiry on bans.

well least i can post with this proxy and i know how to find another proxy if this goes down. another plus point when my isps port 80 traffic got blocked for some reason 8080 still worked fine..


when windows goes down

blackest_k blackest_k writes  |  more than 9 years ago

It seems to be inevitable that sooner or later some nasty piece of spyware or virus is going to bring down your windows system and you will be forced to reinstall the operating system and because of the registry all your application files as well.

So how best can you protect yourself when this happens? Norton ghost seems an almost ideal solution. A clean windows install, all the applications you use setup and ready to go.

however the problem is the user data and settings is it possible to maintain these on d: drive and be able to restore a ghost image without losing data, Email seems to be the most difficult to preserve. often the choice of where your address book and your mail resides is made by the email program and not by the user.

is it possible to keep user data away from the c: drive or has Microsofts design team ensured that in the event of losing your operating system you have the choice of losing your data and system configuration or long hours reinstalling applications, leaving orphaned program files.

Is it possible to have a system back in a clean and stable condition in under an hour without committing yourself to daily, hourly backups just in case.

can the updates to your applications, virus definitions, spyware definitions extensions to firefox and bookmarks be automatically setup once the image has been restored.

has anyone got a good rescue plan to save thier pc or is it inevitable some data loss is going to occur?
I ask you the slashdot readership for your thoughts and advice. on the best strategy to ensure as painless a restore as possible.



moderating on slashdot

blackest_k blackest_k writes  |  about 10 years ago

after many months of meta-moderating on slashdot I finally got mod points.
It was an interesting experience.

I decided from the beginning that I wanted to moderate up comments rather than down and to choose to mod up good comments which hadn't been moderated already.
choosing not to moderate on funny.

the actual moderations turned out to be rather different from that. I did mod down 1 or 2 comments. It's a difficult job mainly because all the mods are looking to use their mod points so each time you get to a story. you find very little that is obviously worth moderating upwards. Moderating on slashdot is like cleaning toilets not a nice job but somebodys got to do it.

It appears to me that some moderations are made by following the herd ie if its already been moderated as interesting then a lot of moderators also mod it interesting also. Or it could be in the scramble to moderate a new story before the trolls flood the thread moderators are modding the same un modded comment at the same time. so a qualifies as interesting post (just) gets modded as a +5 which is a little undeserved.

Maybe moderators should be able to cancel a moderation but then again the point is to refine the threads so users don't have to read the crap that gets posted to slashdot (often literally). There may well be a good arguement for raising the 5 point maximum at least from a users point of view. ie the highest moderation a storie gets is +5 but the users can add + points for interesting and informative mods and extract this from the mire so they only read highly moderated posts which are interesting and informative instead of reading comments which are slightly interesting and informative started on +2 with karma bonus got a single point as interesting and the user given +2 dragged it up to 5

one of the hardest moderations to make is informative. Especially when the story is talking about things that a non specialist would know little about.

in the uk there was a program called call my bluff where two panels of 3 would take a barely known word and one panel would present 2 false definitions and 1 true one and a member of the other panel would try to decide which one was true not an easy task sometimes.

so to try to avoid being made to look like an idiot a moderator has to check the links given and see if there is a valid point being made. I think modding interesting can be a reasonable copout meaning it sounds good but may not be true I don't want to research this. informative hopefully means that the moderator has checked the facts.

all in all 4 days to give out positive moderations is very little time to do the job well. maybe the moderation system should be changed to giving out 5 + moderation points and say 15 negative mod points that way moderators can clear the way for other moderators to get to the good comments without swiming through the cess pool which is slashdot at 0 or -1

but when your moderating on slashdot you are reading at -1 and looking for abusive moderations some might say. your should be swimming in the cess pool
you might say...

well not really moderations get meta moderated so someone abusing the power to mod down will be caught and lose the ability to moderate. is it really necessary for every moderator to read the white noise ie firstpost goatse and other obvious crap that gets posted in every comment thread.

There is one type of moderation which I really do not like seeing and I had it applied to me once. when I posted how to process real audio streams. The information is available if you look for it and relatively simple to do once you know how. but obviously Real do not want you doing this i thought that it would get posted as informative i didnt post links to anything just described a process it got modded down! why was this because it was politically incorrect to describe how to save Real Audo streams and save them. maybe content providers would stop providing real audio streams and a secure method would replace it.

would real sue slashdot for allowing this information to become common knowledge.

the ability to save a real audio file is useful, for example I know there is an american radio station which has all 12 of the original series of the hitch hiker's guide to the galaxy and i can sit here anytime i want and listen to the streams but by saving the streams and converting to mp3 you can make a cd or load on an ipod or whatever and listen on your car stereo on long road trips instead of the alternative.

If you have any experience of bbc radio4 you probably have heard a number of radio plays and you too probably have sat in your car at journeys end listening to the end of the play.

so i think i was being informative but someone thought i was being dangerous.
not good and maybe one of the reasons there seems to be an antislashdot movement
maybe this journal entry will be considered anti slashdot but its not intended to be. just recording my experience and asking a few questions.

well final words moderating is difficult and extremely time consuming to do well. hopefully my moderations improved your experience of slashdot. someone wrote somewhere that more negative moderation occurs on slashdot than positive and after moderating I agree, there is good reason for this because honestly the good comments are floating in a sewer.


are some of our Gui's fundamentally wrong.

blackest_k blackest_k writes  |  more than 10 years ago

Are our gui's badly designed?
There are two fundamental orientations landscape and portrait. Landscape works very well for pictures and portrait very well for text. I don't think many people will disagree with that. now look at your computer screen it is landscape ideal for viewing pictures but not so good for viewing text.

Portrait orientation works very well for text, but our gui's are not making the most of our vertical space in fact they squeeze the vertical space even smaller with title bars, toolbars and menu bars. at the same time the width of the screen tends to be under utilised.

It's hard to visualise how much better a portrait orientated page is without trying it.


allows you to download a trial version of pivotpro which allows you to reorientate your screen. However it is not a good solution since most crt's do not like working on thier side.

A better method would be to move as much as possible from the top to the sides
(most ide's have dockable toolbars) It may be something only linux could do to allow moveable menu's as well.

I know a lot of developers read slashdot so how about it can you put more flexabilty into our gui's or are we going to be stuck forever with a gui which inhibits reading of text.

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