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The GNOME Foundation Is Running Out of Money

blackpaw Re:Does this mean no more Gnome desktop? (689 comments)

I've had the misfortune to be digging through a gnome program recently. The documentation is crap. Full of bad links, ambiguous statements and empty pages. Versioning is appalling, there is no list of documentation by gnome version.

When googling on the Qt4 api, I'll get a host of links to accurate offical documents, examples and informative blog entries. To a lessor extent it is the same for KDE (could do better).

With GTK/Gnome, 90% of the time I'll get a gnome.org page with broken links that is out of date.

5 days ago

CSIRO Scientists' Aquaculture Holy Grail: Fish-Free Prawn Food

blackpaw Re:Do you even know why you eat prawns? (116 comments)

They are disgusting, it's the same as eating insects - locusts, cockroaches, etc.

So they're yummy? deep fried locusts, crickets etc are delicious and much more ecologically sustainable than a vegan diet.

about a week ago

Google Blurring Distinction Between Ads and Organic Search Results

blackpaw I find them much harder to discern (187 comments)

Have been caught several times by that damn firefox re-packager when searching for the mozilla firefox download. Their ad looks very similar to a legit search result and is at the top.

about a month ago

Bugatti 100P Rebuilt: The Plane That Could've Turned the Battle of Britain

blackpaw Re:Interesting history and tech, but... (353 comments)

Don't go introducing facts about WWII on an American forum, you know they won WWII all by themselves, leading the fight from the very beginning.

There was no world war before Pearl Harbour.


about a month and a half ago

Portal 2 Beta Released For Linux

blackpaw Re:Great to hear! (99 comments)

I feel your pain :) 19 hour download for me as well - Thanks Turnball! I was scheduled for fibre last year.

The user generated maps seem to work well under linux. Overall the experience has been flawless, despite being a beta. It downloaded, it worked, simple as that. Well done Valve!

This should keep me entertained for a while.

about 2 months ago

Portal 2 Beta Released For Linux

blackpaw Re:Great to hear! (99 comments)

Do you know if the custom maps/mods for Portal 2 work on linux? I had no luck with them for Portal 1.

about 2 months ago

Microsoft Lync Server Gathers Employee Data Just Like NSA

blackpaw You can do exactly the same with Asterisk (207 comments)

Full call details can be logged from a asterisk server. Its pretty much std features for any PABX. Complete non story.

about 2 months ago

Psychologists: Internet Trolls Are Narcissistic, Psychopathic, and Sadistic

blackpaw Re:Classiciations (293 comments)

I was quite serious. Ideologues of all stripes tend to categorise disagreement as trolling.

about 2 months ago

Psychologists: Internet Trolls Are Narcissistic, Psychopathic, and Sadistic

blackpaw Classiciations (293 comments)

Trouble is, way to many people classify trolls as "People who disagree with me".

This is particularly prevalent on feminist boards.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: E-ink Reader For Academic Papers?

blackpaw Re:DRM (134 comments)

Swindle! so clever and witty! right up there with M$ and Microsucks.

about 2 months ago

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

blackpaw Can't see comments on beta (2219 comments)

I haven't been able to see comments on beta for several days now, just get that javascript loading bouncing ball, then a purile little error message.

"Shazbot! We ran into some trouble getting the comments.
Try again... na-nu, na-nu!"

NB: Can see the comments when there is only a few of them, such as "Bitcoin Plunges after Mt. Gox Exchange halts trades" which ony has 2 comments. Someone neglected to see if it scaled on slow overseas connections (Australia).

about 2 months ago

New Zealand Spy Agency Deleted Evidence About Its Illegal Spying On Kim Dotcom

blackpaw Re:NZ - insecurity issues? (222 comments)

Any kiwis care to comment?

Yeah, kiwis, like Ozzies, pretend they are independent frontier types, but the reality is closer to parochial and authoritarian.

about 2 months ago

How loud is your primary computer?

blackpaw Re: It's silent? (371 comments)

There's no way to not get the fan or the pump working when compiling a couple thousand c++ code. Not even on those poser designer computers.

Really? I compile the kdepim suite on my PC and can't hear a thing. $30 after market CPU fan and SSD drive.

At work we have multiple VM servers running near silent - Noctua NH-U12S fans, they are an amazing piece of hardware.

about 3 months ago

Israeli Group To Attempt Moon Landing

blackpaw Re:Flying to the moon might turn out to be easier. (150 comments)

> Which religion were you referring to?

The one that advocates global jihad and a caliphate.

It's like the Tea Party but with different hats.

Keep drinking the koolaid and spouting that hasbara.

about 3 months ago

Australian Dept. Store Chain's Website Crashes and Can't Get Back Up

blackpaw Re:Xmas bonus (156 comments)

Bwah! our bonus this year was myer gift cards (for a decent amount). We went into myers to spend it, didn't even consider the online sales.

about 4 months ago


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