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Nintendo Announces Wii Successor for 2012

blake182 Launch vs. get (287 comments)

So if they "launch" in 2012, that means I can order one on Amazon in what, 2014?

more than 3 years ago

US Navy Breaks Laser Record

blake182 Dr. Evil Asks... (294 comments)

When will this technology be available for shark head attachment?

more than 3 years ago

America Losing Its Edge In Innovation

blake182 Re:They once were (757 comments)

These days we have Homer Simpson and the King of queens, et al.

Excuse me, but Mr. Simpson is a Nuclear Safety Inspector. They don't just give that job out to anyone. And he's been to space and stuff. They don't just let anyone go to space.

about 4 years ago

Does Typing Speed Really Matter For Programmers?

blake182 Re:Don't measure WPM (545 comments)

You should use a StringBuffer for performance reasons. Just sayin'.

more than 4 years ago

36-Hour Lemmings Port Gets Sony Cease and Desist

blake182 Re:my point of view (developer) (268 comments)

the only thing that is definitely "used" is the name (Lemmings) and the original EGA graphics from the game

So it's a trademark and a copyright violation? I mean, no offense, but is anyone surprised that Sony freaked?

This reminds me of Office Space. "So you took a name and some art." "Right." "That wasn't yours." "Well, it became mine." "How is that not stealing?"

more than 4 years ago

The Ignominious Fall of Dell

blake182 Re:He should just dismantle the company and give t (604 comments)

He should just dismantle the company and give the proceeds back to the shareholders.

It's interesting that more people moderated this insightful than moderated it funny.

more than 4 years ago

iPhone 4's "Retina Display" Claims Challenged

blake182 Steve sez... (476 comments)

In a statement by Steve Jobs: "Who the fuck is this guy?! Theoretical physics? How about I put my theoretical foot up his ass! Can you differentiate the pixels of that, motherfucker?"

Please note that I am not advocating any violence, theoretical or otherwise against physicists, theoretical or otherwise.

more than 4 years ago

Senate Votes To Replace Aviation Radar With GPS

blake182 Re:sounds risky (457 comments)

what if some big foreign country who has anti satellite weapons decides to blow up our GPS satellites?

From http://www.fas.org/spp/military/docops/army/ref_text/chap08.htm

Only the United States and the Soviet Union have ever demonstrated the ability to destroy an orbiting satellite. Of course, if an enemy is willing to expend enough time, money, materiel and other resources, any system can be disrupted, damaged or destroyed.

As with many things, I guess it's a question of hoping someone doesn't do it. And then of course there's:

In spite of the fact that satellites are designed to operate in space, more satellites have failed due to the effects of the environment than any other cause.

more than 4 years ago

Millennium Prize Awarded For Perelman's Poincaré Proof

blake182 Take away my Slashdot card (117 comments)

Can someone please hyperlink every word of this article to Wikipedia for me?

I'll show myself the door. Pout.

more than 4 years ago

Professors Banning Laptops In the Lecture Hall

blake182 Re:Prof's need feedback (664 comments)

I'm in a band and the one thing that really makes it hard to play well, or at least enjoy playing the show, is an unresponsive crowd.

I'm in a crowd, and the one thing that really makes it hard to respond to a band is when they suck.

I'm not the one paid to fix it. I guess we need to work together somehow. But I'm not sure how this is the crowd's fault.

Off the top of my head if you sucked less, I'd respond more. No offense. Same with lectures. Same with product presentations. Same with meetings. Same with anything that you want me to participate in. The leader sets the tone.

more than 4 years ago

How To Teach a 12-Year-Old To Program?

blake182 Solve a problem (799 comments)

Well, here's what I'd advise:

Solve a problem.

My background is that I got an Apple ][+ in 1979. I was 11. Today I'm a professional programmer, and I've worked in lots of different languages. The first things I remember doing "solved a problem":

  • I modified the PHONE LIST program to say DATE LIST. Like I pawed through the BASIC code and found where it printed it, and changed it to say DATE LIST. And I used it to try and impress a girl (I put her phone number in it). I'm not kidding about this.
  • I had a paper route. I used VisiCalc to figure out my margin from my paper route. Like I knew how much I paid for my papers, and I knew how much I charged, so I figured out what my margin was.

But the point is that I didn't start with "I want to program", I started with "I'm gonna solve me a problem."

And then I started keying in programs from the BASIC Computer Games and More BASIC Computer Games books. Which is actually how I learned BASIC, because the dialect of BASIC in the books wasn't the same as Applesoft BASIC, so I had to learn how to fix it.

And I just spent a lot of time finding new programs and playing with them.

I wasn't pressured by my dad to program a computer. It was just lying around. I responded to it. If you wanted to do anything cool, you better get to typing some BASIC. So I did.

My daughter is 11 right now. She hangs out on the Neopets website. A large portion of participating in that community is doing stuff in HTML, Javascript and CSS. She makes pages in order to participate in the community, and she understands how the changes in CSS work. Some of her designs are pretty clever. She has taken HTML from other places and modified it to suit her needs. She's showing very programmer-like behaviors.

In my day, I wouldn't consider a BASIC -> Pascal progression. That's if you're going to get a CS degree. Pascal wasn't a practical operating environment on the Apple ][. Professional programming in general was done in 6502 assembler, which I learned when I started making more advanced stuff that I wanted to use personally. In my teens, I started working at a software company part-time after school, and I had to maintain 6502 code, which is where I ultimately thrived.

So anyway, solve a problem that your kid wants to solve, and let the problem dictate the tool. Much as with professional programming. Don't just hunt around looking for tools to learn at the outset. Make the learning evolve naturally from the problem.

more than 4 years ago

"Nexus One" Is Google's Android Phone

blake182 Re:You Nexus, huh?... (233 comments)

I would be happy to have a phone that lived for four years though.

more than 5 years ago

LHC Knocked Out By Another Power Failure

blake182 Oh them fancy words (338 comments)

You know, you can just say "powerful" and get the same alliterative effect...

more than 5 years ago

Time To Ditch Cable For Internet TV?

blake182 Hooking PCs up to your TV (321 comments)

As far as the Dell "yet another little PC" announcement, we've been able to hook PCs up to our TV for years. What matters is making it work well in that environment, which no one has done. No, not even Apple, Microsoft or Boxee.

more than 5 years ago

HTTP Intermediary Layer From Google Could Dramatically Speed Up the Web

blake182 I hope they learn from the past (406 comments)

This article points to a bunch of other efforts from the past. This list is most notably missing BEEP which also included the ability to multiplex multiple streams on top of TCP at the application layer.

I hope they're able to synthesize all of the thinking from these protocols into their work, and they bring this into the IETF and W3C for discussion when it's appropriate...

more than 5 years ago

When Your Backhoe Cuts "Black" Fiber

blake182 Dark black fiber? (385 comments)

It makes me wonder if there's dark black fiber. Or is it black dark fiber... Either way, it's fiber that you don't know is there, and doesn't transmit any data.

So if you cut it, does it make a noise?

more than 5 years ago

Use apt-p2p To Improve Ubuntu 9.04 Upgrade

blake182 Re:Mirror anxiety (269 comments)

You are aware that "closest" in this context means "faster", aren't you?

Is your point that a host that's connected via T-1 that's a mile away is faster than a host that's connected on an OC-3 3,000 miles away? That is, based on knowing the geographic location of a host, you're saying it's somehow an indication of how fast my download will complete? That's the only thing that matters to me -- when will I have my completed bits. My only point here is that the information given in mirror selection is not enough to pick the "fastest" way to get what I want. It lists the geographical location and that's it.

Probably is too much a power user the one able to install the package "apt-spy" which will build a sources.list for you based on bandwith probes, isn't it?

Yes. Yes it is. If such a list can be generated, then why not just generate it in normal operation or list the mirrors based on the output of that tool? Though I do appreciate the tip, and I will try it. Obviously bandwidth and availability varies on a day by day basis. So taking a snapshot at one point in time seems like it will get stale.

Oh, and please, don't let parent post at +Insigthful when it's plain -Nonsense.

It's a legitimate end-user concern. "Which mirror should I select" should not be a user problem. The user wants his bits as soon as possible, which is a technical problem that has allegedly been solved with apt-spy. If that's the case, we should probably integrate that with the mirror selection process, and then you don't have to put up with all the "Nonsense".

more than 5 years ago

Use apt-p2p To Improve Ubuntu 9.04 Upgrade

blake182 Mirror anxiety (269 comments)

Is it just me or is the fun game of "pick your closest mirror" not very fun at all? Just download the damn thing at best possible speed. I don't care where you get it from.

As if I'm in a position to pick the best site where to download something from. Give me a break. Apologies to the power users who can lick their Ethernet cable and tell which site will have the best download performance and availability.

more than 5 years ago



PGP Leads Corporate Efforts To Save Bletchley Park

blake182 blake182 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

blake182 writes "CNET reports that PGP together with IBM and other technology firms are mounting a fundraising effort to benefit the ailing Bletchley Park, home of the Station X codebreaking efforts in World War II. "We're calling attention (to the fact that) Bletchley is falling into disrepair, and that, probably, the world owes a debt of gratitude to that place," said Phil Dunkelberger, chief executive of PGP."


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