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Android Motorcycle Helmet/HUD Gains Funding

bleh-of-the-huns Re:As the man says... (126 comments)

All helmets follow the exact same safety testing, and must comply with those tests to be sold. The only difference between a $400 helmet, and a $4000 one, is teh comfort level, name brand recognition, and amenities (built in communications, bluetooth etc) So yes, a cheap helmet will protect your cheap head just as much as the expensive helmet will. And considering helmets are 1 time impact, cheap comfy helmets are the best bet. example, knock it off the table and it hits the ground.. time for a new helmet.

about a week ago

Expensive Hotels Really Do Have Faster Wi-Fi

bleh-of-the-huns As someone who lives in a hotel every week.. (72 comments)

I find that it does not matter what the hotel costs, or how fancy it is.. the internet sucks. I tend to tether to my phone and use LTE as the hotel internet is worthless for anything other than check email.. Certainly not Netflix streaming.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Is Running Mission-Critical Servers Without a Firewall Common?

bleh-of-the-huns Re:It Depends (348 comments)

I disagree. The border is just one aspect, and your typical threats tend to be the result of intentional stupidity (employee systems), or internal maliciousness (soon to be ex employee). A border firewall will not help in this particular case. Additionally, depending on the users access, no firewall may help. My preference, is typically to setup every server with a default deny, permit IPSEC traffic only to and from the support components on the internal network. Then obviously open the business requirements to provide a server. Example, a Web server that connects to a DB and image processing server, port 80/443 open from external to DMZ web server (DMZ and Application zones are separate), all other incoming ports from external are blocked, your border router can cover this. Internally, default deny to everything, permit IPSEC, between Web Server, DB and Image processing server, as well as terminal/jump servers. Tunnel all communications over IPSEC between the servers. In that way, man in the middle attacks become almost impossible, there is no sniffing traffic if a user manages to get local segment access, If the system is compromised in some way (SQL injection, etc, assuming the services are not running as administrator), the servers cannot be used as a jump point to other servers and components in the network, and vice versa.... Call me paranoid.. but that is how I do things. Also, there is no additional cost (except system overhead, and that can be compensated for by crypto cards, or the new Intel AES CPU instruction sets on their current gen Xeons, and I am sure other procs) to running IPSec, it has been included on every Windows server since 2003, and for Unix, Raccoon is free and works just fine.

about three weeks ago

For Now, UK Online Pirates Will Get 4 Warnings -- And That's It

bleh-of-the-huns Translation (143 comments)

Geoff Taylor, chief executive of music trade body the BPI, said VCAP was about "persuading the persuadable, such as parents who do not know what is going on with their net connection." He added: "VCAP is not about denying access to the internet. It's about changing attitudes and raising awareness so people can make the right choice."

We could not get file sharers drawn and quartered, so we are going to spin the decision that we fought kicking and screaming to our advantage and make us look better than we really are.

about a month ago

Verizon's Accidental Mea Culpa

bleh-of-the-huns Re:Answer needed (390 comments)

How about to make their fucking customers happy. I pay Verizon (because my only other choice is Comcast, and I hate them more). I request a service, I expect my provider to give me access to this service. Netflix pays L3, L3 is their service provider. Service providers peer, that is the way the internet has always worked.

about a month ago

Verizon's Accidental Mea Culpa

bleh-of-the-huns It's not just Netflix that is suffering though (390 comments)

I have FIOS... Yes my Netflix performance is piss poor, but so are the connections to other services that just happen to use the same transit providers as Netflix.

Particularly the VPS providers that I was using (I just switched due to the latency). I have 2 VPS providers, 1 in Reston, 1 in the UK. The one in Reston is just down the street from Verizons datacenter (used to be UUNET), but the provider to the VPS company I use was Cogent, heavy latency right at the peering point.

Of course, Verizon likes to blame Netflix for picking crappy transit providers, but had it been Company XYZ instead of L3 and Cogent, Verizon would have done the exact same thing to XYZ and let the peers saturate.

I did manage to switch to a different VPS that does not use Cogent or L3, and I have consistent low transit times, which I use as a VPN endpoint. Seems to do the trick (I have been doing this long before any people started publicizing using VPN's to get around Verizon and Comcasts shenanigans, mostly to keep Verizons prying eyes from monetizing my internet behavior, not to keep gov spying eyes out. If VZ wants to pay me [no, not give me a discount on already overpriced service, but give me cold hard cash] for my browsing and internet habits, then I will more than be happy to let them snoop)

about a month ago

Ikea Sends IkeaHackers Blog a C&D Order

bleh-of-the-huns Re:When will this stop being news? (207 comments)

They could have handled it better. Yes they have to protect their brand. No they do not have to use C&D and lawsuits to do it. The link you even posted specifies that legal action is not required.

There are many ways to protect a brand. Ikea could have easily approached the site to add disclaimers, or offer to sponsor the site in exchange for removing advertising, or ask them to at least change the colors and fonts to be less Ikea like.

Not saying they (Ikea) were wrong, even the sites operator realized that, what we are saying, is don't be an asshole about it, especially since there are some projects on teh site that resulted in sales. At least for me, there are some products I would never have even considered (the Lack for example as I mentioned earlier) had it not been for hacks and alternative use options.

Now, I will not be shopping at Ikea if I can avoid it (I have a wife, avoidance might be an issue)

about 2 months ago

Ikea Sends IkeaHackers Blog a C&D Order

bleh-of-the-huns Re:Confusion? Really? (207 comments)

Your response is a little angry to a generic statement. That said, regardless of the percentage, or how small it is, that is still an additional sale.

While I shop at ikea (okay so I am forced to by my wife) for some things, a move like this will actually make me think twice about it. Now they will have to generate stats on lost sales due to their handling of this situation.

An example was the Lack series of products, conveniently 19 inches between the legs, perfect for a rack mount server (after beefing up the legs a little). Had it not been for that hack, I would never have even considered purchasing that series of item.

about 2 months ago

Netflix Trash-Talks Verizon's Network; Verizon Threatens To Sue

bleh-of-the-huns Re:I have both (364 comments)

I disagree, I do have FIOS, and I get shitty quality streaming for Netflix, HD streams keep buffering or falling back to SD quality.

When I change my fios gateway VPN connection to force all traffic over my VPS, suddenly everything works just peachy (except my xbox live since I do not run miniupnpd on my vpn gateway).

I have a perpetual VPN connection open, that only routes traffic to certain countries through my VPN, all other traffic defaults through my verizon connection (unless I change the config and disable split tunneling)

about 2 months ago

FCC Website Hobbled By Comment Trolls Incited By Comedian John Oliver

bleh-of-the-huns Re:Real Comments (144 comments)

The problem, is that if you look at the comments (I posted this earlier, so this will be redundant), the posters are in alphabetical order, but the default sort order is by posted date, which means a poorly coded script did the posting, and did not even randomize the names.

It makes no difference if it was a Website setup so people can just fill in there info and the system will automatically post to the FCC site, the fact is, the FCC will look at those comments, and possibly invalidate all of them.

Also, each and every one of those comments has a very similar tone, as if the same person wrote many of them and tried to pretend to be a different person.

about 3 months ago

FCC Website Hobbled By Comment Trolls Incited By Comedian John Oliver

bleh-of-the-huns Re:They're not trolls (144 comments)

Unfortunately, I feel that the current selection of comments are doing more harm then good.

A recent search for 14-28 shows many similar letters, and what appears to names in an alphabetical order. The FCC site does not sort by alpha, but rather by date posted.

Some wrote a very bad script to auto post a very similar collection of statements. The FCC is only going to see that, and ignore them, and worse, the ISP's who are dead set against NT or Title II will use that as cannon fodder to sway peoples opinion, and make us look like a bunch of idiots.

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: In What Other Occupations Are IT Skills and Background Useful?

bleh-of-the-huns Re:Automotive (158 comments)

I completely agree.

2 weeks ago, I changed my oil (any tool can do that), changed my transmission fluid (not so easy anymore, requires diagnostics software, and not just a code reader, and some wrenching know how, at least on MB current models), Diagnosed secondary air injection failure (requires lots of mechanical know how, fix coming later when I get the parts), replacing AC blower (somewhat easy).

Point being, most IT, assuming they are analytical in thinking, can easily transition to pretty much any job. Cars are just a giant puzzle, find the broken widget, replace and assemble in opposite order of dis assembly.

And if you think I am tinkering around on a cheap beige mobile, you would be wrong. I have ripped apart half the engine on my AMG C63. The worst part is the cost of the tools though, that shit is pricey.

about 3 months ago

FCC Votes To Consider Next Round of 'Net Neutrality' Rules

bleh-of-the-huns Re:The Democrats killed Net Neutrality !! (182 comments)

No, the R's voted no because the D's voted yes. Had the D's voted no, the R's would have voted yes.

about 3 months ago

Comcast Predicts Usage Cap Within 5 Years

bleh-of-the-huns Re:Editorial (475 comments)

This is way too reasonable.. you must be new here :)

But I completely agree with you. I suspect 2 through 4 will eventually happen (in the next 10 years of so, not immediate), 1, not so much.

about 3 months ago

Major ISPs Threaten To Throttle Innovation and Slow Network Upgrades

bleh-of-the-huns Re:Separate Hardware from Services (286 comments)

I have always like this idea.

Or to take it a little further, the local gov wires from a main switching hub/CO to all the residences in the area, then ISP's wire up to the hubs/CO's, and lease access to the residences. That similar to DSL style, but with fiber instead of copper, and the telco's do not own the last mile.

That last mile is what allows companies to hold us hostage. They can argue all they want that they paid to wire of the streets, poles and houses, but the reality is, they all received massive tax breaks and subsidies from the local and state governments to do that in the first place, and it has already paid itself off.

about 3 months ago

Major ISPs Threaten To Throttle Innovation and Slow Network Upgrades

bleh-of-the-huns Wired and Wireless build out issues (286 comments)

All of the major telco's have been scaling back their investment, especially in wireline services. Trying to dump copper, no longer building out new fiber (Verizon), and trying to convince people to switch to more profitable wireless.

They claim that Wireless is a perfectly acceptable alternative to cable/wire based broadband. Verizon used that exact claim to get out of paying New Jersey billions of dollars when they failed to meet the promise of broadband to the entire state.

At the same time, they then lobby the crap out of the regulators to explicitly exclude wireless from regulation, specifically the Net Neutrality rules.

They cannot have it both ways.

Here's the thing, if "broadband" was classified as Title II, would that not also include Wireless, which the telco's have lobbied hard to be excluded from pretty much any regulation that would protect consumers.

As for wired services, they can threaten all they want, as someone noted earlier, the scene from Blazing Saddles, threatening to shoot yourself in the head if the Feds don't leave them alone, is an empty threat. We already know they have scaled back capital expenditures. And sure, at the beginning, they might go through with their threats, but what will happen, is people will start to migrate from one crappy provider, to the next slightly less crappy provider, resulting in significant losses for the companies losing people. That will then spur the next upgrade wars, where they will have no choice but to upgrade to get customers back. It might be slow going to get to any speedy service like they have in pretty much every other country that has cheap quality broadband, but it will happen.

about 3 months ago

Shunting the FCC To the Slow Lane

bleh-of-the-huns Re:Pron (194 comments)

You do realize that the FCC has thousands of employees. And that you just called them all dipshits, over the rules created by the FCC leadership, which was appointed and installed by various politicians...

That makes you a asshole. How about you tone down on the generalizations. I'm all for throttling the FCC, but direct the anger where it is due

about 3 months ago

The Upcoming Windows 8.1 Apocalypse

bleh-of-the-huns Re:Apocalypse, Really? (293 comments)

Shill or not, he does has a valid point (I have not looked at the other comments).
As much as I personally hate automatic updates, as I decide when I want to update shit, for the vast unwashed masses, it is not a bad idea. Too many of my friends and family (I no longer play tech support except for direct family.. aka my wife) have had machines with years of missing patches, and they wonder why their machines are up shits creek.

I on the other hand, have a windows 8.1 slate I used for my car (runs vehicle diagnostic software, not the std odb reader crap), I cannot get update 1, I get the failure many others are getting. I cannot go back to Windows 7 because too many missing drivers, and very unreliable touchscreen experience. I have tried the windows 8 drivers on 7 with no luck. So for me, I will no longer have support (I do not need technical support, I would like security updates at least).

Good thing I do not use that for anything other than car diagnostics... At least my car won't give my computer herpes :P

about 3 months ago

"Smart" Gun Seller Gets the Wrong Kind of Online Attention

bleh-of-the-huns Re:Gun nuts (1374 comments)

Not sure why you were modded flamebait. I completely agree with you. Part of responsible gun ownership is knowing how to handle, and how to react to situations. If a persons knee jerk reaction is to threaten someone with death, even if it is an empty threat, I do not believe they should be permitted to own any weapon.

about 4 months ago

"Smart" Gun Seller Gets the Wrong Kind of Online Attention

bleh-of-the-huns Re:Gun nuts (1374 comments)

I'll play devils advocate here.

Yes, I'm willing to bet the guns that were used against you were purchased legally at one point.

That said, I am not against gun ownership. However, I am for stricter controls on who can purchase weapons, especially the resale market. The 2nd Amendment says you have the right to bear arms. There is no restriction in place however on how easy or hard that should be.

about 4 months ago


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