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You Can Now Run Beta Versions of OS X—For Free

blindbat Re:beta tester now? (201 comments)

The hard drive is likely bad as you say, especially if it is the original from 2009.

I recommend to use Smart Utility (free trial--will be all you need to verify)


about 9 months ago

You Can Now Run Beta Versions of OS X—For Free

blindbat beta tester now? (201 comments)

I feel like I've been running betas since Lion.

about 9 months ago

Was Eich a Threat To Mozilla's $1B Google "Trust Fund"?

blindbat Re:Abolish marriage solves the problem. (564 comments)

You don't seem to understand how things work.

1. It is not just the Church that has a male-female view of marriage; this is found in religions and customs around the world and throughout history.

2. In America, it *is* the government that decides who can and can't be together, not the church. You get license from the state to marry, you cannot marry close family members, etc. If you live too long with someone, the state considers it a common law marriage and you have real divorce proceedings.

3. Churches merely perform ceremonies but the state licenses it. Without that state license, there is no marriage regardless of what church you were in.

4. Now that comes down to your main point: have the government change from being in charge of marriage to only having civil unions and give the word "marriage" over to religion. Many states already have civil unions that function like that already. But that is not enough: people want to be called married when they commit themselves to one another.

about 10 months ago

How Mobile Apps Are Reinventing the Worst of the Software Industry

blindbat Re:Free market (333 comments)

It's part of the beta.

about a year ago

Is Intel Selling Bay Trail Chips Below Cost?

blindbat Re:YUP (156 comments)

Just wait until after the beta goes permanent live. Slashdot will be available for pennies on the dollar.

about a year ago

MIT Develops Inexpensive Transparent Display Using Nanoparticles

blindbat Blue screen of death (87 comments)

Blue screen of death will have a whole new meaning if that pops up on your windshield.

1 year,3 days

Apple Faces Lawsuit For Retina MacBook Pro 'Ghosting' Issue

blindbat Not the first Macs to have this (195 comments)

I have two 24" iMacs with burn in issues (now given to my wife and kids). My computer has two 24" Dell displays that are flawless. No more "all in ones" for me.

about 2 years ago

Tim Cook Never Wanted To Sue Samsung

blindbat Re:Allow me to join in here (197 comments)

It takes time for your customers to show up as lost. I have many macs in my household--they will not be replaced with more macs. I have an iPhone; my next phone will run android.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Keyboard Layout To Reduce Right Pinky/Ring Finger Usage?

blindbat norman (165 comments)

http://normanlayout.info/ This is similar to workman, and might be better. I've been experimenting with Dvorak but find I don't like the lateral movement to i and d, as well as the right pinky for s and l. For qwerty, I would only swap f and t for the left hand. The right hand would need a little more substitution. For me, reaching up with the first three fingers (or down with index) is no problem, but I really don't like the heavy lateral index finger movement.

about 2 years ago

Paleontologist Jack Horner Answers Your Questions

blindbat Dodson (36 comments)

>Horner: My colleague Peter Dodson at Penn

Dodson! We have Dodson here!

See? Nobody cares.

about 2 years ago

ITU To Choose Emergency Line For Mobiles: 911, or 112?

blindbat 555 (354 comments)

We should make it 555 and make all the TV shows and movies into a joke when the give out numbers.

more than 2 years ago

Magical Thinking Is Good For You

blindbat Re:Madness stronger than Rationality (467 comments)

That would hardly be considered a conversion.

It seems to me that you want to believe and you are not quite being honest with yourself. You might ask yourself what truly prevents you from believing (pride, reputation, etc.).

more than 2 years ago

Wikipedia Didn't Kill Brittanica — Encarta Did

blindbat terrible software (288 comments)

I bought the software version of Britannica about 10 years back and the interface was terrible (relied on IE3 plugins IIRC).

If they would have produced a really good software package I think they would have had more adoption of it.

From reviews of the current version, they are still facing software problems (including registering the software so you can access updates, etc.).

more than 2 years ago

When Are You Dead?

blindbat consider me dead (516 comments)

If I end up with *severe head trauma* please DO NOT resuscitate.

more than 2 years ago

iOS Vs. Android: Which Has the Crashiest Apps?

blindbat Version of iPad matters (358 comments)

iPad 1 "crashes" a lot compared to iPad 2.

All testing by Apple is now done on iPad 2, which has more memory. So some of the "crashing" is iOS telling the app to free up memory, and shutting it down too quickly.

This has made the iPad 1 experience much poorer than it used to be.

more than 2 years ago

How long until the (first-world) classroom education model is obsolete?

blindbat My seventh grade teacher (317 comments)

He told me that the education system was not about education--it was about socialization.

That mentality is not something that is going away any time soon.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Securely Share Passwords?

blindbat Lastpass and safebox (402 comments)

I keep my passwords in Lastpass (any similar program will do) and then keep the master password in my safe deposit box at the bank.

I also keep a list of all important accounts and sites (banking, etc.) so that whoever it may concern will be able to know where to find what is important.

My wife knows this, and she would then be able to access all relevant accounts, as well as know which accounts are important.

more than 3 years ago



Police Body Cam Privacy Exploitation

blindbat blindbat writes  |  about 2 months ago

blindbat (189141) writes "A new Youtube account is pushing local police agencies to reconsider their use of body-mounted cameras. Poulsbo Police have been wearing body cameras for about a year, and the department says the results have been good. But last month reality hit, in the form of a new YouTube user website, set up by someone under the name, "Police Video Requests." The profile says it posts dash and body cam videos received after public records requests to Washington state police departments. "They're just using it to post on the internet," said Chief Townsend, "and I suspect it's for commercial purposes." In September, "Police Video Requests" anonymously asked Poulsbo PD for every second of body cam video it has ever recorded. The department figures it will take three years to fill that request. And Chief Townsend believes it is a huge privacy concern, as officers often see people on their worst days. "People with mental illness, people in domestic violence situations; do we really want to have to put that video out on YouTube for people? I think that's pushing it a little bit," he said."
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