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Ask Slashdot: Should Developers Install Their Software Themselves?

blirp Of course! (288 comments)

But only the two or three times to perfect the automated procedure.


about 2 years ago

Microsoft Announces 'Surface' Tablet

blirp Re:So basically a thin laptop (712 comments)

and can do portrait of landscape

... aren't portraits usually of people?


more than 2 years ago

Lines of code I've written in the last 24 hours:

blirp Maven-hell (391 comments)

I'm just trying to get this project's pom-files to behave. After that, I'll do some real coding. That is, if you accept that coding in Java is 'real coding'.

Maven is such a waste of time ...

Yeah, yeah, I know, "The good old days of Turbo Pascal 3 with only one source file", but still ...

more than 3 years ago

OK Go Goes HTML5

blirp Re:This site works best with... (171 comments)

"This site works best with..." remember the loathe 'we' used to have for that phrase, because it was almost invariably followed by "Internet Explorer"?

Oh, you youngsters.

I, for one, remember when 'we' loathed it because it was invariably followed by Netscape.
(Though some tried to be cute and claim 'Mosaic')


more than 3 years ago

Canonical Begins Tracking Ubuntu Installations

blirp Why? (548 comments)

Why would they do this? It has to be something they can sell or bargain with. So does this mean they'll try to lower the price they pay to Dell for preinstalling Ubuntu (if, in fact, they're actually paying for this). Or are they planning to create an adware-version of Ubuntu?

Neither seems very likely, so ... why?


more than 4 years ago

Budapest Panorama, at 70GP, Now the World's Largest Digital Photo

blirp Re:No Thanks (207 comments)

Went back today as it came up on a local newspaper. It appears they've fixed it. Now works on Moonlight (running 10.04 on an x64) ...


more than 4 years ago

Budapest Panorama, at 70GP, Now the World's Largest Digital Photo

blirp Re:No Thanks (207 comments)

Actually, it requires Silverlight. Even with Moonlight installed I get:

Sorry, but Silverlight is not supported on this operating system.
Silverlight works on Windows and on Mac OS (Intel only).

... kind of strange.


more than 4 years ago

Herschel Space Observatory Finds Precursors of Life In Orion

blirp So that's where he went! (142 comments)

God isn't dead, he just moved to Orion!


more than 4 years ago

Initial Tests Fail To Find Gravitational Waves

blirp Intelligent falling! (553 comments)

This is obviously because gravity does not exist, but the observed effect is a result of an higher intelligence pushing things down.

about 5 years ago

Why Do Hard Drives Keep Getting Bigger?

blirp Virtualization (450 comments)

I have at least 14 virtual machines installed. Most are never used, but as long as I *can* install any OS in a VM, I do, and I check it out for a while. Then, new OS or new version.

I even try different VM's, so there's Ubuntu, Kubuntu and xUbuntu 9.04, Windows XP, Vista and 7 on VirtualBox and on VMWare... No wonder I manage to fill up even a 200GB disk.

And, in addition to video and music, each full branch of our product takes up about 1 gig...


more than 5 years ago

Apple Dominates "Premium PC" Market

blirp Uninteresting (475 comments)

So, if I sell laptops for $10 000, I can get 100% of the Exclusive PC-marked? Woohoo!
We've done this before, it's not very interesting. It could be interesting to look at the profits they make, but the percentage of some arbitrary set point?

more than 5 years ago

VMware Promises Multiple OSs On One Cellphone

blirp Re:Virtualization is the future, esp for desktop (90 comments)

You keep working, and then when you get back to the office, just transfer your virtual machine back onto your desktop. Or, if you want, just keep working from your cell phone.

But the strange thing is that the kind of work you can actually usefully do on these devices, really is all in your head. So time off from the computer, thinking, usually makes for a better product ...


more than 5 years ago



Internet is 40 today

blirp blirp writes  |  more than 4 years ago

blirp (147278) writes "The first message ever sent over the ARPANET (sent over the first host-to-host connection) occurred at 10:30 PM on October 29, 1969. It was sent by UCLA student programmer Charley Kline and supervised by UCLA Professor Leonard Kleinrock. The message was sent from the UCLA SDS Sigma 7 Host computer to the SRI SDS 940 Host computer. The message itself was simply the word "login." The "l" and the "o" transmitted without problem but then the system crashed. Hence, the first message on the ARPANET was "lo". They were able to do the full login about an hour later.
Happy anniversary!"

Link to Original Source


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