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Amazon's eBook Math

blogagog Looks good for the author (306 comments)

"there's rather less of an argument that it's good for anyone else." Making $3.50 per book is a fantastic deal for, say a fiction writer.

about a month and a half ago

Firefox 23 Makes JavaScript Obligatory

blogagog You can turn it off with 'yesscript' (778 comments)

I use the 'yesscript' addon to disable javascript on certain pages in Firefox. It still works in version 23 beta. I assume so does 'noscript' which turns it off on all pages by default.

about a year ago

What Keeps You On (or Off) Windows in 2013?

blogagog Because of XP (1215 comments)

I use it because I bought a copy of Windows XP in 2003. I've burned through 4 computers since then, but only one OS. Until it stops working, I'm not switching.

about a year ago

Tests Show That Deadly New Flu Could Spread Among People

blogagog The end of the world (185 comments)

The older I get, the more I realize that there are very many people in the world who just don't feel comfortable unless there is some horrible world-ending danger looming over mankind. And it's usually wildly overblown. Here's a short list of all of the things that are supposed to kill me - nuclear war, nuclear power, the end of the ozone, the end of the rain forests, global warming, and pandemics, just to name a few. I'm sure I left out a ton of false armageddons from that list. Overfishing, fertilizers, the end of oil and gas, and clear cutting forests are also supposed not to kill, but to cause us irreparable harm some time between 50 years ago and 'just around the corner'. You can only cry wolf so many times before no one believes you. I'm getting so cynical, I may take up smoking.

about a year ago

In Sandy-Struck NJ Town, Verizon Goes All Wireless, No Copper

blogagog voice quality (155 comments)

Does that mean every phone call from Mantolocking will sound like it's coming from a cell phone? Blech.

about a year ago

The Dark Side of Amazon's New Pilots

blogagog I suspect (312 comments)

I suspect that this is not a problem for anyone but a minor chunk of Slashdot readers. Who bothers with linux anymore? I supported you, but the war's over and you lost. After 20 years, Linux still sucks. It sucks just like Unix did. It's why we abandoned both of them. They suck. It's time to give up and move on to something that may be of value to the masses. Unix sux. OS2 sucks. CP/M sucks. Grow up and get over it. I won't be offended when you vote my comment down. It's expected from true believers in unix/linux.

about a year ago

Steve Forbes: Bitcoin Not Money

blogagog Heh (692 comments)

"Hint: For those who are too lazy to read the opinion,. Bitcoins are too volatile to be money." Hah, it's like this blurb was written for me! Exactly what I wanted to know in exactly the right amount of sentences (1). Kudos.

about a year ago

Giant Snails Invade Florida

blogagog But more importantly... (245 comments)

What do they taste like? The quickest way to end an infestation problem is to find a way to make the infestation taste good.

about a year ago

New Catalyst Allows Cheaper Hydrogen Production

blogagog The catalyst is not the problem (191 comments)

If you had a perfect catalyst that allowed you to convert water to hydrogen and oxygen 100% efficiently (which of course we can never find), it would still not be cost effective. All you'd be doing is converting fossil fuels --> energy --> hydrogen. There is no good reason to do this. Hydrogen is significantly less easily transported than liquid fuels. It's even significantly less transportable than CH4 if you compare the energy/volume ratio. Making a grid of hydrogen suppliers would be painfully inefficient to the point of absurdity. H2 is not the energy of the future. I'm not knocking hydrogen. It works great in the sun. Just not as a non-fusion source of energy.

about a year and a half ago

How Sequestration Will Affect Federal Research Agencies

blogagog Not $85 billion (277 comments)

The automatic sequestration will only remove $44 billion from this year's budget. Bigger cuts will occur in later years. But you should know that the government will still spend more this year than last, despite the sequestration. It's just that the increase won't be as much. The crying of poverty is just political BS.

about a year and a half ago

3-D Printing Pen Can Draw In the Air

blogagog What's the big deal? (85 comments)

I don't get the hype on this. It's not a 3D printer, it's a plastic extruder. We've had them for as long as we've had plastic.

about a year and a half ago

Worldwide IPv6 Adoption: Where Do We Stand Today?

blogagog Someone told me the sky is falling! (327 comments)

"IPv4 is much like a limited natural resource; it can't last forever. The well of new IPv4 addresses is already running dry in many parts of the world." In 1998, I heard we'd run out of IP4 addresses in 1999.

about a year and a half ago

New Theory About the Source of Pioneer Space Probe Deceleration

blogagog Summation (156 comments)

If you don't feel like reading the very long and mostly unrelated story, here is the gist: "The puzzling deceleration was produced by the asymmetric radiation of waste heat created onboard the spacecraft. Read more to find out why we believe this." Seems like an awfully long article just to relate that bit of info imo.

about 2 years ago

A Brain-Based Explanation For Why Old People Get Scammed

blogagog Is this right? (209 comments)

I've found in my life that kids 15 and under fall for scams much more often than senior citizens. Think 'fad' if you don't agree. Fad is after all, just a slow scam. Got any beany babies?

about 2 years ago

What Nobody Tells You About Being a Game Dev

blogagog " If you want to succeed..." (181 comments)

" If you want to succeed, you'll likely have to sell out." I'm fine with that. What are the steps required to sell out? Count me in.

about 2 years ago

Activists' Drone Shot Out of the Sky For Fourth Time

blogagog Spying on neighbors is illegal (733 comments)

This group sneaking cameras into others' private property should be arrested for being peeping Toms.

about 2 years ago

Half-Life of DNA is 521 Years, Jurassic Park Impossible After All

blogagog infinity (315 comments)

"That means that after 521 years, half of the bonds between nucleotides in the backbone of a sample would have broken; after another 521 years half of the remaining bonds would have gone; and so on." Surely you realize that this means that there would be at least one perfect set of DNA close to forever, right?

about 2 years ago

Inside the Business of Online Reviews For Hire

blogagog Subject (121 comments)

Nothing to say. I'm having trouble posting here. This is just a test. Sorry to bug you. Have a great day!

about 2 years ago


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