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How long ago did you last assemble a computer?

bloggerhater Re:so, I'm in the more than 8 yrs ago camp (391 comments)

Oh right, and the only USB devices that would have caused you those issues were designed some 20 years ago and available for sale between 18-15 years that sounds like a personal problem.

about 2 months ago

How long ago did you last assemble a computer?

bloggerhater Re:so, I'm in the more than 8 yrs ago camp (391 comments)

You claim to use the rig for scientific calculations yet you clearly have no clue about the benefits of GPU clustering and CUDA...
You claim you have several small D3D apps that won't run under Wine that aren't games... are they calling 15 year old D3D handlers?
Your argument as a private user of the machine that Linux is "free" is 100% irrelevant. 90% of Windows sales are from PC vendors. The vast majority of people who build their own machines torrent their copies Windows.
Oh, and lets not forget that even lacking the graphics card YOU STILL BUILT A FUCKING GAMING RIG.

I'd be quite willing to wager that my analogy is apt and fails not in the slightest. Just based on any ONE of those points.

I'd also wager that you probably owned a Macbook back when Apple was considered "Counter Culture."

about 2 months ago

How long ago did you last assemble a computer?

bloggerhater Re:so, I'm in the more than 8 yrs ago camp (391 comments)

*translated from fanboi bullshit: I'm a Linux whore but I'm also a gamer and we all know that even with all the work Valve has put into the ecosystem, 90%+ of PC games still run like shit under (or don't run at all) Linux and require a Windows VM to play.

about 2 months ago

In the New Age of Game Development, Gamers Have More Power Than Ever

bloggerhater Oh come on... (101 comments)

Asheron's Call 2. Turbine let lone time AC players provide inout on the game systems. Turbine then thoroughly demonstrated that gamers have no damn clue what they actually want. Give gamers everything they want and you get a shit product.

about 4 months ago

Rand Paul Suggests Backing Bitcoin With Stocks

bloggerhater ...huh (404 comments)

Because $$$, which is what you can currently exchange bitcoin for, has no intrinsic value....

Rand Paul yet again demonstrating that he has no business leading a horse to water, let alone his constituents.

about 5 months ago

Kim Dotcom Launches Political Party In New Zealand

bloggerhater Oh please... (133 comments)

Give me a break. I'm Jewish and I own a copy of Mein Kampf.

about 6 months ago

Small World Discovered Far Beyond Pluto

bloggerhater Really? (63 comments)

People like you are why I stopped visiting /. . How on earth does asking such an elementary question rather than googling it contribute to the conversation? How often do you shoehorn semicolons into your posts? I bet you googled how to use THOSE.

Frankly, I'm surprised this nonsense didn't get up-moded.

about 6 months ago

Are DVDs Inconvenient On Purpose?

bloggerhater This article glazes over a key point (490 comments)

These are all valid assumptions... But flat out wrong. The fact is that DVD is still around for the same reason VHS lasted for so long. It's the low end of the market. People who can't afford to upgrade to streaming media for one reason or another.

  These people make up a large percentage of the market. Much larger than the segments most of us fall into. Also a much larger segment than so called "cable cutters." These people never had cables to cut in the first place. They watch TV OTA and have game consoles two generations or more behind the latest and greatest. The odds of them having a computer less than 8 years old are next to nil. Certainly no tablets. Maybe a contract smartphone or two in the family, but they can't afford the bandwidth to stream video.

These families buy cheap $25 DVD players or used higher end models. Some times they impulse buy bargain bin DVDs at Walmart or target, but the sad reality is that most of them can't even afford that. This is why Red Box and other equivalents are so huge.

Now people are going to jump right in and say that devices that can stream off the Internet are cheap. This is true, but bandwidth is NOT. Decent computers to host a large media collection locally aren't any laughing matter either. Most of these families can't afford high speed Internet, let alone mobile devices with their even more prohibitive bandwidth pricing.

about 6 months ago

Is This the End of Splitscreen Multiplayer, Or the Start of Its Rebirth?

bloggerhater Everyone seems to have glossed over important tech (126 comments)

Sony SimulView allows you to view two different HDMI sources on one 3D display. PS3 (and eventually the PS4) has a few games that support SimulView... It splits the 3D source so one angle is one player and the other angle is the other player, both 1080P. There are some fantastic options out there.

about 6 months ago

NASA Forgets How To Talk To ICE/ISEE-3 Spacecraft

bloggerhater THIS ISNT NEWS. (166 comments)

What is with all the dated shit sifting to the top of slashdot lately?!?

about 7 months ago

Merlin's Magic: The Inside Story of the First Mobile Game

bloggerhater You selling Merlin's on amazon? (60 comments)

Is that why you linked that over priced nonsense?

Ebay People.

about 7 months ago

Cops Say NDA Kept Them from Notifying Courts About Cell Phone Tracking Gadget

bloggerhater This is 100% fallacy (235 comments)

Think back to the AT&T fiber tapping scandals a few years ago. They were able to stop the case at the Supreme Court because of NDAs with AT&T and claims that their trade secrets related to fiber networks were at stake.

about 7 months ago

Inventor Has Waited 43 Years For Patent Approval

bloggerhater Leave it to slashdotters to not actually READ THE (258 comments)

This guy is nothing but one of the oldest living patent trolls. Because of the age of these patent applications no one will EVER get to see any information pertaining to them. All this is is a media grab. Time to move along slashdot.

about 7 months ago

Killing Net Neutrality Could Be Good For You

bloggerhater Lol... (361 comments)

All I've got for this one is that this is the biggest heap of bullshit I've ever read. How did this get on the front page?!? I find it even more fascinating that whom ever wrote this article actually used an article that argues FOR net neutrality and argues against the exact statements made here, as a references for this baseless hyperbole.

Absolutely priceless.
This was clearly written by some shill working for the ISPopoly.

about 7 months ago

LinkedIn Ditches Feature That Was a 'Dream For Attackers'

bloggerhater Lol (70 comments)

You are full of shit on so many levels.

about 7 months ago

Leonard Nimoy: Smoking Is Illogical

bloggerhater "Marketing induced denial" (401 comments)

This isn't a direct quote from Nimoy. It's insulting.
Anyone who has ever smoked knows the true grips of nicotine addiction.

Nimoy was a long time smoker. Don't wait to quit. Get help. Most states offer free cessation aids including gum and patches.

Off topic: /., please ban the beta spammers. I'm totally ok with you blocking entire IP blocks to accomplish this until things quiet down. Let the ignorant bandwagon jumpers whine about censorship. It's petty and wrong that the rest of us suffer.

about 7 months ago

25% of Charter Schools Owe Their Soul To the Walmart Store

bloggerhater Hah! (233 comments)

Fantastic how mixing up articles on both public and charter schools can shade people's opinions.

Also, let's take the bitching about slashdot beta elsewhere?

On both counts, you "me too" people disgust me.

about 7 months ago

The JavaScript Juggernaut Rolls On

bloggerhater Re: The hipsters need to go. Now. (505 comments)

Whose common sense? Someone that is so thoroughly entrenched in their ways that they are unable to embrace change? Please.

about 8 months ago

FCC Wants To Trial Shift From Analog Phone Networks To Digital

bloggerhater It's about time (218 comments)

Until data providers (both land line ISPs and cellular ISPs) actually take responsibility for upgrading our infrastructure instead of blaming us for the overhead issues and capping bandwidth and data use, VOIP will NOT be reliable. Especially in rural areas. So now the FCC has trapped them into demonstrating that their networks are shit.

I normally hate the FCC but if I could give some suit a high-five for this one, I would.

-I cut the cord a few years ago when Google Voice came around. Ever since Voice hit I've been using it as my front end and routing traffic to the most affordable, most hackle androids I can find.

In Q1, 2012 with LTE tablets dropping everywhere, I took the experiment a step further.
From April of 2012 to December of 2013 I utilized a tablet data connection and apps like Talkatone to capture my Google Voice traffic without an actual cellphone number to route the calls out to. Exclusively. The tablet I tested was on VZW's Denver LTE network. Up until September of 2012 there was a consistent and reliable 20-22mb down no matter where I was and my VoIP traffic was excellent. Then the iPhone 5 came out and single handedly raped VZW's networks in Denver's Capitol Hill and Lodo areas. Centennial, Cherry Creek, and Highlands Ranch also immediately went to shit. All of which are areas I consult in frequently. I still can't get better than an average of 7 down around here. Go to any of our burbs or more rural regions and it just gets worse and worse.

Since then it has never been the same. I ended up picking up another Virgin Mobile Android device (Samsung Galaxy Victory) and I route my business Google Voice calls to it. (We love multiple GV phone numbers.) I still let my personal calls and texts ring out over data because I generally don't need to answer them immediately and let them go to voicemail. The transcripts are usually good enough for me to not even need to bother listening. Although for some reason Google's transcribe likes to turn "Hey Aaron" into "Honey." Always has. Don't think they intend to fix it...heh.

about 8 months ago


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