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Anti-FSF stance caused ACCESS to pull Gnome Funds

blozza2070 blozza2070 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

blozza2070 (1698634) writes "Xavier Bestel had made a comment to a gnome member regarding their choice of OS and E-mail client. The person promptly fired back with an anti software freedom tirade and blurted out insider info from ACCESS as to why they pulled out on funding. This is the same person identified by RMS as “a troll like enemy of the free software movement”. Normally I avoid mentioning this individual but the information is far too important. It’s public information that anyone can access."
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If Mono innovates then I'm the King of Canada

blozza2070 blozza2070 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

blozza2070 (1698634) writes "The SD Times recognizes top leaders and innovators of the software development industry. However upon looking at the list you’ll see two names that stick out like sore thumb: "Microsoft" and the "Mono Project". Regarding the Mono Project, what have they actually ‘created’ or ‘innovated’ up to now besides copying everying Microsoft has done? They haven’t determined any developer direction as C# has been slowly growing. In the TIOBE index its highest rating was 6.258% on December 2009 which has slowly grown from 0.384% since August 2001."
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There go our web standards.....

blozza2070 blozza2070 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

blozza2070 (1698634) writes "Jeff Jaffe (AKA Zonker), Software Patent Supporter, Microsoft Apologist, Ex-IBM, Ex-Novell, FSF hating troll is now the CEO of the W3C. It is the organization responsible for web standards which have been promoted by Firefox, Opera, and Google. The w3c has been known for hiring bad staff but this just takes the cake. How long do you think it will take before MS-invented standards are pushed as defacto standards?"
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Lefty defames Richard Stallman and Bruce Perens

blozza2070 blozza2070 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

blozza2070 (1698634) writes "Apparently David Lefty Schlesinger plans to Include Richard Stallman and Bruce Perens in a completely unrelated criminal complaint regarding an unconnected individual in his war against those who support Free Software. Here is a leaked quote from an e-mail Lefty sent to one of the people he has been fighting over the years, 'I will be heavily publicizing the support for your criminal harassment which was provided by Richard "My holy duty is to rape women who've never used EMACS" Stallman and Bruce "Have I got a meaningless waiver for you (at my usual consulting rates)!" Perens, and-"believe you me "you'll have wound up doing your "friends" in the "free software movement" infinitely more damage with this than you've done to me or anyone around me.' — Details on the blog."
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Evangelism is War – The Mono/Moonlight Agend

blozza2070 blozza2070 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

blozza2070 (1698634) writes "I was going over an old Groklaw posting that got me thinking about Microsoft and it’s .NET Agenda. I decided to do more research and took a look at the Comes vs Microsoft documents again but from the perspective of the current Mono issues. After reading the information contained in the documents I am even more convinced that Mono and Moonlight do nothing but help Microsoft win against competing platforms. I will quote and comment on a few relevant sections I found useful to prove my point."
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Corporate Funding FSF vs GNOME

blozza2070 blozza2070 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

blozza2070 (1698634) writes "I've noticed since the GNU and Gnome debate last week that some individuals brought up the fact that the Free Software Foundation also accepts corporate donations. First of all I don’t believe there is anything wrong with accepting corporate funding. The issue at hand is that corporate funding shouldn’t dictate or suggest the direction of an organization. I've taken the liberty of going over the benefits of corporate donations from both organizations and I present my findings on my latest blog entry. I've discovered that yes, the FSF does take corporate funding but they don't let it dictate their actions. Gnome on the other hand has setup a system that mimics Lobbying. Don't just take my word for it, read the article and do your own research."
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Gnome to Split Off from GNU Project?

blozza2070 blozza2070 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

blozza2070 (1698634) writes "According to a recent posting from Philip Van Hoof, he suggests that Gnome split off from the GNU Project and proposes a vote. He has been informed he will need 5% of members to agree for there to be a vote put forth. At the same time David Schlesinger (on the Gnome Advisory Board) has agreed on a vote. Stormy Peters claims she doesn’t agree with this but then gives everyone instructions on how to achieve this goal. She mentions that roughly 20 members are needed to agree."
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