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Judge Munley is So Out of My Top 8

blueadept1 My own personal experience (791 comments)

When I was in high school, we had a power-tripping principle/vice-principle duo that no student liked. They went about treating students as if they were bound to be in class at all times, and at no time act out of the ordinary. Frequently their bounds of control reached beyond the simple school setting. I started a petition online that accused them to something of this effect (simply nothing against the law or accusing them of any crime - simply dislike for them) asking for them to be removed from their positions.

Low and behold, they found out about the petition and pulled me out of class during an *exam*. They basically told me that it was libel and that they could sue me for it. Absolutely ridiculous power tripping coercive bastards. If I knew then what I know now (5 years later) about the law, I would have taken them as far as they wanted to go!

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blueadept1 blueadept1 writes  |  more than 8 years ago

blueadept1 (844312) writes "Shaw Communications in Canada recently announced that it is now providing a High Speed "Nitro" connection for customers. The service is available in several cities across the country with available Docsis infrastructure at rates of 25mbit downstream and 1mbit upstream (150gb cap) for $104.95 per month. The service now compares well with the United States fastest consumer connections provided by Verizon's FiOS fiber connections. Although it doesn't quite compare to countries in Europe and Asia with comparable speeds for less than half the price- we're getting there."


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