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TiVo to Let Users Record Shows Via Cellphone

bluntmanspam Re:TiVo users are suckers (172 comments)

Oh the irony...
Quote One: They'll pay $13/month for a "service" that is just letting them use hardware they already bought.
Quote Two: I actually don't have cable now and do all my tv watching on DVDs rented from netflix.
Netflix users are suckers (see your own logic above)

Qutoe Three: If something like Apples service ever comes along but has decent quality downloads for $2/episode without commercials and available before or at the same time as the broadcast, I'd be happy.
I've got a service you might check into. It is a flat fee (no $2 an episode) and just a slight delay after the original air date. No commercials, good quality, don't even need a PC connected to your TV, plus you get free downloads of other programs you might like in the background. Tivo + Cable.

more than 8 years ago


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