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Inside the Free iPod Offer

bmooney28 My experiences... (396 comments)

Disclaimer: I haven not tried hard nor received
my free ipod...


Several friends of mine have... Some have even gotten free flat panel monitors,
and even a free Dell Dimension 4000 system... Apparently, it helps to have
a popular website to promote it...
But the truth of the matter is that SOME of these free offers do exist... Wired
has published stories with mixed results...

Also, since signing up, I haven't noticed *any* increase in snail mail spam... I
did not give out my real phone number, and no credit card is necessary. My
throwaway gmail account has only 8 messages in it (and only 2 may be related...)
so who knows... I am a believer for the time being....

more than 9 years ago


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