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Horseshoe Crabs Are Bled Alive To Create an Unparalleled Biomedical Technology

boddhisatva New administration method: (159 comments)

They place them on your face where they attach themselves but eventually fall off. Your blood is highly acidic then but it kills all bacteria and viruses.

about 7 months ago

Richard III Suffered an Ignominious Burial, Researchers Find

boddhisatva He was framed by the Tudors (145 comments)

Richard was, by surviving contemporary evidence a pretty good guy as monarchs of time go. He modified laws and the legal system to provide justice for the lower class citizens. The Tudors had every reason to fear his memory and smear it. During the early period of Tudor reign, saying something good about the Plantagenets, especially Richard would have been the equivalent of talking about how good the Czar had been during the rule of Stalin.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Do You Trust When a Vendor Tells You To Buy New Parts?

boddhisatva My Father said: (156 comments)

Never ask a tire salesman whether you need new tires.

about a year ago

Prof. Stephen Hawking: Great Scientist, Bad Gambler

boddhisatva Sure he loses or does he? (231 comments)

The bets he has lost have all been ones in which the monetary amount has been small and the outcome of the proof has enormous implications for physics. Winning a bottle of Scotch or something from a great physicist and making a huge contribution to knowledge. His gambling losses have paid for tremendous breakthroughs in science. That's a bet I would love to lose. I think he likes to lose too.

about a year and a half ago

Kepler-62 Has 2 Good Candidate Planets In the Search for Life

boddhisatva Is this just a curiosity or a long-range plan? (79 comments)

Traveling at 1/10 of the speed of light it would take 12,000 years to get there, not counting acceleration and deceleration at start and arrival (dropping out of warp isn't that easy). Before doing anything radical maybe we should phone ET and see if he's home. I think this stuff is great because it motivates young people to excel in their education. But we've got at least 3 billion people who can't read and write much less solve integrals. They are poorly fed, their drinking water is killing them and they don't get medical care and die of diseases that we cure with 4 tablets of an antibiotic. We need to get everyone up to speed to have the resources of the entire world to have the enormous economy required to support such an effort.

about a year and a half ago

China Says It Is the Target of US Hack Attacks

boddhisatva I'm shocked. simply shocked (242 comments)

to find that hacking has been going on here.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: How Would You Feel About Recording Your Entire Life?

boddhisatva Record of your life (379 comments)

You need to make sure you have nothing on record that the statute of limitations hasn't run out on.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Convince a Company Their Subscriber List Is Compromised?

boddhisatva Notify them in writing (email)... (247 comments)

If they don't respond, block 'em and forget 'em. Take your business elsewhere. Post warnings around not to use them and your reasons. That's business.

about a year and a half ago

Fingerprint Purchasing Technology Ensures Buyer Has a Pulse

boddhisatva Does it check to see if he has a gun to head? (156 comments)

This kind of stuff is good marketing. Useless, but that hasn't stopped anyone from blowing money so far.

about a year and a half ago

Missile Defense's Real Enemy: Math

boddhisatva I don't see any math, just talk. (589 comments)

It costs money to keep the old stuff up and working, and then you're going to develop new, more accurate stuff and put that on line and keep the whole thing up and working with Perl and duct tape? And of course you have your super-accurate counter-measures system going too. What do you think put the Soviet Union out of business. Unworkable and stupid. I can think of a dozen better ways to wreak havoc for less money.

about a year and a half ago

US Energy Secretary Resigns

boddhisatva He's tired. (141 comments)

No energy left.

about a year and a half ago

Oracle Responds To Java Security Critics With Massive 50 Flaw Patch Update

boddhisatva Java sucks (270 comments)

It's so shot full of security problems that it's virtually a malware writing language. The promised code reuse. Code reuse? 30% of Java programmer time is spent maintaining legacy code because of changes in the language and libraries. Single framework. That's a laugh. It's so shot full of security holes it's virtually a malware writing language.Write once, run everywhere? What a laugh. 99.9% of the stuff on the web is Javascript. Performance? It stinks. Period. C++ is better and Linus Torvalds says "C++ is a horrible language." Java is C++--.

about a year and a half ago

Is 'Brogramming' Killing Requirements Engineering?

boddhisatva That's why you see a lot of crap code (432 comments)

I do computer science - discussing work over beer is fine, but designing software - that requires a clear head and some caffeine. I like the saying "Mathematicians are machines for turning caffeine into theorems."

about a year and a half ago

Senators Seek H-1B Cap That Can Reach 300,000

boddhisatva No H1-Bs, only green cards (605 comments)

I firmly believe that a good portion of the H1-B positions in this country are fillable by people too skilled, too experienced or - virtually the same thing, too expensive. If we actually need someone with a skill from another country, we're going to bring them over here, give them on-the-job-training and experience, then give them a green card, let them become citizens and stay here as part of the American work force. The "I can't find anyone here to do the job" requirement is a joke. No one in required to prove anything of the sort. Work in Engineering for 30 years and then try to find a new job. ER hiring standards are not based on anything even close to factual evidence. It is pure prejudice.

about a year and a half ago

F-16 Engines Stolen From Israeli Air Base

boddhisatva Now wait a minute (346 comments)

An F-16 engine is about 65% of an F-16 by weight & volume. It's a single engine plane. It's an engine with wings and a chair tied to the top. Can I put on a set of coveralls that say "Al's Jet Engine Repair", drive with in with a 1987 flatbed truck, borrow a forklift from a line mechanic, load 'em and drive away? How stupid is the Israeli military? Not very. How corrupt is the Israeli government? Very. Most Israeli's think so. Is everyone afraid that some higher up was responsible and doesn't want to know? Israel may have it's precarious position compromised by the greed of its own people. Take everyone on duty that night and put their feet in a tub with a chironex fleckeri, commonly known as a sea wasp, a species of box jellyfish. They will tell you everything they know and make up what they don't. Sort out the facts and do the same at the next level. When you get to the top, recover the engines. After you do or if you don't, take the top guys out in the desert and shoot them. Don't bury them. Let it be known that they were shot, not buried and and animals are currently splitting up the bodies based on how big and how mean the animals are. Doing this once should put an end to this bullshit.

about 2 years ago

Julian Assange: "Online Totalitarianism Is Near, Entire Nations Are Intercepted"

boddhisatva Re:No one has a right to keep secrets from everyon (325 comments)

Governments should know everything but we know nothing. That is the most dystopian thing I've ever heard. Over the entrance to the CIA are the words from the Bible "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free". Maybe the government can keep a few secrets, such as how to make a nuclear weapon, but as little as possible should be secret within the government. On the other hand the government needs to go before a judge and present really good goddamn reason why they should know anything at all about me. I have nothing to hide but that's beside the point. You really piss me off, Mr. Police State. Your buddies Hitler and Stalin have croaked. I bet you feel real lonely without them.

about 2 years ago

Should Inventions Be Automatically Owned By Your Employer?

boddhisatva Re:Isn't it simple? (291 comments)

Gosh, I am so sorry.

about 2 years ago

Should Inventions Be Automatically Owned By Your Employer?

boddhisatva Re:Isn't it simple? (291 comments)

If you take me on as a subcontractor, your ownership of my work become even more tenuous. If you hire me not to build your boat but to build an engine for it, unless we have a contractual agreement to the contrary, you are buying engines from me. - "Anybody with a typewriter can sue."

about 2 years ago



Leader of $45 million hack/heist murdered

boddhisatva boddhisatva writes  |  about a year ago

boddhisatva (774894) writes "The men who did it were armed with an M-16 and a Smith and Wesson 9mm, both standard US military issue. They killed him with a single shot. They shot both of the other two men in the leg with a single shot each, presumably to deter any immediate action on their part. The police said it was crime related but the attackers left $100,000 behind in the room. What criminal would do that? Would a hit man leave two guys alive?

In the case described by Clifford Stoll in the "The Cuckoo's Egg", one of the hackers working with the KGB was found in a forest where he had been covered with gasoline and set on fire. It was ruled a suicide. Now if I were to kill myself, I think setting myself on fire would be way down on the list of methods to consider.

Is it possible that someone leading a hack crew on a job that endangers national security or economic stability may be used as a "don't do this" message to others?"

Xeon Phi software stack available but no Xeon Phi

boddhisatva boddhisatva writes  |  about 2 years ago

boddhisatva (774894) writes "The stack has gone golden but like the proverbial atheist in the grave, you're all dressed up with nowhere to go. You can't get one of the 54-core Xeon Phi cards. I have a Kepler 104 card to work with but I see that the Nvidia Tesla K20 card (with 2500 cores) is also hard to come by. But that's because they're shipping pre-orders like mad, 20,000 cards to the Oak Ridge National Lab alone I believe. My friends are selling their Intel shares. Bob Dylan said "It doesn't take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows" and Ray Kurzweiler said that technology is accelerating at an exponential rate. Apple is considering switching their computers to ARM-based systems. Oracle, who currently uses Intel, is developing a new processor with Fujitsu. Remember Research In Motion? Well, a road crew just painted a line over them. The Red Queen in Alice In Wonderland said: "Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!" Given that the Xeon Phi cores are P54C Pentium based, albeit a super-charged version, Intel may be the tortoise in this race. There is only one announced commercial machine that will be using these. Nvidia has been in the top 10 supers and in university labs for years. The Kepler 110 relies far less on the CPU and can communicate directly with other 110s locally or on other nodes. How long before the CPU is superfluous?"

Are SSDs Snake Oil?

boddhisatva boddhisatva writes  |  more than 2 years ago

boddhisatva writes "SSDs are being touted everywhere. Entire systems are being sold that use nothing but SSDs. Their performance varies and their MTTF is shorter than a disk drive. I use an Intel 32 GB X25E as a read cache for my disk array which does seem to improve performance there but my 80 GB X25M boot drive is worthless. Who cares if it boots 15 seconds faster — even 30? I don't boot that often anyway. You have to look carefully at the SSD characteristics and at your intended use: the work load. If you're not doing a lot of large reads, an SSD can be a waste of money. So your laptop boots like lightning — you were probably get some caffeine at the time anyway. As read caches, I see great potential using SSDs, otherwise I remain dubious."

Stuxnet malware targets Iranian nuclear facility

boddhisatva boddhisatva writes  |  more than 3 years ago

boddhisatva (774894) writes "A story in The Christian Science Monitor says the virus is a "guided cyber missile" aimed at Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant. The malware is huge and encrypted. "This is not about espionage, as some have said. This is a 100 percent sabotage attack.""
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