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Ask Slashdot: Best Anti-Virus Software In 2015? Free Or Paid?

bogie Re:No need (436 comments)

Security Essentials is worthless. It used to be decent years ago but is one of the poorer performing Antivirus products now. For Free Panda is supposed to perform well. Really anything but MSSE is a good idea, regardless of how safe you surf. Just because you only visit "safe" sites doesn't mean malware isn't being handed out via some drive by advert.

2 days ago

The Pirate Bay Responds To Raid

bogie Has its uses (302 comments)

Regardless of the licensing, a lot of the content on the site is useful because its just unavailable otherwise.

I wonder this about Youtube. What if it was just shutdown? At this point you can laugh but it has historical value. Beyond the cat videos there are documentaries, content from laserdisc, obscure commercials, very useful user howtos and reviews etc. This list goes on and on. If all you search for on youtube is funny videos then you are missing out on a treasure trove of content that spans many decades.

At some point I think the site will have to become a public archive. Which it kind of already is, it just needs the legal status so that some greedy corporation can't just turn off the switch. Now if only we could cut down on the crap that is a result of everyone trying to monetize youtube. But I guess that's wishful thinking because without that Google might just shut down Youtube outright.

about a month ago

Amazon Is Testing a $10-Per-Month Ebook Service

bogie Screw That (87 comments)

How about a $10 month unlimited Audiobook service?

about 6 months ago

Let Spouses of H-1B Visa Holders Work In US, Says White House

bogie Re:We don't tolerate small time corruption (566 comments)

Don't forget about getting people to vote against their self interests. You just shout the right keyword and watch your political base come running ignoring the fact that their being completely screwed over by the people they elected. We are all completely fucked. Well except for the rich. But that goes without saying.

about 9 months ago

Firefox Was the Most Attacked & Exploited Browser At Pwn2own 2014

bogie To each their own (207 comments)

I've just not found that to be the case since the M days. And that's with usually 3-4 windows with lots of tabs open. I actually like and use both Chrome and Firefox. I think to say one is oh so much better than the other just doesn't fly from what I've seen and what my users have said. They both work very well.

about 10 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do I Change Tech Careers At 30?

bogie Re:Apply to jobs (451 comments)

" I never want to be stuck in a job where my supervisor is an opinionated moron again."

Unfortunately you've just described at least 50% of the jobs out there so chances are you'll run into another moron boss at a future job. :)

Glad to hear you found something else that pays the bills and you enjoy. Nothing worse in life then working at a job you hate.

about a year ago

What Are the Weirdest Places You've Spotted Linux?

bogie Re:The strangest place? (322 comments)

Don't run normal users under the Administrator account and use Chrome. Also there are a ton of resources on hardening windows out there. If you are familiar enough to know how to install and configure Linux and even if you aren't, then something like this should be trivial http://krebsonsecurity.com/201...
I'm hardly saying Windows is somehow better or more secure then Linux, just that with a little planning you can avoid having your computer get ruined every time your kids use it.

about a year ago

HealthCare.gov Can't Handle Appeals of Errors

bogie yea right (208 comments)

The private sector has just a many fuck ups. If I had a nickel for every half baked project I've come across in in the "private" sector.... Bottom line is people cut corners in IT just like they do in every other occupation in life. I not defending this botched rollout, just saying that kind of thing happens all the time. It just tends to be more noticeable when the details of a failed project can't be hidden behind closed doors like it so happens when the failures are with private companies.

about a year ago

The "Triple Package" Explains Why Some Cultural Groups Are More Successful

bogie WTF are you talking about? (397 comments)

"their culture is structured in such a way that death of one member is nothing - even a massacre of millions to the Jews is nothing - as long as their culture gets to live on."

That is by far the most bizarre thing I've ever read on Slashdot. A) you make "them" sound 100% like the Borg B) if your theory was correct it would be applicable to any religious group not just Jews. And finally C) go ahead and next time you talk to a Jew ask them if the massacre of millions is considered "nothing" as long as some structure/Jewish traditions live on and I think you'll find a ever so slightly different take on how resistant Jews are to genocide.

about a year ago

Code.org: Give Us More H-1B Visas Or the Kids Get Hurt

bogie Whoa Whoa Whoa (271 comments)

Let's get one thing straight.

There are a fuck-ton of conservatives in Congress. There are not a fuck-ton of liberals in Congress.

There may be a bunch of Democrats in Congress, but they sure as heck aren't all Liberal. This is vs the Republican party where they are all Conservative.

1 year,9 days

Gunman Opens Fire At LAX

bogie Who cares? (520 comments)

Why does this offend you so much? Most people consider AR-15s Assault rifles right or wrong. I suppose we should be glad he didn't have the full auto military version but I really don't get your outrage.

Blaming the news for reporting that he used an Assault rifle when most people likely agree the AR-15 falls within that common definition makes no sense. It's frankly unbelievable that you are more bothered out the term "Assault rifle" being mentioned vs the actual shooting. I'm sure the family of the murdered will be comforted by the fact it wasn't an "Assault" rifle and "only" an AR-15 that killed him.

about a year ago

Come Try Out Slashdot's New Design (In Beta)

bogie Nice Job with a few suggestions (1191 comments)

First for people who hate it, maybe make the classic view more like the current one with light text on a dark background? Personally I'd go same font you have but use something to box it in from the rest of the body of the article.

Second maybe adjust the "Tri-View" triple headline photo layout thing? Maybe it's just those particular photos, but imho it looks a bit too cluttered and the photos seem to run into each other vs cleanly flowing.

My 2 cents.

about a year ago

Microsoft Takes Another Stab At Tablets, Unveils Surface 2, Surface 2 Pro

bogie They kinda fucked up No LTE (381 comments)

Microsoft, in late 2013 just came out with 2 tablets that don't offer LTE? Oh right next year they say. Smart business move.

The people with the money to burn on these devices and a wireless plan to go along with them just want to pay once and then have connectivity everywhere without thinking. Definitely a short-sighted move IMHO.

about a year ago

Apple Starts Blocking Unauthorized Lightning Cables With iOS 7

bogie Assholes (663 comments)

What else can you say? What can you say about a company that charges $20 for a fucking usb charging cable and then blocks everyone else from making legally compatible cheaper fucking charger cables. Oh right it's for safety... . So now if I upgrade to IOS 7 I have to spend $60 on new cables? This is douchebaggery on a whole other level.

about a year ago

A New Spate of Deaths In the Wireless Industry

bogie That's just nuts (247 comments)

They really should wear parachutes by default. It's just takes one tiny slip and....

about a year and a half ago

Training Materials for NSA Spying Tool "XKeyScore" Revealed

bogie Re:Before anybody asks... (347 comments)

I know, still one can dream... :-)

about a year and a half ago

Training Materials for NSA Spying Tool "XKeyScore" Revealed

bogie Re:Before anybody asks... (347 comments)

Yes I saw that, and although it shouldn't by now it really pisses me off.

"Massive distributed Linux cluster"
"System can scale Linearly - simply add a new server to the cluster"

How about we get Linus to bury some code in there so we can spy on the NSA? See how they like it?

about a year and a half ago

The $200,000 Software Developer

bogie re: don't settle (473 comments)

Yes, don't settle. Be the pushy guy who everyone just goes along with because it's just not worth it to fight you. Ever wonder why complete idiots are managers? Sometimes it's dumb luck, sometimes it's because you are good at what you do, but more than not someone above notices that a person is vocal with a capital V and doesn't compromise aka is a leader.

Being the nice guy or "doing the right thing" doesn't get you anywhere in business. When it comes down to it you can either A) be really really freaking good at what you do and have the balls to negotiate for your services without backing down or B) be that vocal pushy guy who gets places due to shear willpower. If you think that just doing your job well day after day and year after year while being a good coworker will move you ahead you are sorely mistaken.

Common sense probably, I know. But that's definitely not what they teach you before you get sent out into the world.

about a year and a half ago

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Offers 2,304 Cores For $650

bogie Seriously? (160 comments)

Where have you been since 1997? Since then you've been able to consistently spend roughly $200 per video card and play the latest games at acceptable settings. That's why people cast a sneer at a $1,000 card let alone a $650 card that in of itself can build a really fast computer.

about a year and a half ago



Macheist fundraiser hacked

bogie bogie writes  |  about a week ago

bogie (31020) writes "The Macheist website hosting a charity fundraiser was hacked today. The hack occurred at roughly 2pm EST and took the entire website down. The website began showing Korean leader Kim Jong Un with the text translating roughly "We are down to you. Your pain and sorrow is our great pleasure . All your base are belong to us" The Macheist twitter feed also appears to have been hacked. At one point a fully playable popup game of pong showing Kim Jong Un vs one of the stars from the movie "the Interview" appeared on the screen. It is not known if user logon information or credit card Information was stolen during the hack since we don't know how long the hackers have been controlling the website. Almost 9,700 bundles of Mac software were sold before the Hack. Macheist regularly runs these fundraisers where Mac users get steeply discounted software along with the ability to support a Charity. Part of the profits from every sale go directly to charities like the American Foundation for AIDS and the Cancer Research Institute. As of 5:45EST the site is still down."
Link to Original Source

Nearly 40% of Mac users no longer getting security updates

bogie bogie writes  |  more than 2 years ago

bogie (31020) writes "With Mountain Lion shipped Snow Leopard has stopped getting security updates as shown in the lack of Safari 6 and its 121 security updates for Snow Leopard. Which begs the question, is it responsible for a company abandon almost 40% of it's users overnight and no longer provide them security updates without any warning or widespread public notification? Apple's silence on the topic and lack of a clear public security update policy has many security experts and end users concerned."
Link to Original Source

New Xbox with HD DVD HDTV tuners coming next year

bogie bogie writes  |  more than 7 years ago

iloveCarla (31020) writes "Microsoft is partnering with Toshiba to turn the Xbox into a full fledged HTPC. With built-in HD DVD, a larger hard drive, revamped "MCE" interface, and possibly HDTV tuners, the Xbox would be in a better position to compete against the PS3 in the race to serve as the defacto entertainment hub for couch potatoes. According to the article "The new device is expected to be released late in 2008 or at the 2009 CES show in Las Vegas."
Link to Original Source



On the corrupting of Open Source

bogie bogie writes  |  more than 12 years ago

I'm just going to copy and paste this quote from Linuxtoday from a comment on a story on Xandros. I had posted basically the same feeeling here


Linux today quote:

"We already have enough distros mixing small amounts of proprietary code in with their distro. I think I'll pass. I certainly don't want to ever live to see the day when all linux distros are in some small part proprietary. At that point what's the point of the GPL anyway? The license just becomes a marketing tool when really they are just paying lip service. Kinda like Apple does, but at least Apple is using code specifically licensed for that purpose.

Linux ain't BSD, so I wish these companies would stop basing their distros on mostly GPL code. The people who make up the vast majority of any linux distro usually choose the GPL license for a reason. For that reason I will continue to campaign against companies like Xandros, Suse, and Lindows who are restricting the ability to modify and redistribute code. "

Words to live by.


Redhat 8.0

bogie bogie writes  |  more than 12 years ago I had posted on this here and it pretty much sums up how I feel about RH 8.0. I've been using it for about a week now and I'm pretty impressed with it. Personally I see the evolution of the Linux desktop as this. Corel 1.1->Mandrake 7->Lycoris(Remond linux)->Redhat 8.0 I think that's a fair assesment.

I also can't believe how much attention the KDE bluecurve theme has gotten. I'm a KDE user through and through and let me tell you, out of the box the only thing I noted missing was the font tool, which has been replaced with a better one(sans import part). Now its entirely possible that installing additional future KDE apps may require some tweaking, but who cares when things are thing good by default? .

On a side note I can't believe how good Evolution looks and works. On my outdated system (1GHZ Duron 256MB) it lauches and runs quickly. Waiting 2 seconds for this program to close it NOT a big deal. The only thing its missing is the ability to import Outlook PST files. That IMHO is a big letdown, but hopefully support for that will be coming soon.

There are a few rough edges like my scanner wasn't set up by default and the Mozilla fonts don't look great by default as opposed to the rest of the OS. But both of those things are fixable and not so bad on a product that you can download for free.

It may indeed be another rev or two before the morons in the press deem it worthy to replace XP, but there is no doubt we are pretty much there at this point.

Oh yea here is a screenshot for the one person who may somehow stumble by this entry. Make sure and reply if you do, even if its to say "you suck". That's fine be me. RH 8 Screenshot


First Journal post

bogie bogie writes  |  more than 12 years ago

This if my first post in my journal. I've seen people link to them in their titles, but I've never looked into it. Well now I guess I have one as well.

I also noticed there are like 4 people who clicked the "fan" button. I think that's pretty cool, although apparantly I have no friends or foes though. :-)

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