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Another Gulf Oil Rig Explodes

boliboboli Re:Maybe (423 comments)

You're right, it was like when earthquakes were the mainstream story of the week.

Now if we can only find out how to blame the oil platform explosions on global warming...

about 4 years ago

House Calls For Hearing On Stock Market "Glitch"

boliboboli Well... (180 comments)

It doesn't take a subcommittee hearing to figure out that people are finicky and the system is remarkably fragile.

more than 4 years ago

Gamer Wins $1M For Pitching Virtual "Perfect Game"

boliboboli Re:Perfect game in less than 90 minutes? (142 comments)

Apparently 2KSports didn't do much research on the level of difficulty for this reward, or they simply didn't care and just wanted it as a marketing tool.

more than 4 years ago

Anti-Cancer Agent Stops Metastasis In Its Tracks

boliboboli Interesting Funding (269 comments)

From TFA:

This work was funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense.

I listen to people all the time complain about how many US tax dollars go to the Defense budget for the purpose of destruction etc, yet here the DoD is funding cancer research. I wonder if there is an ulterior motive or if the purpose of the funds is truly for cancer treatment?

more than 4 years ago

Meteor Spotted Yesterday Over Midwestern United States

boliboboli Re:15 minutes or 15 seconds? (163 comments)

About 15 years ago I watched a meteor shower from about 9,000' elevation north of Durango Colorado at Vallecito lake. Although the meteors I watched were much smaller than the one we are talking about here, I watched several of them bounce off the atmosphere like a stone skipping on water actually going back upwards as they burned.

If the trajectory of this meteor was not steep, I think it could easily skim across the atmosphere for as long it did with enough mass.

more than 4 years ago

Memory Cards of 3,000 Phones Infected By Malware

boliboboli Similiar Experience (63 comments)

I purchased a digital picture frame made by Insignia in 2008. When Plugged into my PC my AV(Nod32 Eset) found two files it listed as viruses. After removing them, the picture frame worked fine.

About a month later Insignia sent a letter explaining there may have been viruses on the internal memory of the frame.I think this happens quite a bit.

more than 4 years ago

Heart Monitors In Middle School Gym Class?

boliboboli Re:Holy shit? (950 comments)

I broke my left wrist on one of those slides when I was 11; But don't get me wrong, they are AWESOME. I think you are both right.

about 5 years ago

Favorite seasonal transition?

boliboboli Re:Different everywhere? (451 comments)

You're right on the money. Where you live, and also what you like to do has a big influence on it. It's autumn to winter for me because hunting is so big in my family I get to see them a lot on hunting trips. To each their own.

about 5 years ago

Exoskeletons For Rent In Japan

boliboboli Re:Muscle atrophy? (226 comments)

As someone who is ~30 and has 5 surgeries to date on my right knee, I'd prefer the consequences(muscle atrophy) of using using something like this to supplement my existing leg as opposed to a knee replacement. My point is, there are reasons other than laziness that some people may get excited about this technology(disabilities). Even wearing an acl brace, I can barely walk after a scrimmage with my nephew's or son's soccer team that I coach; an exoskeleton leg could keep me doing what I love for a long time w/o pain and disability.

about 5 years ago

Google Japan To Help Victims of Street View Abuse

boliboboli Re:Opt out (54 comments)

That was hilarious!

...branded with a whimsical 'G' on their forehead...


about 5 years ago

The Orange Goo That Could Save Your Laptop

boliboboli Re:Could it be... (285 comments)


I have a visual of a laptop bouncing higher and higher and higher. 6lbs of PlayDoh might work better.

about 5 years ago

Lori Drew Cyberbullying Case Dismissed

boliboboli Re:Fighting Abuse of Power (408 comments)

She can sue the gov't... if she get's permission from congress. For some reason, I don't think anyone will be very compassionate about her "mental distress" considering the reason she was put through all of this was by causing "mental distress" of another and subsequent suicide of that individual...

about 5 years ago

Nintendo Working On Football Controller

boliboboli Smart (123 comments)

One of the key rules of business is to know your market opportunities and cater to the larger segment. Clearly football has become the biggest and most popular sport in the US(sorry baseball) and they are going after a huge demographic by catering to them. Being a big football fan myself who doesn't own a wii, but like the idea of my kids playing football someday, I may purchase one so we can play when we can't go outside and use the real thing.

about 5 years ago

How to build a fast, inexpensive PC for Windows 7

boliboboli Quick driver install? (1 comments)

From TFA:

All told, getting all the drivers installed took about 10 minutes.

I'd be happy if this is true. My experience getting all drivers to work in any windows machine has been usually longer. I plan on purchasing Win7 for my secondary OS(gaming) even though I use Ubuntu 99% of the time.

more than 5 years ago

Student Sues University Because She's Unemployable

boliboboli Currently Hiring (1251 comments)

I do the hiring for my shop. We provide technical support for industrial machines(greasemonkey/electronics/pc/controls/etc) To me, a degree only demonstrates you have the discipline to finish a job; It's the person's attitude/team focus/initiative I'm really interested in. I have mechanical and electronic aptitude tests to measure base skills. 4.0GPA or 2.0GPA, it doesn't matter; Bottom line: People hire people not degrees(or they should anyway imo).

It's too bad no one told this woman that if she filed this lawsuit she would be forever marked as an automatic 'NO' from every potential employer. If I was interviewing her and knew she had pursued this lawsuit, the first thought in my mind would be, 'OMG she's gunna sue us if she get's passed up on a promotion/raise/whatever she don't like'

more than 5 years ago

New HIV Strain Discovered

boliboboli What scares me (263 comments)

Is when some new strain of HIV becomes more easily transmittable.

more than 5 years ago

Noctilucent Clouds Likely Caused By Shuttle Launches

boliboboli Re:See? Man-made climate change! (132 comments)

sarcasm> Anything in the sky that isn't normal (what is normal exactly?) is caused by global warming, duh! /sarcasm

more than 5 years ago

IT and Health Care

boliboboli Re:Electronic Health Records is very hard (294 comments)

Trying to get 3 highly paid doctors to agree on a single thing was very difficult, and it was harder still to convince them to enter the same data the same way.

This ^^ With the exception it's usually more than only 3 doctors. My father-in-law managed a the business for a group of radiologists for 28 years and his 'challenges' at work really surprised. I was amazed at the ancient filing, tracking, and billing methods they used; Mainly because the doctors don't want to spend the money on it and/or can't agree on a course of action.

more than 5 years ago

Understanding Addiction-Based Game Design

boliboboli D&D for the unimaginative (308 comments)

The model for this game design is really from D&D. E.g. Do stuff, get 'loot' randomly after an encounter, fill up the XP bar to hit the next level, improve skills, abilities, feats, etc, etc. The difference is that you don't have to go to your buddies basement(with your Doritos/Mountain Dew) and bring your dice on a Sunday afternoon to get your fix like with a video game; It's right there in your computer room. It also gives the experience to those who are imagination impaired. The potion of the gaming industry using these 'evil' methods should be thanking Gary Gygax and Dave Arenson for the money they're making.

more than 5 years ago

Sony Rumored To Be Debuting Wiimote-Like Controller At E3

boliboboli Make it fun (129 comments)

They should really use this to mix style with innovation by putting the head controller into pimped out fur top hats or whatever is marketable. Game specific head controllers would be cool, like mock night vision goggles for fps games, football helmet for the next John madden game etc.

more than 5 years ago



Bill Gates Patents Hurricane Prevention

boliboboli boliboboli writes  |  about 5 years ago

boliboboli (1447659) writes "According to an article on CNN, "Gates and a dozen other scientists have raised eyebrows by submitting patent applications for a technology to reduce the danger of approaching hurricanes by cooling ocean temperatures." "The patents, which were only made public last month by the U.S. Patent and Trade Office, were filed in January by Searete LLC. The company is a subsidiary of Intellectual Ventures, an invention firm run by Microsoft's former chief technology officer Nathan Myhrvold."
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