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Some Overheating 3GS iPhones Glow Pink

bombshelter13 Re:Oh hey no problem (364 comments)

I can canonically say this does not happen. Within three days of buying my 1st iPhone, I had it replaced at the Apple store seven (yes, seven!) times, for bad pixels, and every time they simply grabbed a replacement phone from the back, popped the SIM out of the defective unit, slid it into the new phone and activated at the computer thay had at the counter. This is in Canada, on Rogers.

more than 5 years ago

An Ethical Question Regarding Ebooks

bombshelter13 What is a book? (715 comments)

Yeah, go ahead and download the stolen copy. Here's a simple breakdown: If the book is in print, then it and it's content are a product you can buy from it's manufacturer... and you should do so. If the book is not in it print, then the used book itself is a historical artifact, while it's contents are historical information. Historical information should be freely available to the public, so, if you're just after the information, there's nothing morally gray about downloading the digital version. If you want the actual physical artifact, the used book, you should buy that, and not steal it. But when the book is out of print, it's purely a matter of preference, not morality, whether you choose that you want the artifact or the information.

more than 6 years ago


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