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Ford Building Cars That Talk To Other Cars

bonzoesc Re:These systems which preach safety and security. (239 comments)

Traffic Management Authorities would jump head over heals for the ability to see real-time position of all cars on the expressway.

They're pretty close already: has pretty extreme coverage of highways in South Florida, and it could easily be upgraded to real-time tracking of cars with higher-definition, faster, and more low-light capable cameras. There's already enough camera coverage to do Open Road Tolling, by license plate tracking or an in-car transponder in the same lane.

Relying on each car to transmit their own position correctly isn't something that will work at highway scales; only now is it proving workable for commercial aircraft (see ADS-B).

more than 3 years ago

Slashdot Anniversary: Bradenton, FL, US

bonzoesc Re:CAN'T BE WORLD OF BEER (52 comments)

Similar place (lots of great beers) but better criteria (21 allowed, amazing food) is Mr. Dunderbak's in the incredibly ghetto University Mall (Temple Terrace). Still a trek for anybody WOB was a trek for, and quite a bit smaller though.

about 7 years ago



bonzoesc bonzoesc writes  |  more than 8 years ago

bonzoesc writes "Spotted (and edited out of) Mini-Microsoft today: "PhotoSynth bah-lew my mind, along with the 3-D tourist composition (it would be interesting to integrate video of a scene for more 3D there, frame by frame). Let's ship it! And the animated desktop [[wow, holy crap, guess I shouldn't have mentioned that!]] for Vista was news to me. That's going to make for some interesting laptop moments. When does the Playtable ship? Or is it a perpetual demo?""


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