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Unemployment Hits New High In Silicon Valley

boomgopher Re:youre basically saying aussie employers are stu (338 comments)

I know the perfect man for the job, here's his resume:

This is my page .......
I KISS YOU !!!!!
I like music , I have many many music enstrumans my home I can play
I like sport , swiming , basketball , tenis , volayball , walk .........
I like sex
I like travel I go 3-4 country every year
I went , Germany , Nederland , Belgium , Austria , Denmark , Sweden , Hungary Moldovia , Ukraina , Bulgaria , Romania , Macedonia , Azerbaijan , Georrgia , Iran .....
My profession jurnalist , music and sport teacher , I make psycolojy doctora
I like to take foto-camera (amimals , towns , nice nude models and peoples).....
My tall 1.84 cm (6.2 feet) My weight 78 kg.
My eyes green .. I live alone !!!!!!!!!
I have home - car .........
I like to be friendship from different country ..
I live in TURKEY -town IZMIR ...( 4 million peoples - near the sea - old history)...
Who is want to come TURKEY I can invitate .....
She can stay my home ........
I speake turkish , english , rusian , I want to learn other language !

more than 5 years ago


boomgopher hasn't submitted any stories.




boomgopher boomgopher writes  |  more than 9 years ago Was at Border's today, and parked next to a Lamborghini Diablo - it had a child safety seat in the passenger side. Struck me funny, it was like seeing a pinetree air freshnener in the space shuttle or something..

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